Friday, June 14, 2013

Who has to Leave on Prom Night?

On ETSY as a PROM dress. I am. serious. LOL 
Now, come on.. who would make a kid leave on a Friday NIGHT ?? No judge I know. NY does have school this week (well, exams for HS). Our Proms are in May!

Taylor's an ass. Don't like her, and not only because she's bitchy.

Morgan doesn't know Alice at ALL...only as a wrestler. Huh.

Tranco and StarKi...are just like Starr/Todd, with Todd confessing all his faults to her. AND insert "Victor' instead of "Jason" and well, you'll see what I mean!

Geesh, Took stupid MORGAN long enough to recognize the Q mansion!


sonya said...

Yesterday's GH.

Police station: I forgot to mention that the blood on Sonny's shirt doesn't look like blood. It looks like paint! :) Shawn and Anna scene was great today! Anna was playing good cop bad cop! :) Shawn didn't break a sweat!

The hospital: Sonny wins the line of the day!!! He says this to Carly.

Sonny: You have gone too far. And I've had it. Now you are the mother of my children. So is Olivia. It's very simple. If she dies, you die!

I love scary mob Sonny! :) Carly was so scared! :) And Lulu overheard it!! Altho she acts like she didn't hear anything. I think Lulu lied about not hearing anything! Woah Michael Easton looked HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! :) *drool* Hey wait Silas! What is wrong with you?! Stop harassing Sam!! Oh no! Baby Cheeto has leukemia! :(

Kelly's: New Todd and Alexis scene hahahaha love it! Was new Todd eating pancakes? ROFL! New Todd eats just like old Todd ROFL!

Patrick's home: Oh the afterglow ROFL! You are not 27 yrs old Sabrina! ADMIT IT!!! Oops she has to wear her glasses ROFL! Her contacts went down the sink drain ROFL!

sonya said...

Today's GH:

Michael's home: Morgan using Michael's credit card YIKES!!! So wait Morgan doesn't know who Alice is?!!?!?!?! Except as a wrestler? HUH?!

Q home: Alice and new Todd scene!! ROFLMAOPMP! I'm dying!!! THAT wins the scene of the day!!!! :) I want more scenes with them!!! And then he wins the line of the day!

New Todd: Come to papa!

ROFL! And then new Todd sticks his tongue out at Alice!! ROFL! Gold just gold!!! :) New Todd and StarKiki scene when they were alone awww! :( Morgan!! Pay attention to where you are going idiot! You are at the Q home!!

Metrocourt: Luke is so scared!!!! He doesn't want to know the results!!!

Alexis's home: WOW! Molly's dress is so beautiful I love it! I love the blue! Wait prom is canceled?!!?!? HUH?! Why can't it be somewhere else? Oh oh Rafe has to go bye bye. Molly's so upset!! You can just read her mind! She is thinking, no I can't let you go! I love you!!!!!!! I am going to miss you!!!! Maybe I should lose my virginity to him before he leaves!

Kelly's: Uh I don't like Taylor anymore. Not just about how she is acting about the canceled prom, but she is so rude to Shawn!!

Michael and StarKiki: Awww poor StarKiki. She is so upset about her new found papa!! She is so confused! So lost! Michael is there to save the day!! UGH!

Avalonn said...

So, I'm warming up to Silas, maybe it helps that the awful ponytail is gone :) clearly, there is so much more to this character. I love Michael Easton's chemistry with Kelly Monaco. Good things ahead.
Loved Anna yesterday, love how she never flinched during Sonny's "Sonny tantrum".
Could not care less about Patrick and Sabrina.
Today's episode paled in comparison. The only highlight, was Roger Howarth's Franco, Alice and Lauren/Kiki. Slowly ever so slowly, but surely, James Franco's Franco is becoming a distant memory. Taylor is not remotely likeable anymore. She's crossed that line between just flawed and complete bitch. She and Morgan would be perfect for each other. Can't stand him either! There's absolutely nothing likeable about them. Zero.

Deb K said...

I think this show is moving from silly to confusing. Who belongs to who?

And Silas, he can leave. He sickens me.

Andrea said...

The way they are writing Morgan is annoying. Why are they making him stupid? I can see stealing credit cards to support your gambling addiction and being defensive with his parents, but why does that mean he has to be stupid and oblivious to everything. it is like he never set foot in PC in his life before.

So there is no other place in PC to have the prom? How about the school gym, the haunted star, the park..Nope lets just cancel it. And Taylor, it is not even your prom girl Shut up and stop being a self centered biotch. Temper tantrums are not becoming on a 18 year old girl. NJ has school through next week. Prom was last week.

I love RH and think he is doing fabulous work with the Quartermaines BUT he is Todd, playing Todd with just a different name and a bad dye job. Franco he is not.

So lets see. Danny is diagnosed with Lukemea today. This illness is just a convenient way to make people grateful to Franco, because I'm sure that he will be the only bone marrow match for him. making him a "good Guy".

They need to put a stop to this Kiki/Michael thing -they are FIRST cousins. It would be like Molly and Morgan dating. Ewwwww.

Sonny is back in full mobster mode. "If she dies, you die!" I bet he misses Jason now. My favorite part of the week was when Anna was talking to Shawn and detailed how he was no Jason.

I think the scenes with Patrick and Sabrina were good, but they would have been better if I didn't know Robin was alive.

By the way doesn't anyone care at all that Robert is still missing?

Elizabeth said...

Taylor is such a little bitch and it is obvious that the only reason that Felix is putting up with her is because he is afraid to come out to his parents and that he thinks she will out him if he doesn't do what she wants.

I am seriously starting to hate Silas. How do you become a doctor when you have absolutely no people skills at all. He doesn't seem to care at all about anything other than himself.

nance24 said...

I think Sabrina would have been so much better with Milo

sonya said...

nance24 said...I think Sabrina would have been so much better with Milo
Yeah I really liked them together!

soaplover said...

It was just so good to see Anna engaged in her job. At least now she has a mystery to solve and we can watch her do that.
I'm getting to like Silas--but maybe it's because of the hair. He looks normal now lol.

I DO wish they had not made Todd into the very tainted Franco. He is a new character, basically, and it would be better if we never remembered those ghastly stories with James Franco. He is making us forget Franco--if only he wasn't CALLED Franco. I'm still hoping it will come out that Heather lied, that Franco was no twin to Jason, that she made up that whole story and even sold it to this new Todd-Franco person. He seems to believe it, but it was far-fetched from the getgo.

CareyN said...

Does anyone have the feeling that Franco may BE Heather's son? Maybe she sold him too, and she just made up that story about him and Jason being twins to mess with Sam since she was so pissed at her for not giving Steven Lars that letter. This works with the weird dynamic they've created with Heather being an Uber-Franco-Fan and thinking he's some sort of genius, etc., and it fits with her own back story of selling her children. And they seem to be keep Robin M. in the wings to pull out every now and, I'm putting my money on Franco being the new Steven Larsssss, and Kiki being her granddaughter. That would explain why Franco is so crazy, thinks all his crazy actions are justified, and it would leave Kiki and Michael free to be together...depending of course, on who Franco's father is! Maybe he and Sam have the same father?????????

kdmask said...

Yes, I do think the possibility is there that Franco isn't really a Q. It will depend on where they want to take MiKi