Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"I PUT it There"

says HELENA!! ahahaha... you got it. Oh Helena. Such a good twist and I didn't see it coming. I knew CT taped something but had NO clue!!! NICEeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
She NUKED him.. LOL 

WHAT if the BABY is..a RED SOX fan...?? Says LULU. ahahhaa. Good one. 

Luke and Laura scenes just made me bittersweet. That's all... just feeling my age. LOL.  What was  up with Lucy? Geesh!! 

FLEAMac were on!! Planning the wedding!!

Felix ..he HAD to spill some to Britt. LOL.. "Who's ever it is".... Now she's suspicious!!

Poor Maxie.


Di said...

Unfortunately I was out today and my recording shows that my show was pre-empted. Some football player got arrested and I have 1/2 hour of the cameras outside the courthouse while they repeat the same 4 lines about his arrest over and over, and 1/2 hour of the scenes inside the courtroom while they wait for the arraignment.

This Boston station is the absolute worst one to watch the show on. Most live news cast are at that time.

Andrea said...

You would have thought they would have thrown in the Bills as a football team option just for good measure, being that they are in upstate NY.

Luke are Laura made me sad too - she knows something is up. Would have had Luke spilling if Lucy didn't pull her away.

I don't feel bad for Maxie, she should tell the truth and keep the baby. I feel bad for Dante and Lulu.

Nice to see Flea and Mac and Anna and Duke. Probably be another month or so before we see her again.

Felix!!! You idiot! Great Another DNA test to be tampered with.

sonya said...

Ellie and Maxie's home: Maxie looked great talking to her and Spinny's baby! Baby Spinny was dancing to the music awww! :) Oh oh Spinny talking to Maxie about the baby, so now Maxie is all uptight!! Tell the truth Maxie!! Then you won't be all uptight and then jump all over poor Mac!

Metrocourt: Laura! Lucy! Mac! Felicia! Anna! Duke! YAY! :) Luke still watching Helena's dvd haha!

Patrick's home: Wow! Sabrina is loud in bed! ROFL!

Sabrina and Felix's home: Oh Felix! You have a big mouth! What is wrong with you?!!

The hospital: Helena nuked Luke!!! Oh oh Britch! The results are in! Patrick and Sabrina beat you to the hospital haha!

Dante and Lulu: Lulu and her Farrah Fawcett hair! Gliding? babies can glide huh? :) They are so boring! Zzzzzz. Altho the what if the baby is a Patriots fan or a red sox fan was funny! :) Poor Dante shivered. Lulu traumatized Dante hahaha!

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I hope the baby IS a Red Sox fan ;)

Great to see Hells again today & yesterday, if only inside Luke's laptop. Ellie tells him he's been nuked.

Di, you can see today's ep on YouTube. Try GHLovings' channel.

Di said...

Thanks RedSoxFaninVA.

sonya said...

RedSoxFaninVA said...I hope the baby IS a Red Sox fan ;)
RedSoxFan! Where you offended when Dante and Lulu were talking about the red sox? And that Dante shivered.

soaplover said...

This was my kind of soap day! People on the screen whom I love, a Luke and Laura scene with Laura seeing immediately that something is wrong--she could always nearly read his thoughts and he hers.

Anna was on (I wish I shared some fans' enthusiasm for the Duke and Anna pairing--I just kind of ehh about it). Mac and Flea were on, both looking wonderful. Some people just seem to get better looking as they age. I think Geary is a handsomer older man compard to the callow young man he was.

Looking forward to Lucy and Laura's Spa, if that's what it will be. Helena was looking so glam as she pronounced Luke's doom.

screamingeagle said...

Oprah to show AMC and OLTL starting on 7-15. What took her so long.

Di said...

Soaplover, can't you just see lucy as the guru of a wellness centre. lol I can picture her now in a long robe spouting new age gibberish. ROFL It'll be the perfect role for her.

sonya said...

soaplover said...Looking forward to Lucy and Laura's Spa, if that's what it will be.
OH! It could be a spa! I wasn't sure what Laura was getting at. :) What she wanted. A spa makes sense. :)

AntJoan said...

Yes, a spa, please. Lucy is such a natural for it!!