Thursday, June 27, 2013

WTH! It's summer, most of us have on Flipper FLops. LOL Guess we are just hicks heh. 

SILAS..oh Silas..they should have given you a personality. Maybe he's supposed to be like Cranky Dr. House. 
Geesh, who called that? ONLY EVERY. Single. PERSON. 
remember this:?
Now, if Franco doesn't match (which he should if he's a Q-- or IS he?) that means they'll have to find...
Who? Hmmmmmmmmm WHO could it be? Sam's DADDY?! 

bag o' blood!

Anna was crying for Luke..OMG.  and a WSB mention.  LOVED their scene together.  Luke has to go find Jerry who was with Robin when we last saw him. So, there it is.

TJ and Molly.. oh ugh. whatever. I think I'm too old for this story--

Felix and Taylor are interesting. "Team Sabrina" LOL... Told you Paddy was the daddy!  And yes, I think he is because that sets up the next set of the story. 

AND I KNEW it would be a girl for Maxie! 


Carrie said...

A mini-Maxinista! I'd love it more if Spin was on the show as a regular

CareyN said...

I'm honestly hoping there's some radical twist here where the baby IS really Lante's, especially with BA going recurring. It'd be a good story for Maxie to start loving the baby and tell the "truth" and keep it, and then later find out that she had conceived twins and only miscarried one, and the baby wasn't hers. Tear-jerking galore between Lante mourning their baby then SPixie mourning theirs. Then Lulu and Maxie mourning their friendship. :( Also, it would help me get over the complete impossibility of Maxie conceiving a baby the NIGHT she miscarried another.

The never did a maternity/paternity test, right?

JasonRoks said...

Like that scenario CareyN. Not sure on this whole baby biz. Rumors out there Maxie is leaving too.

I still think Britt's baby is Lante's. Did you see her glare at them when she got the text from her mother. Somehow she was implanted with one of their eggs.

Like the Luke storyline and ties to Jerry/Helena. Good stuff.

sonya said...

Sabrina and Felix home: Love how Felix is so protective of his sister! :) Someone hurts her, he is on it!! :) Yeah um Taylor, you don't want to know what kind of underwear Felix wears? I don't think he wants to know you had sex haha! Taylor loves her BFF Britch! :)

The hospital: Maxie and Spinny are having a girl!!! YAY!!! I can't wait until the truth comes out and Spinny holds his baby girl!! :) Hey Britch! Stop calling Ellie names and stop being a bully to her!!! Did you see how Britch was looking at Lulu and Dante?!!? And the text message she got from her mother? The baby is SOOOOOO not Patrick's!!!! The baby is SOOOOO Lulu and Dante's!!! And I bet Britch's mother changed the test results! :) Maxie's baby bump looked so fake ROFL!

Luke and Anna: Oh wow!!!! Luke has got the same poison that Jerry Jax had!! And of course in the water supply last year! The one Luke and Anna missed. :) Poor Anna was crying. :( Luke is gonna find Jerry! While you are at it Luke, find Robin!

Alexis's home : Silas was so rude to Spinny!!!!!!!!! Don't be rude Silas!!!! Silas take your pony tail out, take off your shirt, and shut up!!!!

Kelly's: Molly and TJ scene awww! Oh Molly sweetie you are way too young to have a boyfriend!!! But you two are so cute together. :) And I knew Molly was going to tell him that the kiss with Rafe was just a goodbye kiss! It was more than that to you and Rafe Molly! Stop lying! That was one loooooooong goodbye kiss. And Rafe told you that was magical! He was affected by the kiss! And so were you! Taylor telling Molly that she slept with TJ! Quick Molly! Tell her you already know that. That TJ told you!!!

CareyN said...

Ah, ok, so Britt's baby is so obviously Lante's. You could tell by the way she looked at them after getting that message from her mom. Phew. As long as they end up with a healthy baby I'll be happy. As for the Spixie baby...meh. I have a really hard time imagining Spin and Maxie as parents. A baby may bring them back together but I couldn't see it lasting. Maybe my previous idea (that Maxie is carrying Dante and Lulus baby) is right AND Britt is ALSO carrying their baby, and they'll have "twins"!!!!??!? Now that would be soapy deliciousness.

sonya said...

Hey Karen! Why are you showing a picture of Stacy from OLTL with the bag of blood? :)

nance24 said...

I think I had pushed the bag of blood out of my mind lol