Monday, August 7, 2017

The "Real" Jason Dilemma

Fancy meeting you here...

Oh, I guess it's almost time!! Steve Burton will be returning from his self-imposed recast to suddenly throw a wrench into these last few years of GH storytelling. 
Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge Mr. Burton for making a living, not at all. He did however, choose to leave the show to go follow the previous producer over to YR.  It was also decided by TPTB to not just have Jason "die" (or be in suspended character animation) but to have him recast. 
We got the big introduction of:  BILLY MILLER!! Hero and Emmy winner from The Young and The Restless!! Get ready audience! It will be an exciting time! Saddle up!! It will be a great ride, everybody!! 

So, for 3 years we listened watched the story unfold. The new face...the Liason stuff, the JaSam stuff-- the memory, the island-- and on and on.  This was basically 3 years of convincing us, the audience that this is indeed "THE" Jason. 
But hang on...Now we are bringing back Steve Burton. The original Jason.  We know this has been done before. An actor leaves, only to decide to come back at some point and revive his/her character.  Most of the time it's done after someone is let go, and they just come on the scene as the first 'face' with no explanation (see Lucky GH,  Max OLTL ) OR-- we've had the twin twist like The Todds.  Question is: what will GH do? 

If you read this interview on TV Line, Frank basically says that "no one on twitter ha guessed correctly" about what's going to happen. I know (because I've been on twitter forever) that the prevailing thought is that they will do a version of the Two Todds.  One Jason has been told he IS the Jason while, in reality the other Jason is really THE Jason.  
Sounds complex....but it's really simple and silly. 
Reality is this: Steven Burton is either the "REAL" Jason or he's not.  How they tell the story will be the real test. 

Personally? You all know I think Jason should have died on the docks that day. Rolled into the water by Faison (mask and all), never to return.  That didn't happen however, and now we are facing goodness knows how long to untangle that web. I can't imagine they'd make Burton a whole new character and just not reference Jason. (Sort of the Silas/Finn type deal). His fanbase is way too huge for that. It worked for both Easton and Sarah Brown because of time. Burton had been on GH since 1991 before leaving in 2012. He was also part of 2 huge couple bases: JaSam and Liason.  Ergo, having him "be someone else" would be fool hearty.  
Will Heather have told the twin truth? Will Helena have programmed one guy to be Jason but NOT be Jason?  

Which ever way it goes, we all know it will really depend on how they proceed with the story.  I hope to HELL this is mapped out.  I don't want to live through all of this only for everything to have holes and not make any sense.  I feel like we are all going to be holding our collective breath while this gets rolled out and then crossing fingers it doesn't become "The Jason Hour" for a year.  I feel like the JaSam and Liason fans will be tugging and pulling in either direction, just like they did when Miller showed up.  

Please...hear my plea-- don't let this become the entire direction of the show. Don't let the "Who's WHO" of Jason take so long I'm banging my head.  Flesh this out, take some time to make me care. I really am pulling for you.  Insert Tyra Banks: We were ALL Rooting for YOU! 

Oh, on a side note: do both Miller and Burton wear the same size black Tshirts? Will they share a dressing room? Who gets the parking spot? 


sonya said...

"Karen says I hope to HELL this is mapped out."

Of course not! These writers don't do that!!! They do things off the fly you know that.

"Oh, on a side note: do both Miller and Burton wear the same size black Tshirts? Will they share a dressing room? Who gets the parking spot?"


gap723 21 said...

I always thought Frank and Ron wanted Steve Burton to return at some point. If not, they wouldn't have gone to so much trouble to do a facial reconstruction - they would've simply recast the character. Also, how long did Elizabeth and the Q's keep real-Jason's pic on their mantle's? A couple of yes....I think GH has been waiting for this opportunity. So have I!!!!

debbie said...

I personally prefer SB as Jason over BM, That said, even everything about his JaSam makes me cringe and now we will have 2 to contend with. Ugghh..

witch said...

steve burton is jason. billy miller is his twin

Billikers said...

Even though I don't have much hope for the storyline coming up, I have to admit that picture of the two of them made me excited.

LSV422 said...

All I think we have to anticipate is non stop Sonny, Carly and old-Jason. That's how it was when SB was on. Not much to look forward to or really get excited about.

nance24 said...

I'm not a fan of SB, BM or Jason so the only thing I see coming is instead of "The Fab Four" on just about every day it will be Five. Blah...

LiamAZ said...

I'm sure poor Liz will be drawn back into this storyline which will yet again ignite the Jasam/Liason wars...sigh...but will they still be called Jasam and Liason once we figure out who's who??

Michelle Latta said...

I like Franco and Liz but if Liz has a chance to be with either Jake Doe or Jason again I'm all for it.

AMC GH said...

I know we all were sad and angry when Burton pulled his Y&R switch but after the past few years of Boring Billy GIVE ME MY STONECOLD! And yes along with it Liason!! Just don't take forever to do this. I read somewhere where they had a nine month arc planned for this – that is way too long! Bring him back declare Jason, let Sam have Billy Miller Jason, let Liz have Steve Burton Jason and all will be well with the world!