Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Salon Pas

Oh my aching back.

I can't get dressed or move ... I don't ever have back problems like this. It's the one thing that USUALLY doesn't hurt on me! All day on the floor with kiddos will do it. Huge strain. Wub Hub even came home.

TJ and the other chick..well, those WERE some cool shoes, right? Not that I could walk in them. Bad back or no.

Paddy and Sabrina. Whatevs... knowing Robin is out there just. ugh They are PATRINA or so I see on Twitter.
I so love Alexis..she's so natural with the girls. Shaun got some SPLAININ' TO DO!!

Shaun...and Sonny, er.. can YOU YELL LOUDER IN THE HALL OF THE HOSPITAL? Good Lord!! And um, isn't Olivia like, on death's door...and she's NOT in surgery yet? No one's in there with her? No transfusions?
How stupid. I'm sorry but at least TRY.... Soaps haven't moved from that to the newer timing of cooler shows. Mistke. Those bedside chats are for coma patients and Olivia had a million.


dar said...

I think Sabrina announcing her age was meant to refute the idea so many fans have that she's too young for him. To me it didn't work. I still feel she's too young for him.

sonya said...

Oh Karen! I thought you were joking about your back at first, until you talked about your kiddos. You poor thing. :(

Patrick's home: Oh come on!!! What?!?! Sabrina is 27 yrs old!?!?! NO WAY! She is either lying or this is a rewrite! She don't act no 27 yrs old! She looks and acts between the ages of 19 to 21! And she isn't a virgin cus she had sex with a boyfriend in the past? Yeah right. :) Again she is either lying or this is a rewrite! And then after sex, she talks about how Felix would tell her I told you so? HUH?! And she didn't think someone like Patrick would go out with someone like her?!!?! She is NOT 27 years old!

Metrocourt: FrancoCourt! ROFL! Gotta love new Todd's one liners. :) Oh so new Todd knows that Carly tried to get him shot, but he is protecting her!!! After this, are they gonna have sex? :) It's been two months since Carly had hate sex with AJ! She should be pregnant by now!!!

Kelly's: Taylor and TJ playful! Molly sees this! Oh Molly, you do deserve this. Uh Taylor, you are getting wet! Why aren't you leaving!?!?!! Wow Taylor takes off her shirt and his shirt! This girl has got some balls! Love this girl! :)

The hospital: Alexis is so angry at lying Shawn!!!! Aww Olivia. :( Poor Dante. :( Sonny vs Shawn!!! Oh oh Carly! Sonny is gonna go after you! ROFL!

AntJoan said...

Karen, soooo sorry about your back, been there, totally sympathize, you should be better real soon.

What, NO MENTION of the bold product placement, the Acai chocolates? First they show the commercial, then this HUGE PLUG where they are talking about them, eating them, talking about them some more, eating more . . . . Geesh, is ABC that hard up for money?

The whole Shawn/Sean/Shaun shooting Olivia thing is painful, as is the ressurection of Franco, as is Patrina having sex when we know that Robin is alive, as is the coming set up where 2 loving cousins will become romantic rivals, as is the whole Silas character, and Kiki.

I NEVER FF, but wanted to when Patrina had sex, but I didn't FF, because I never do. . .

RedSoxFaninVA said...

The Brookside chocolates thing was blatant product placement, but seeing as I LOVE those blueberry acai ones, I was like "Those Davis girls have good taste". LOL

Avalonn said...

We even got a promotional consideration by The Hershey Company during the credits. Also, that board behind Sonny, when he was talking to Shawn had Quartermaine spelled wrong still!!!! And S. Hardy was scheduled.
So, I honestly can see Sabrina as 27, she does look it. The problem is she does not act it. Why do I think this boyfriend she spoke of is going to make an appearance.
Roger Howarth and Laura Wright have such great chemistry together. Lets just move the story along so we can all find out Franco really did die in that fire and he's his twin trying to just scam the Quartermaine money. That is my new theory.
I wonder if Shawn is going to turn out to be a bad guy. Seems weird with the Nik Alexis conversation yesterday over her choosing the wrong guys....and Shawn was in the park when I got shot....
The guy was a sniper, an ex marine? They don't miss. Did he shoot Olivia on purpose? Maybe because if her visions? I'm starting to question Shawn.
Also, did anyone notice tomorrow's preview? NuDoc Sila's no longer has his ponytail.

Avalonn said...

Oh! I forgot! Karen, I suffer from back pain. It sucks BIG TIME. If you can, take a good hot bath follow it up with a muscle relaxer if you can take those. And go to bed with a pillow under your lower legs (calf). You can also try alternating heating pads with ice packs. Hope this helps. Feel better soon :)

LSV422 said...

Karen, hope you are feeling better soon and grateful that you still have this site for us to enjoy. I found it uncomfortable to watch Patrina - not romantic or sexy at all and more like two teens making out. I just don't see anything between them and she is just too immature even if she is supposedly 27. I wouldn't have surprised if she was a virgin. Can't wait for Carly to get her just desserts. How long has Sam been sleeping now - a week?

kdmask said...

OMG I missed the CHOCOLATE PLACEMENT?? when was it???? I totally didn't see that lol

AntJoan said...

Karen, HOW COULD YOU MISS IT, but I thought you did, or I KNOW you would have commented on it. It was when Alexis and Molly were together at the hospital. . . . Alexis sent Molly for "snacks," and she came back w/the chocolates.

About Shawn/Sean shooting Olivia on purpose--no way, he didn't expect her to be there, he clearly was working for Carly, and fell to the floor, moaning, "What have I done?" after the botched assassination attempt of Franco.

JasonRoks said...

Did see the preview with Silas minus the pony. Ugh. Gotta say - if you step away a few days and return you realize how great the acting is. I FF through all Paddy/Sabrina and TJ/Molly - but really think RH,LW,MB blow it away. They are awesomes. Love AJ and Liz, Alexis and anything with Nic. Keep it coming. Over time IF RH remains Franco, he could make me forget James Franco. Will be interesting to see how they write out this mess of Franco.
Nice to see Dante have some decent scenes as well. Can't imagine Liv dying now. Hope not- love her too!

Avalonn said...

AntJoan, the what have I done comment can be taken both ways. It can be innocent, as in I botched this job what have I done or, I went to the highest bidder and now I'm feeling guilty what have I done. The reason I'm questioning is because of how Nik acted talking to Alesis and there just seemed to be little hints dropped. Just a thought.