Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Franco's On Set of General Hospital

Thanks to Twubber Lori  for finding these  pics on's also a nice article about his stint back on GH. I had to share this photo with you all though--look at the cheeky photo of Franco on screen behind him!! He's SO IN LOVE with Jason! ahahahaha...note the red M&Ms on the desk!!


kdmask said...

TESTING..are people having trouble commenting?

Anonymous said...

Rape Jason Franco, Rape him lol.

Leesy said...

Anon: What a thing to say!! violence isn't the answer no matter who gets it. Isn't that what we've all been saying???...and Yes, Karen, we've had some problems commenting. Have to get to you via Google Chrome just to read the comments at all. Sad, huh? lol. Then again, some post's subjects just don't need comments...Franco is one of those subjects...ARGH! Sick to death of the man.