Monday, June 17, 2013

Morgan's Dim Bulb Sputters on..

and he figures out Franco is Kiki's Daddy and Michael and she are...FIRST COUSINS!

Uts. oh..and they are making out like banshees at the apartment!! Oh, real life Morgan broke his wrist, btw. They will write it into the storyline. 
Tracy doesn't even know who Morgan is.
AJ can't figure out that Kiki is looking for MORGAN in his own house. Who the hell else did he think her BF was? 
Michael's FACE: DOH!!!!!!!!!

Shawn tells Alexis he shot Olivia. She totally forgets that she almost wiped Kat Bell off the planet when she and Luke tried to off Helena! AND that she killed Louis Alkazar!! Pushed off the balcony. 

Jr. Mints at the prom. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


dar said...

Who are the people in the picture?

CareyN said...

OMG Karen, THANK you for posting the pic from Arrested Development. One of my favorite shows of all time. It turns out Lindsay was adopted, so Maebe and George Michael aren't technically related by I'm sure GH is going to pull something like that here to make sure MiKi can get together.

I'm still hoping that Franco's mom is Heather and that he and Sam have the same father...because that would also mean his or Kiki's blood would still be able to save Danny.

Snez Babic said...

Karen don't forget Kiefer. She mowed him down with her car and kept driving. Not even a 911 call from the car.

Snez Babic said...
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kdmask said...

LOL Kiefer!! and Dar,as Carey said Arrested Development, I know lindsay was adopted but it was a GREAT pic and a HA Ha to AD fans!

sonya said...

Michael's place: Poor StarKi! All confused about her papa!!! Oh wow I thought they were gonna have sex, when she closed the door! Whew. :)

Q home: New Todd is enjoying the Tracy and AJ stories ROFL! Poor stupid dumb Morgan! OH! The lightbulb in his head turned on. :) Tracy doesn't recognize Morgan! ROFL! Yes Michael and StarKI! YOU ARE COUSINS! :)

Taylor and TJ: Taylor has compassion?!!! Where?!!!?! Is it hiding under the bed? Is it in the closet? Did she leave it back home with her parents?

Rafe and Molly: Wow so romantic. The kiss being seen by TJ ROFL! It's not what you think TJ! They were saying goodbye cus Rafe is leaving Port Chuckles!!! What? :) That is what they are going to tell TJ isn't it? :)

Shawn and Alexis: When Alexis said she don't go around killing her enemies, I was thinking about when Alexis accidentely almost killed Katherine Bell when she tried to kill Helena! Alexis was so panicked that day when she thought she killed Katherine. OH! And what about Luis Alkazar?!!

Andrea said...

So clearly they are not going to turn out to be cousins.

Here are the options.

Franco is not Jason's Twin.

Jason and Franco are twins, but Alan and Susan are not their parents. Heather and someone else. Then we would have another missing Q...

Kiki is not Franco's daughter, she is the daughter of Duke.

AJ is, after all this time, the son of Rick Webber not Alan.

Michael is not really AJ's son.

Alexis has a very convenient memory about her past.

The teen scene needs to either get spiced up OR dropped.

dar said...

Taylor will seduce TJ and then pretend to be pregnant. And I will be bored to tears.