Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Daytime Confidential: Katie is a FAILURE!

Ok, so  FOX411’s Pop Tarts blog, said it-- and Daytime Confidential has the blurb.  has a nice snark piece on our IDIOTS at ABC who canned our beloved soaps for this and...THE REVOLUTION (remember how well that sheeze went)?

Enough to make me weep. WEEP I tell you!

PS.  I have GH on DVR today and probably tomorrow too. I will watch and comment but I'm SUPER busy. End of year stuff for school/therapy.

Let me know how it was! 


Avalonn said...

I dvr'd too, I haven't watched yet. But, I will in an hour :) I just had to comment on the Katie situation. Seriously, we all saw this coming! All fans knew it, it's the damn subburn arses at ABC that insisted on getting rid of our beloved soaps. Although, it will never happen because it would mean admitting a collosial mistake but, they should just get AMC and OLTL back in 30 min form and take back that hour.
Now, we had Roger Howarth poison The Chew cast, no irony there right? We need Lucci to take out Katie in Port Charles, she could be the Mob boss behind the gambling ring. Katie does some investigative journalism, gets a little too close to the truth and...

kdmask said...

That would be great!! 30 min each.

nance24 said...

it just feels so good that we can say 'told you so" to ABC. Anyone know what Fronslime is doing for work now??? :)