Sunday, August 27, 2017

Sunday Surgery: ACME Anvils

Yes, this is our Visual Anvil... 

Slacker--that's what I am!! Last week and this week have been hit and miss for me on the show. Thank goodness not too much is happening right now. I'll give it my best shot for Sunday Surgery. I have one more week before I return to work again Sept 6th. I'd better get my sheeze together! 

This week was full of anvils falling-- if you didn't see the show it was all about Jason not really seeming like..well, Jason.  He's now not the Not Jason. Even though we spent FOREVER finding out he WAS Jason.. when we  thought he was Jake. *sigh* 

What about half-moon cookies in honor of the past solar eclipse this week? Not sure if you have them in your neck of the woods--they are 1/2 white and 1/2 "black" ; vanilla or chocolate. Cookie can be either vanilla or chocolate! 

Shooting Saga Continued: The 'big reveal' to Carly came late in the week. I mean.. for such drama it was so NOT-drama. 

So, you all lied to me about this shooting...WHY WHY, WHY would you lie? Especially you JASON! You never lied to me. Well, except for a million times about all different stuff but that's not the point. 

Naw, I think we all know the point of all this...

Yeah, like.. he's SO NOT Jason acting.
I agree, so NOT Jason... I would know what my soul mate was thinking....

Sonny, I would have gone to him with my struggle but he seems so...Not Jason. this why there's a guy with my old face in my dressing room? 

You mean to tell me you two already know each other? 
You mean to tell me you've already slept together?

Well, this town is mighty close, isn't it? 
Yep. are you? 
Crappy....but great to see you...
You too. 
Glad they remembered we meant something to each other
Me too.
Think we'll see each other again? 

Holy hot dog...!! 
Yeah! Holy Hot dog!! 

(music) SO it's the laughter...WE will REMEMBER....
THE Way WE WERE...(if you know the movie....) 

Related image

Hubble is a great soap name, btw....

Hmmm, here we are! Well, my blind date was crummy.

I think I know something that might help....
Really, what? 
Oh, just wait here--you'll find out soon enough. giggle

Well, I'm going away to Pentonville for a long, long time...
I'm so upset...!! I think I may forgive you? Not sure yet.
(whispers) I just signed my contract so, you probably do. I'll be back before you know it. 
Wonder if I'll start drinking again...

Oh, hi! I'm back.. and I'm looking at this diamond. See it? Pretty, right?'s one of those stolen ones--or not.  Maybe it's Hayden's. Not sure. Will this be a story? I mean, you know... it has to be better than my last one, right?  Please? Pretty please? 

OMG, so there's a crisis in Manila? 
No..not Manila.... Milan...
No! wait...not Milan... it's ..
YES! Morocco!! We all have to leave...
Why all of us?!
I am supposed to tell Valentin I want to get back together but it needs to be drawn out.
Wait, Dillon has to have an excuse to get out of town...
Yes, so--why is Michael coming again?
Hmmm, something about Ned taking over ELQ? 

Wow, so gosh, Montreal was sure a great plot device for us, wasn't it? 
Wait, aren't we going to Monaco? 
Oh hell.. I don't know! Just get ready! 

Well, you're back!

Yep, I'm back... not sure what I'm going to do though..
I think you're going to sell some paintings, mister!
Not this one though...
Oh, once upon a time I had a blonde friend...followed me around everywhere!
How strange!!? 
Yes, mom said he was imaginary...but he seemed so real...

See? SEE ...that us in the painting-- the two of us... 

Ok, we GET IT ALREADY!! I'll move my motorcycle to the back lot!! 


1. Anna is still talking about that diamond. Finn is still upset over Hayden. He's spending so much time in her office, it's hilarious. 

2. Jason really isn't behaving like Jason...or he might be but no one 'feels' like he's really Jason. 

3. Franco thinks he had a childhood pal that was imaginary...that's probably Jason (one of the Jasons) 

4. Kristina got airtime. She still works at Perks. Valerie chem test or at least friendship test. 

5.  Julian got the maximum 20- years. Alexis is upset. He's so sorry. We'll have to see how he gets out of jail this time. 

6.  Carly was all mad but she's not any more. 

7.  Nina, Michael, Nell, Dillon and possibly Valentin are all going to Morocco. Can't wait to see the Pier One decor! 

8. Ned is working at ELQ. Here's hoping he gets fracking and pisses Michael off. 

9.  Griffin and Ava are getting closer. 

And...that's a wrap!  It was a 4 day week so even viewing time was short. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday. Weather is perfect here (for once!)  I also hope anyone in Texas reading this is safe. 


  1. Karen, let me be the first to thank you for a great SS!!

  2. Thanks, Karen. It wouldn't be Sunday morning coffee without your great surgery.

  3. Wonderful SS! Your approval ratings are sky high, unlike GH. Another blah week. Jason/Jake was noticeably different from day one. Now it is a topic of conversation just to bring the old a Jason back. Clever writers aren't they? Anna has the beginning of yet another unexciting storyline withe the diamond. Sorry to see Dillon leave - he made Kiki watchable. Glad to see Lulu and Dante are Yankee fans!

  4. LOVE Half Moon cookies, which are known as Black & Whites in NYC.

  5. They are black & white in NYC, but the cookie is vanilla, while the frosting is half vanilla, half chocolate, sounds a little different than Karen's.

  6. All the years I worked in a clinic, we had a great bakery a few doors down, and I became addicted to black & whites. I finally had to give them up entirely, they are like crack (at least to me)!

  7. LSV422 said...

    Wonderful SS! Your approval ratings are sky high, unlike GH. Another blah week. Jason/Jake was noticeably different from day one.

    ** He could actually display a range of emotions beyond just one. Not to mention his wardrobe expanded beyond what I like to call his "Badly done Johnny Cash imitation" and actually wears OTHER colors!


  8. AntJoan said...

    They are black & white in NYC, but the cookie is vanilla, while the frosting is half vanilla, half chocolate, sounds a little different than Karen's.

    ** That sounds a LOT like an Oreo. Otherwise, I don't think I've ever had those before. (I'm not entirely sure if I've even ever come across them. (I'm in MT shopping (really commerce of ANY sort) is an absolute joke here. There isn't even a mall or an actual bookstore (that isn't just religious one.) And I'm in the state capital.


  9. Ok our Half Moon cookies are large cake like cookies (either vanilla or chocolate cake) and then frosted half with bright white frosting and the other half with really dark chocolate frosting. I'll try to get a photo sometime. I love the vanilla cake kind-- I eat the white frosting side first too. LOL
    I've had the black and whites in NYC and sometimes they are the same--sometimes the frosting is more glaze than ours which is a buttercream