Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Old Wounds


Well...this week was supposed to be EPIC as per the ads out there. 
Did you see Epicness? I was expecting some bloody mayhem...or some two headed long lost 'baby' adult to show up, or at the VERY least someone to die.
I think the epic thing was Sonny getting all mad? "FINDMETHESONOFABITCHTHATDIDTHIS" type of thing? Was it ANOTHER person getting shot? um.. we've seen that.


Here we go--scrub up, but take your time. After all, even Olivia with a giant bullet wound could wait hours before going into surgery this week! 

So, round and round we go. I thought about everyone who's gotten shot on GH that I remember and hell, the list is too long. Now Olivia can be on it. ConKate got it twice and now it's her cousin's turn!!! The story of Shawn being the WORST HITMAN on the planet played out as flat as a pancake, imo.
Suspense? Uh, no.
Compelling story? :Shrug: 
So, let's review: Carly gets Shawn to shoot at Franco but hits Olivia instead. This makes Sonny mad, Alexis beak up with Shawn after a hot minute and Carly's in trouble. Olivia's in the hospital (again), Dante's all angsty, Franco's smug, Cawnie is emoting and... um... 

Another strange thing? The whole Morgan "Wow, cool, this is the Q mansion"!!?? Like awesome!!  You're a wrestler? Neat-O !! 
Um, what? Okayyyyy. 

Kiki and Franco's discussion would have been  good, if they hadn't already have had that same talk 40x on OLTL before. You could have put "Todd" in for Franco..Starr for Kiki-- all of Todd's "sins" on the list and made Jason be Victor. There. Done. I half expected Blair to walk in. 

I'M 27 damn it and I have had sex before!!!  :stomps foot:

Prom time!! Only, it's cancelled due to Port Charles' other past time: crime/killing. All those poor kids, all dressed up and no place to go. 

Laura was on for a bit. I missed it -- hope it was good. 

 SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Well, this says it all.

PROP OF THE WEEK!! You know I love it. 

thanks again to Lisa W for her GH screencaps.

This is all I have. You? Happy Father's Day-- here's to all the Dad's out there! BTW, best soap Dad ever?
Joe Martin. Hands down. 


Unknown said...

Rick Webber was a pretty good dad... utnil the re-write!

kdmask said...

he was kinda a run-around

dar said...

Mac was a decent dad to bad dads' daughters.

Di said...

I think they've definitely re-evaluated the meaning of "epic", as they have with the word "star" on this show.Neither use on this show lately has any meaning to me at all. And this week was anything but epic.

And I'm so sick of the OLTL rewrites and all the comparisons. Maybe they're great for fans of that show who only want their favs back and don't care about GH, but as someone who never watched it, I'm totally unimpressed. And I don't want to see them do "anything" as long as they're on the screen. Nufranco is still Todd and he isn't even trying to be anything but. Ok...I get it...He does it well, but quite frankly my dear...

I also hate how they've changed our GH characters to suit themselves (or their story in their old soap, with their old soap stars.)

There's no way Morgan would have forgotten Alice, let alone the Q mansion. He was 10 or 12 when he left for school a few years ago. Alice is an absolutely unforgettable character! Yet somehow he remembers her wrestling persona. Someone should tell Ron that these characters actually interacted on this show for years before he showed up.

I only watch GH but my vote for best nonsoap Dad would be Castle. lol

ON GH, I guess I'd go with Mac.

cooks7570 said...

I agree with you about this weeks shows. It was hard to even feel bad for Olivia and Dante and Lulu. I just wish they would move the storylines along. I hope we see more of the other characters soon.

nance24 said...

I'll add my vote for Castle :)

Maria said...

A couple of thoughts...

I watched this week only because I knew Anna was going to be on. Thankfully she was crime-solving and being awesome instead of eating relish. First time I've seen Anna be Anna since she slugged Faison...Finola Hughes is in a league of her own.

I know many people loved the Duke/Emma stuff...but I didn't. I want to see Duke interacting with the Jeromes and being the shady, mysterious guy that he was and should be considering he spent the last 20 years in a Turkish prison. We've waited a long time to seen Duke. Wearing a tutu and make-up just doesn't seem like Duke's style to me...and it seems like a waste of a legacy character's airtime *shrug*.

Any time Kiki, Michael, and Morgan are on I want to throw my sneaker at the t.v....

The rest of this week was just a lackluster blur. a Robert Scorpio super fan I feel it's my duty to defend him and say he was not a bad dad to his daughter...He made the ultimate sacrifice and stayed out of her life to keep her safe and to let her lead a normal life. While he was around, Robert was an awesome dad. Probably one of the best soap dads around. But I do agree that Mac was a good stand-in dad to Robin. :)

AntJoan said...

Yes, ITA, Mac as best GH dad, maybe tied w/Patrick? And Castle, for sure, best non-soap dad!

sonya said...

"I'M 27 damn it and I have had sex before!!! :stomps foot:"

ROFL! You are NOT 27! Give it up Sabrina and tell the truth! ROFL!

Di said...

Maria, I agree with you completely about Michael, Morgan and Kiki. I just want to scream, or gag, depending on the circumstances.

And Michael was on for just a few minutes the other day and in that time we saw him without his shirt twice, and in a towel once, because we all know that all the middle aged women who make up the bulk of soap fans want nothing more than to see some immature young man's chest flaunted in front of them all afternoon. *insert sarcastic eye roll* At this point I would have preferred the lacklustre blur.

I also agree that Duke should be given a good storyline that involves the mob. And Anna should be allowed to stay in full Anna Devane mode because Fiona is definitely in a league of her own, and definitely preferable to a teenaged shrieker.

Tammy Wynette said...

Yes, Karen. I agree 100%. Joe Martin is the best soap dad of all time. Smart, caring, and fair. Worst soap dad of all time is Sonny Corinthos. Just one of a million reasons is that once his kids hit physical "maturity" they turn into blithering idiots. I'm not scientist but can sperm go bad about 20 years after insemination?