Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Faith Healer

20130529 1408(16) 
 I've heard there are  people that can wave their hands over something and make the pain go away. GH attempted it this week by making our brains be "healed" over the Francofrenia we witnessed when James was doing his 'guest spot'. RC raised the curtain, used the remote and in a click (and some redubbed scenes), Franco's glossing begins!!

He didn't rape Sam.

He didn't order Carter to rape Michael.
I'm sure he's got some other crazy warm-fuzzies to share. Like all that spray paint washed off in the rain...or the bomb Lulu sat on was really just a whoopie cushion.  Maybe he donated a kidney to some lonely tot.

For me, the reveal was great because of RH-- I love him and love him in the Todd-Franco hybid situation. Franco shall always BE "Franco" to me, but this in a way is so daring and so bizarre, I can't help but wub it.  
BTW, he shall be named Tranco as the Toddifying of Franco has begun!! 

I'm wearing purple scrubs in honor of the Tranco Fiesta! Let's GO GO!

So.. there are a LOT of pissed off people out there in GH viewing land. Even the preschool I go to work at was all abuzzz over the Franco thing.  (they also hate NuStarr, btw).  I'm not even going to get into the NuLu comments because they weren't too nice. 
 20130531 1450(24)

Memory Mystery: So.. I Guess Lulu didn't sleep with Stavvy? Then had a crazy photo-montage and her past was back? Okay then. I guess the point of this story was to kill off the evil Cassadines, close that Spencer chapter and also give NuFaceLulu a somewhat "fresh Start". 


Ok. Morgan is still a gambler. Ava takes Kiki to the Pier tell her the back story of her weird father.  THEN after all that "he's dead" LOL  Like I said, she could have at least took her for a cup of coffee or made a cheese plate at home to let her in on that. 

Nikolas is brooding in Wyndemere over some audio he has about Carly having Sex with AJ. (at least he didn't have the real sex-tape on there). Alexis comes in, and it's old times. 

The Tracy and Luke dance is interesting and I suppose Scotty and Laura are in the drawer for a bit.  Anna came out to play for a minute on Friday. GH is so heavy with characters that we can go weeks without seeing some of them. It's happening with Connie right now too (not that I'm complaining on that front)-- and Mac and Flea. I know they'll rotate back but man, it's weird how abruptly things can just shut down.  Patrick was totally missing, correct?  I know he and Sabrina sleep together at some point--it's been the longest 'courtship' in soap record I think. Usually, they would have been in bed by now. I guess she's so sweet, they need to take it slow. I can see the sex scene now: Sabrina's hair will be all spread out over the pillows like a crown. Heh. 

Glad AJ Told Monica what was going on at least.  I liked the fact AJ called her on it not telling him.  Monica finding out about the rape.  Good stuff.

NOTE: KiKi and Michael had a BIG ol' bonding moment.  Notice that!?

20130531 1533(9)
Oh what COULD POSSIBLY be happening here? 

 20130529 1943(6)
 VACATION TIME!! Get the heart or Liver story ready!!

 20130530 1432(18)
SCENE OF THE WEEK: I'm giving it up to the Michael Rape Reveal Scene.  Very well done by all-- even in it's weird setting. AJ finding out about it was emotional. He had every right to yell at Sonny and Carly given their cover up of the whole mess. 

 20130529 0605(2)
 PROP OF THE WEEK: Slideshow!!  Runner up: Helena's "Bible" 


So...are you done with GH?  I've seen it a LOT of times in this blog--and on twitter and FB. I'm entertained at the moment, so you know I'm happy :)  Yes, the story is strange but for me,  it's a bit of fun. The Lulu thing is finally over. At least her memory part is. I hope there's nothing else that's buried in there. Like she really DID sleep with Stavvy, and he erased her memory and she'll be PG and think it's Dante's but it's really a Cassadine.
Whew! Look how I think! LOL  
I do find I'm not caring about Maxie and the baby story much.  Nik and Liz and AJ? eh.. whatever. I am hoping Kevin is on more. My spoilers are saying that Flea and Mac are going to start planning their wedding. I can get into that.  New girlies are coming, including Felix's sister.  We'll see how the teen scene goes down.

GH was great, grandiose  and good--- and bloated and confusing. Take your pick. What's YOUR word for GH this week? 


PM61 said...

In a word: mindboggling. The whole Franco thing. On so many levels. Is this RC's way of saying FU to JFP and James Franco by retconning the character? Was it really the best way they could return Howarth to the screen? Where are his gunshot and burn scars? Why hasn't anyone noticed he has blond hair and looks like someone else?

As for Kiki, I don't hate her. KA is a seasoned soap actress, and I'm glad they have written her into a character that has some chutzpah. Starr Manning had become such a simp. I liked her when she was a twisted little kid who had a pet spider. Then she was turned into a perpetual victim. I think the Kiki character has more possibilities. Can't say the same for NuMorgan. They haven't given viewers a single reason to empathize with him since he's been on screen. He's acted like a selfish, spoiled brat.

Di said...

Ditto on what you said about nuMorgan, PM61.

"...or the bomb Lulu sat on was really just a whoopie cushion. "

And I loved this line, kd! There are some things you just can't rewrite. And some characters you can't redeem regardless of who's playing them.

And they just didn't even try to disguise Todd or McBain so that we could possibly see them as someone else. Dark hair for RH , longish since it's Franco. And a slow lazy drawl.

Or have Silas with short hair, a mustache and beard or something equally different. But no. The fact that the actor wasn't willing to commit to that big a change in his appearance tells me he's not invested in the new character either.

And RH is playing Franco too much like Todd. It's like he can't shed the character either.

Yes, it was FUN to watch. That's the problem. What was funny about Franco? Nothing. He was a sick freak.

Why couldn't RH come back as a long lost Quartermaine. He would have been accepted by fans. This isn't working. IMHO

And they've got to stop trying to write KA with Michael if they want us to see her as a new character. I know she and Chad are friends and I'm sure they'd like to spend the work day playing together on the set, but Starr is gone. They need to adapt, like every other actor on the set. People are just rolling their eyes at this attempt to get them back together again. it's so predictable, it's boring. have kiki turn that single minded sense of purpose into something real and have her give Tracy a run for her money if she wants her votes. Stop using her just as a quick lay for Morgan.

Again, JMHO

Hey, you

Love4dogs said...

Maybe if OLTL tanks on Hulu, they can bring Todd, Starr, and McBain back and this can just all be a weird dream of Sam's.

michelle latta said...

They haven't noticed because it's a recast, Der.

michelle latta said...

Why would the characters need to change their appearance? How do you know they weren't asked, why would they need to be?

michelle latta said...

That'd be awesome! LOL! Honestly, I stopped watching OLTL. It just couldn't hold my interest. Not that I want it to tank, but I wouldn't mind the 3 becoming their OLTL characters again.

dar said...

As a long-time soap viewer I am betting that this isn't the end of the Lulu story. I hope it's not she's pregnant with a Cassadine baby And I definitely don't want to revisit Lulu goes to Shadybrook. But something is coming to send Dante"s happy ending crashing down on his head.

Maria said...

For me the words are aimless, heartless, and bloated (good word choice kd)...I want to like it, I really do...but this week did me in. I'm giving myself a GH time out...I just don't feel invested in any of this. The show is now filled with characters I don't care about and the characters I do love have reached dead ends. There is no character/story integration. One day a beloved character is on, then you don't see them for a month. And all of these female victims are KILLING ME. Call me when Anna stops eating relish and is on more than once a month behaving like the strong, intelligent female lead that she deserves to be. That might revive my interest. There is only so much a long time fan like me can take before I start feeling disregarded and disrespected. The bait and switch, the disregard for character history/relationships...I can go on but I won't. I'll check in later this summer. Hopefully things will have turned a corner and I'll be inspired to watch again. I'll still read your Sunday Surgery to keep me up to date! :D

cooks7570 said...

Chad and Kristen are dating in real life. I still can't get into Dante and Lulu right now. I don't think the way the storyline played out for Dante and Lulu helped either. I just don't feel anything for Lulu.

Devblev said...

While I would have much preferred that RH play a different character, I am glad to see that some of the parts of Todd that I loved so much are still there. There is just no chemistry between Dante and this Lulu. I see nothing to like about Morgan and already FF whenever he is on. Integrate more characters into these story lines so we see more of everyone. And, please, more Emma!

Devblev said...

While I would have much preferred that RH play a different character, I am glad to see that some of the parts of Todd that I loved so much are still there. There is just no chemistry between Dante and this Lulu. I see nothing to like about Morgan and already FF whenever he is on. Integrate more characters into these story lines so we see more of everyone. And, please, more Emma!

john riddle said...

Franco admitted to kidnapping Aiden in front of all those witnesses, plus he did kill a nurse when he did it. How are they going to whitewash that.

AntJoan said...

Yes, indeed, HOW can they whitewash ALL of Franco's crimes? Makes NO sense . . . .

As far as the tapes he showed for "evidence" on the Haunted Star, he easily could have made those tapes just for show, either before or after he did his dastardly deeds . . . THE TAPES PROVE NOTHING!! How naive are all these people? And, also, spilling their guts and having all this psychodrama in front of Franco--WHY would they do that? He FEEDS on this stuff, on other people's misery, why would they all spill in front of him?

As for this week, I hate the entire Franco idea (and hate Franco), but I have watched GH for decades and am not going to stop. There are weeks that I can't stand my husband, and I don't leave him, either.

nance24 said...

I sat thru years of Guza and much as I wanted to I never gave up on the show so I'm sure not going to give up on Ron C. I like RH as goofy and funny and there's nothing funny about Franco. I'm starting to like the nuLulu. I loved Julie but she is starting to fit in the role for me.

Deb K said...

show SUCKS to hell right now. Terrible mistake bringing RH back as Franco. Horrible.

Starr, though she does have chutzpah
now, can anyone say she doesn't get on their nerves??

And McNostrils.........I would know that nose and greasy hair anywhere.

JasonRoks said...

More Nicholas please. I'm ok with the show. AJ rocks. Carly was awesome this week. I'll roll with RH's Franco for a bit and see where it goes. Made it through the Guza years, can make it through this.

JasonRoks said...

Ideas on your scene of the week or prop of the week? I thought Michael's reveal of the rape to AJ was awesome. Also Laura Wright ripping on RH in jail was good. Not sure on prop - maybe the priceless vase AJ smashed or Luke's hospital gown- or the COLLAGE!!!

kdmask said...

Vase was a good idea. Or the purple shoe laces.


AntJoan said...

Deb K: ITA w/EVERYTHING you said!! I guess the prop of the week was the vase--after all, it was worth over $800,000!!

NOT the scene of the week: Dante and Nulu having sex!

soaplover said...

What is aggravatingly confusingly irritating is that I HATE most of the show now, yet I admit I enjoyed watching some of this stuff. Doesn't mean I'm good to stick around, but damn, Ron can write and even with these freaky missteps, you want to follow along.

Or maybe it's the actors. OMG are they good. Sometimes that's all the difference in whether or not something is watchable. I know the nuLulu is good, but that doesn't help me believe she's Lulu. On the other hand, RH is so good I want to watch him even if he is supposed to be the dispised Franco--which I also do not believe. As for the rest, well 'bloated' is a good word for the show right now, Karen. They need to stop hiring and do a little juggling with what they already have. We need Anna on at least 2 days a week. She is too good to languish back burner. They did such a good job of hiding Luke's vacation last summer with pre-taping that I hoped they could manage it again, but it looks unlikely.
Laura Wright is a new Carly now and SO good I almost like the character. Even Sean as AJ--wow, he has really impressed me lately and I never thought I would say that. ME will always be McBain to me. Sorry.

Di is right. There are some characters you just cannot rewrite. And some actors who found their role and cannot slip out of it. ME and TG are like that.

Just a thought: Why did they make Roger blonde when Franco was dark? Oh well. Nothing makes much sense now.

Avalonn said...

Oh yeah! I noticed those purple shoe laces too :) honestly, I've been on here supporting the show all week. I'm not hating right now! The theme truly seems to be right those wrongs of the past regime. Most fans HATED Franco and he's getting a revamp. I totally believe PM61 is onto something by saying this very well could be RC's way of saying FU to JFP and JF. I'm sure this was not a decision made lightly by Roger Howarth to take on such a hated character but, to rewrite this mess and make it better to say, "this is how you do it!" As a long time fan, when I first heard of movie star James Franco coming to a daytime soap I thought how cool is that! Then he's on our screens and it felt like he was poking fun. It to me was a mockery and just plain embarrassing to watch. Almost as painful as his turn as Oscar host! Only we were left with a messy, horribly written character and storyline tied into our beloved core family, The Quartermaines. I'm holding onto the fact that talent can fix this :) But this kind of fixing cannot be done overnight! I'm still not hating KiKi, although I must admit, I do hate the name! I however, can't stand Morgan! Silas, has not been on my screen long enough for me to pass any judgement. LOVED creepy Stavros' eyes. Lol Boo! Love, Jane Elliot, just pure class. Geary has had his day. I say bye bye Spencer's and bring on The Scorpio's. Geary is ready to retire, let him go, let the years of alcohol abuse be the ultimate end to Luke Spencer. For real, no making us think he's dead with Hells having him frozen on Cassidine island. Then bring on Robert Scorpio!!!

Cosmoetica said...

I know the nuLulu is good, but that doesn't help me believe she's Lulu.


I'm the opposite- I've almost forgotten JMB had the role,she sleepwalked the last 5 years. The new gal is a better actress and CARES for the role.

LSV422 said...

I agree with Deb K and Aunt Joan. I absolutely can see no Franco - just Todd. They could brainwash me and I still wouldn't buy it. Redeeming an unpopular character just to give RH a new role is ridiculous. Kiki is still Starr to me, only brunette. The good stuff right now is AJ as a real father to Michael, Ava and AJ, Tracey and finally the return of the divine Anna. Watching Carly snarl her teeth at RH was tiring.
RH looks horrible with that blonde short hair - makes his ears look huge.

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