Monday, June 10, 2013

GH: You Rate It..

I asked this question on the Wubs Facebook page and got 83 replies!! Far more than any other post. So..

What do you rate GH right now? 1 for nea  5 for yea....

I must say the #2 got the most votes. I think I only saw a few 5s.  I haven't seen today's show and I'm sure not running to get it on. I'm at a 3--meh. 


Andrea said...

I answered on Facebook but I will answer it again.

I gave it a 2 meh.

Nothing is holding my attention. I don't hate it, but I'm just not into any story. I might like the Patrick/ Brit/ Sabrina story but Robin is alive and so it just doesn't matter. Also when the OLTLers came back we didn't see them for 2 weeks.

I love RH, but do not like Franco even this new "redeemed" character, especially because he acts just like Todd with a bad cut and color. I just wish that he was some random Q. Franco was a badly conceived story from the beginning and should have never been resurrected.

Silas is wierd, and I don't like him and that is saying something, because I have liked all the character ME has played on various soaps.(all the way back to DOOL.) It is like ME doesn't know how to play the character - he is just a jerk.

The Michael/Kiki is creepy. They are FIRST cousins ( or so we think right now) and they should just not go there. If they wanted chad and Kristen to have an on screen relationship, they should have made Star someone else.

Maybe I could get into this Olivia/Connie/ Triangle. If they do it right.

Nick liz and AJ could be good. if they ever show them.

Since all this OLTL people came back it has not really been a good show. They are spending way to much time on this Franco story. trying to make us believe that Todd is Franco and redeem the character - He was always written as a psychopath and never meant to be a long term character because James Franco was never staying on GH for any extended period. He was a stunt for sweeps.

skeebob said...

I'll say 2. Some individual shows might hit a 3, an occasional scene might hit a 4 (like when Tracy told Luke off a couple weeks ago, or when Michael told AJ about the rape), but overall I'd give it a 2.

I fast-forward through so much. All Sabrina/Patrick scenes, all Sonny scenes (the Franco boat scenes were the first Sonny scenes I've watched since the Sonny/Brenda airport goodbye), all Molly/Rafe scenes, all Alexis/Shawn scenes, all Connie. I didn't ff any of the recent Lulu stuff or the relish story, but I didn't enjoy them. I've disliked the Spin/Maxie story ever since New Year's Eve, although I do like Ellie most of the time.

I thought the Morgan gambling stuff sounded like it would be interesting, but so far I haven't gotten into it. I do like Ava though. I also like Felix and sometimes enjoy Britt, so I do catch the occasional Sabrina scene just to watch them.

I like the AJ/Liz/Nik stuff, the Luke/Tracy stuff, the rare Anna/Duke and Felicia/Mac scenes. I wish Laura, Scott, Lucy and Kevin could be integrated more fully. So far I'm interested in the new Danny story, but I'm wary about where it's going.

As far as the OLTL3, Silas is amusing to me, just because he is such an ass. Don't care for Kiki, just as I didn't care for Starr, although she isn't instant ff material for me. I'm conflicted about Franco. I wanted to hate the story, and on some level I do, but Roger H wins me over in most scenes. I think he's much hammier than normal these days, as if the only way he can play it is to overplay it, but I still can't take my eyes off of him. He makes me laugh, or at least smile.

I still enjoy the show much more than I did when Guza was writing. With Guza, I always expected the show to be bad and was occasionally surprised when it wasn't. Now, most episodes at least still hold the potential of being good, I think.

sonya said...

Shawn and Alexis: OH!!!! Shawn tells Alexis he loves her!!! And she says it back! That is the first time they said that to each other!!! :)

Q home: I thought Carly had a gun in her purse! Oh it's a gift. I thought the box was going to explode ROFL! Awww she gave him the baby toy back! Come on Carly! You want new Todd admit it!! You don't seem scared of him! He thinks Carly is asking him out on a date ROFL! Too funny! Not yet new Todd. Not yet. :)

Metrocourt: While Connie gushes over Sonny, Olivia thinks about Sonny! ROFL! I rather Olivia and Sonny be together. Shawn is so stupid for listening to Carly! I can't believe he is not confirming Sonny about the shooting UGH! Olivia and her vision! Olivia protects Sonny cus she wuvs him. :) And Shawn misses of course!! Shawn you suck!!!!! It was funny when new Todd saluted Carly ROFL!

Sabrina and Felix's home: OH! I get it. Britch is a bitch because of her mommy! Oh please! Well at least she told the truth about what kind of parents she has ROFL! Felix didn't believe her. :) I hope Felix and Britch don't bond!

Lante home: What is Laura wearing? ROFL! Love the Lulu and Laura scene! Dante and Lulu scene zzzzzzzzz. Those poor meatballs!!

Anon said...

A 2 most days now. It's been way off the mark since the Nurse's ball wrapped up. BOOO


Mr. Shmekel said...

I 100% agree that it has been downhill since the Nurses' Ball. :(

KinderCawley said...

It has definitely gone in the crapper since the nurses ball. Most days I'm mad about it. But then I think, would it really be possible to keep up that momentum? Maybe we're expecting too much of the writing team?? I don't know. The whole 50th anniversary was so well done, I guess ill cut them some slack.....but not for much longer. ;-7

Overall, the show gets a generous "3" from me.

Avalonn said...

I compare everything to those nasty Guza years. So, it's far from the 1-2 of the Guza period. I think we have been a little spoiled with the time leading up to and including The Nurses Ball. Right now, I will say 3 but, I see this number rising soon. Soaps have always had hills mountains and valleys. Right now we are in the valley, we'll be back on the mountain peak again :) Patience.

CareyN said...

I'm going with a 4...gasp!

There are some characters/actors who continually get a 5 regardless of story: Luke, Tracy, Laura, Elizabeth, Anna, Mac, Maxie, Dante, Lulu, Michael, and Olivia when she's having a vision or is in hyper-mom mode.

Then there are the solid 4s: Patrick, Sabrina, Britt, Felix, Emma, Alexis, Diane, Duke, Spinelli, AJ, Nikolas and NuSpencer, Lucy, Kevin, Monica.

Then some 3s: Sean, Felicia, Ellie, Milo, and the OLTL3 (who will probably quickly become 4s or 5s because I love the actors so much).

AND...the 2s, who are mostly so low-rated because of their years of over-exposure: Sonny, ConKate, Carly, Morgan, and Sam, and now I'm counting the "kids," which include Molly, TJ, Taylor, and Rafe, because I just really don't care about the Prom! LOL.

If there are any 1s it's probably anybody I've left off this list, but I think on average, it comes out to a 4. Yes the cast is bloated, and that means the stories move more slowly, and sometimes we don't see the 5s as often as we'd like, but I'd rather have slower stories involving 4s and 5s then a a cast of all 2s and 3s...

Mario4rory said...

Right now for me it's at a 1..nothing is keeping my interest not even Patrick and Sabrina who i LOVE..Sam ( who i adore ) went from my favorite character to blah all because Jason left?? smh Sam had her own zing before she became part of JaSam, i need that Sam back please..bringing the OLTL cast back as Silas, Kiki and Franco was a really bad idea and now i have no interest in any of them..the new Lulu isn't catching my attention either and i don't feel the fire between her and Dante anymore..i use to RUN home from work just to watch GH but now? i delete it without even watching...i'll admit Steve Burton leaving left a tiny hole in it for me, that's why i say recast the role so i can have my Jason back but Steve leaving isn't why the show is lacking for me..but something is lacking with the show and i wish it would come back cause i miss being excited over my GH :(

LSV422 said...

I would say a generous 3. Much better than Guza days but seriously downhill since the NB. Too much drivel for storylines, too many cast members resulting in lack of continuity and major stars like FH relegated to hardly any screen time. I could easily do without the reinvented OLTLers. I really don't care at all for KA, ME is okay and RH is too weird and quirky. He was better as Todd, but seems like he still is. This was a really bad idea to bring them back. Nothing exciting going on at all. No wonder viewers are tuning out again.

nance24 said...

I give it a 3 1/2 but if I was to compare it to Guza days, it would be a 5

dar said...

Compared to Guza days , it's definitely a 5.

kdmask said...

Compared to the last Guza/Frons year it gets a 12.2 million lol