Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Salon Pas

Oh my aching back.

I can't get dressed or move ... I don't ever have back problems like this. It's the one thing that USUALLY doesn't hurt on me! All day on the floor with kiddos will do it. Huge strain. Wub Hub even came home.

TJ and the other chick..well, those WERE some cool shoes, right? Not that I could walk in them. Bad back or no.

Paddy and Sabrina. Whatevs... knowing Robin is out there just. ugh They are PATRINA or so I see on Twitter.
I so love Alexis..she's so natural with the girls. Shaun got some SPLAININ' TO DO!!

Shaun...and Sonny, er.. can YOU YELL LOUDER IN THE HALL OF THE HOSPITAL? Good Lord!! And um, isn't Olivia like, on death's door...and she's NOT in surgery yet? No one's in there with her? No transfusions?
How stupid. I'm sorry but at least TRY.... Soaps haven't moved from that to the newer timing of cooler shows. Mistke. Those bedside chats are for coma patients and Olivia had a million.

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