Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GH Character Tweets!!

GH character Tweets

I can see your tweets & I'm takin' names! #loyaltyfirst

@MollyLoveSonnets  grrrrrrrls txxxt me for luv poems i will customize 4 ur BFs!

@candyabby 4 sale-- 2 gstrings and psyche textbook #craigslist

@IrishLass33 bin gone 2 der blarney state...seaside nows I am eatin' pertaters

@Conan at damn #cratebarrel again getting more barware!

@TheDrake anyone up for a beer? anyone besides a cray-cray blonde?

@MorGanXbox help mom/dad left me at chuckiechze last tuesday need ride home

@CarolineCarly heard @BBBarrett is bulimic she shld be on @DrDrew show #callmefordeets

@MiloCashMan Mom likes me best @StudMax

@StudMax  @MiloCashMan ur a douche! 

@ScorpioPD all wrong arrest lawsuits are going to city hall tomrrow don't call PCPD

@DrLisa garage sale at 6am at RobinScorpios.Early birds welcome. don't knock, just go in

@LegalKnowHow  Zappos.com is my muse!

@QueenLiz calling all baby daddies Cam's Playstation2 is on the fritz again! #singlemomburnout

@IamnotBalkan  you can't C this tweet 

@TracyDiva at PCPD SMH Daddy needs a Droid.  My husband sux

fundraiser with BBarrett, photos, tshirts, Africa masks...Metro Court 3/4/11 #bringwallet

@NatashaDavis  anyone seen my paperbag? #anxietyattack #watchingTeenMom2

@LimoDriver5566 honey,have a great job for big client coming up! buy that bracelet u want what can go wrong?

@SongbirdBrooke hey @kimkardashian sure I'll model for #dash can I bring Nik?

@Luke F88k this twitter sh*t

@MikeCorinthosJR hey @candyabby don't sell gstrings!

@XtinaDavis  xxooo #ethan looks so hotttt toddayyyyyy

@PrinceCass 4square.location #agwaymthope getting Sheba food. Alfred sick

@ThefaceBarrett am totally freeking out: no sleeves on wedding dress. #needtripod

@SAmmImcCall just barfed in Kellys...don't go in 2nd stall

@IloveJasonMorgan who has sum spraypnt and can meet me at docks? midnight #jasonishot

@JonnyZ  PC young ladies: piano lessons every monday 

@PirateEthan  @HotTopic lookin for a new wallet chain. Gettin Blink182 shirt. Sweet

@MaxamistaX sale at #forever21! See u there bitches!

@JasperAussie brender getting married. :sobbing: send kleenex/fosters

@LivFalconeri you can find my ziti recipe on my blog www.oliviacooks.wordpress.com

@TheJackalPI  splendiferous greetings got orange nehi?

@JMorgan  blink 

@MattMatt can't find working orders for today or tomorrow. or...ever

@LeslieLulu  at Crimson don't know how to work copier #needanothervacation

@CrimsonBoss don't try @LivFalconeri ziti recipe, it sux...

@DFItalianStallion new bling!! check it out Guido 

@EPifff Imma ready to wring some damn necks at #nursesstation today!

@DrQMonica been at the spa 6mnths do I have job at #GH? call me @WebberSteve

@WebberSteve: @DrQMonica don't call us, we'll call u


Anonymous said...

OMG. I can't laugh hard enough at these tweets!

kdmask said...

thanks!! xxoo

Anonymous said...

That is HYSTERICAL!! My favorite was the "blink!"

nyangel22 said...

just made my night. thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I am sick of Lexi tweets I don't care what Guza plans are. No strong man in his right mind would want plain Krissy who has the body of a ten year old. Maya on the other hand stops traffic just visualizing Maya in a pic with Krissy is laughable, Ethan than have the brat please put Maya with a hot man like Shawn or Johnny . Maya a stunner and Ethan and Kristina yuck. Sexual chemistry hell no!

Anonymous said...

Krissy is not beautiful, please her fans need to get a clue!