Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Sassy Sister, Please....

TJ and Taylor sittin' in a tree. Oh, a sassy youth! Just what we need.  Did you see her talking with her MOUTH full? Groossssss.   
I am loving Felix though. The actor is a natural.

And Rafe and Molly. Just get this over with and have Molly and Rafe get together.  It's going to happen. It's really a snoozer of a story at the moment. 

Sabrina and BRITT? How stupid is this plot-point?  A bell and a foot rub? LMAO!! Like for real she'd move in with Sabrina. Good Lord. REdonkidink!! Felix was a hoot in that scene though. DNA shenanigans. 
"Simple. I would've pushed the succubus down the stairs" -Felix

Lulu and the recipe! She remembers Olivia's ingredients. But no using VEAL -- ;/ <---mad are="" b="" baby="" big="" cows="" face.="" limits.="" no.="" off="" ok..babies="">"You were taped to a chair that was wired to explosives," says Maxie to NuLu. Braahhhaaa.

SILAS needs a top knot bun like Bradley Cooper!  You know, bun on TOP OF THE HEAD. LOL.  Will Danny have something only TWINLY UNCLE TRANCO can save him from? Huh? Huh? You think?! (redemption point 2) OR will he have the Greek Cassadine thingy?  Well, it's cancer so, FrankenTodd is probably going to save him.

Wow, these stories are painfully boring and SLOW today!! It's like there's 3 different GH shows going on. Geeesh 


dar said...

I am waiting for Britt's evil mother to have Sabrina kidnapped. Why do all the female doctors have to be so evil?

Di said...

Let's hope poor Danny doesn't need a bone marrow transplant from Franco! Maybe from Starr though.

And Dr.Silas has the bedside manner of a turnip! And to tell Sam not to lie to the baby and tell him he'd be all right? How sick is that! We should tell our little ones who come down with cancer to just give up and not have hope? Who'd take their child to him!!

And he could tell that just by looking at him? I think he sniffed it out. lol Dogs can tell if you have cancer, they say. Maybe he's not a vampire like his brother. he's a werewolf! PMSL

And Molly disappointed me today when she went running back to TJ because she thought Rafe wouldn't be able to take her to the prom now. I never thought of her as being shallow. I was actually glad motor mouth had lied and said she was going with TJ.

sonya said...

The hospital: I love Maxie's excitement when Lulu told her what she remembers hahaha! Did Maxie get a new hair do? I love it! :) Silas and Sam scene ACK! Silas tells Sam her son has cancer, and then he just walks away?!!?!?!?!?! I have to find my husband Rashi! Then he can kick Slias's ass!!!!!!

Sam's home: Rafe!! Enough of the negative attitude!!! I can't believe he who is a teenager, is encouraging Molly to get back together with TJ!! Rafe is such a Debbie Downer!! He got it from Sabrina!

Kelly's: Felix and his sister ROFL! and she likes TJ haha! WOW! Molly telling TJ that she was wrong?!!?! Well I never thought that would happen!!!! Oh too late tho, TJ is going to the prom with Felix's sister haha!

Sabrina's home: Sabrina!!! Why the hell would you give Britch a bell?!!?! That is so stupid. I mean she is on the phone with Patrick, and Britch rings the bell?!! SABRINA IS RIGHT THERE!!!! Oh there is Felix. :) Wait Felix is moving in with Sabrina?!!?! Did I miss a scene? Or did I forget that they had a conversation about moving in together, and I am losing my mind? Britch still has a wheelchair!?!! She can't walk?!!?! ROFL! I'm so glad Patrick showed up. :)

Avalonn said...

So clearly the OLTL 3 cannot really resemble their old characters or risk being sued, no doubt. I did not know much about McBain but, he seemed like super cop, now he's super doc! One look at Danny and he knew it was serious. I'm guessing Patrick suspected something was very serious too, judging from the look on his face. Time for GH to hire Dr. Clay. So, we find out beyond the tough exterior, he's really a good guy. The man just needs to work on his bedside manners. No sugar coating with this guy!!!
I'm thinking this latest development will bring Sam's father out of the woodwork. I'm not sold on Franco being a Quartermaine. It all came from Heather Webber, the woman can spin a tale! Maybe this will prove that he's not a Quartermaine.....Lauren is on this show to be with Michael and if they are blood, that won't happen. Things don't add up.
Molly and Rafe are cute together, stop dragging this out already!
Love Felix, liking his sis already. Can't stand this situation with Britt, Sabrina and Patrick. Since Spinelli is not on contract anymore and I'm over this baby mess! I'd like to see Patrick with Maxie. I see chemistry between those two. And if Robin ever came back it would mean so much more if there was a Maxie/ Scrubs triangle.

CareyN said...

Hey Sonya,

Sabrina and Felix have been roommates this whole time. They've talked about it before, but we've just never seen their apartment until today. Looks like they dismantled/reassembled the old Lucky/Steve/Olivia apartment sets to make this one. I was hoping that when the Britch moved in, that Felix would move in with Patrick and help out with Emma, and then Emma and Felix could have their own spin-off show of awesomeness. :)

AntJoan said...

I don't think Molly was being shallow about wanting to go to the prom w/TJ. As Rafe talked about her missing him, you could see her face change--her anger at TJ melting away, allowing her to feel for real feelings for him.

Molly is a sweet and sensitive girl, and therefore would be capable of apologizing that she overreacted, whether or not she did.

I also didn't know that Felix and Sabrina lived together, how could Dr. Beatch move in there w/out him knowing? And how will the 4 of them fit in there??

Also, does anyone else think that Silas is really Caleb? After all, he switched places w/the long-haired doc in the morgue and walked out of there, remember? So he IS alive, why doesn't anyone investigate to see if Silas is who he says he is?

sonya said...

CareyN said...Hey Sonya,

Sabrina and Felix have been roommates this whole time. They've talked about it before, but we've just never seen their apartment until today.
Wow! I don't remember them talking about it! DOH! :)

Felix would move in with Patrick and help out with Emma, and then Emma and Felix could have their own spin-off show of awesomeness. :)
YES!!!!!!!!!!! Love that idea!!!! :) Felix would have to watch how he talks to Emma and in front of her! ROFL! :)

Tammy Wynette said...

Hearing about all this nonsense makes me even more thankful for fanfiction.

nance24 said...

I really never thought anyone could make my McBain uncool :::sniff:::

CareyN said...

AntJoan, I totally agree that "Silas" could indeed be Caleb/Stephen. I think ME is playing him that way at least, just in case the writers send him in that direction and to keep us viewers guessing. Although, really, that would be writing him into an even bigger corner than they've written RH into being a recast Freako...I mean, Franco.