Thursday, August 31, 2017

Jason's Chest

LISA ran into DOM at Disneyland!

Getting tired of Ava's face. 

SO, Nell is some kind of killer? Whatever. I hope they make her so unpredictable and just OUT OF CONTROL evil under cover. She eats baby mice for breakfast nutty. Then, she dies. 

Griffin has a patient who's back after the bomb scare (???????? seriously) Marasol and her headaches are back. She's afraid she's going to die. Griffin is going to run tests. BUT! Dr. Bench already did (Max from OLTL). She's gonna die. Griffin TELLS AVA ALLLLLLLLLL about it. Nevermind HIPAA. 

Sam is covered in blood, Liz sees her...Liz says Jason will pull through.  Sam tells Monica that Jason was shot. Carly and Sonny come in. Sam sobs. Carly hugs her.

Dilly says Nell is ready to be a model after some photos he took. She flips out. 

Nina and Val sex.  Something something..yada yada..OH! The necklace is missing. She asks Nelle about it since shes' seen wearing it in a photo. Nell is all: YOU think I stole it, didn't you? 

Bobbie shows Carly the article about Nelle. She was suspected of trying to kill a guy in a boating accident. Carly doesn't care.  

Sonny is LEGIT TALKING TO DANTE at the PCPD about HIS TERRITORY!! I mean, come on. I know you think we are stupid-- but really? IN the PCPD!! 

I think Dr. Bench is going to turn out to be a perv. You wait. He's going after Kiki.  He's acting so weird. If I didn't know JPD as an actor I'd think he was terrible. 

OK: So this kid Marasol must be dying so that Jason gets her heart or something?? Because WHY BOTHER with this? 


  1. Haha she eats baby mice! Just rolling...dying laughing!

  2. I didn't watch yet, but my uneducated guess about Griffin's patient is that it gives him reason to go to Ava for comfort, hence deepening their relationship.

  3. am I the only one who sees NO chemistry with Ava and Griffin?
    AND PLEASE give Olivia a better story-line...
    Dillon is caught with necklace/Nelle frames him/bye-bye Dillon
    Has Sam ever screamed - EVER?
    WHATEVER happened to the BIG reunion that Amy and Dillon and Kristina and Maxie were planning?

  4. Barbara, I don't like Griffin with Ava either. I see him soley as a consoler and a doctor who's trying to help her.

    I don't think Nelle could frame Dillon and that doesn't give him a reason to disappear. He's wealthy and has good lawyers. lol

    Sam is being turned into a crying screaming mess because she's a woman and with these writers the only strong woman who can stay strong is that shrew, Carly.

    And all that talk about Nelle as a model is laughable. Except for the fact that she was wearing the necklace, that picture looked liked a mug shot. lol

  5. I do not want a romantic pairing between Ava and Griffin. At all. I've been tired of her face long before the fire. ;-)

  6. The floating rib:

    Carly and Bobbie: Geez Carly you are really annoying with everyone is happy! Let everyone be happy!


    ValeNina's private room: Love the private room! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I forgot to mention Nina's dress yesterday, it's ugly it needs to be burned.

    The work room:

    Melle and Dillon: Dillon wins the line of the day.

    Dillon: He's right you probably should have started with that.


    Valenina, Melle and Dillon: WOW!!! When did Nina start to distrust Janelle?!!?!?!? How odd.

    Melle: Hmmmmmm.. Janelle did you steal the Titanic necklace? Oh sure guilt trip Michael..

    Janelle: You trust me Michael don't you? Because I am SO innocent. Please tell me you trust me!!!!


    Sonny and Dante: Sonny is whining.. Gee Sonny, are you going to change your mind and stay in the business now?! *roll eyes*

    Ava's home:

    Kiwi and Ava: Wow!! Ava is all happy and wearing a new shirt. :) All because of Griffy? :) He puts a skip in your step? :)

    The hospital:

    Kiwi and Dr. Benchy: Wow!!! Dr. Benchy are you telling Kiwi that she has to break up with her boyfriend?

    Carly and Sam: Sam is all whiny and Carly is all softy!!! WHAT THE HELL?!!?!?! I like Carly being a bitch! I want her to blame Sam, not be a big ol softy!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Jason's room:

    Carly and Sonny: Oh so Carly you don't want Jason to see the blood on Sam, because it will remind him, but it's okay for Jason to see Sonny's shirt bloody? WHAT THE HELL?!

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Marisole's room: How sad. :( Don't kill her off writers!!!! :(

    Outside Marisole's room:

    Grava: It's nice that Ava is there for Griffy, but WAIT A SECOND, Griffy told Ava about Marisole's condition?!!?!?!?! HIPPA LAWS GRIFFY! HIPPA LAWS!!!

  7. "Barbara I the only one who sees NO chemistry with Ava and Griffin?"

    I see a lot of chemistry.

    "Dillon is caught with necklace/Nelle frames him/bye-bye Dillon"

    Oh no! That would be stupid and make no sense.. :( Which I can see the writers doing it. :(

  8. Griffin is a priest and a doctor (still don't understand when he had time to go to med school)--he knows about confidentiality. As I said before, I think this is a way to deepen his relationship with Ava.

    So there is controversy here it seems about whether or not they have chem, I am on the fence about it.

    Someone here seemed to say that Nelle framed Dilly, but I didn't see that happen. But they are really making her look guilty and bad. . .

  9. sonya said... All because of Griffy? :) He puts a skip in your step? :)

    *** He put a skip in mys step too and I darn near threw my knee out. :D

  10. "Di said..He put a skip in mys step too and I darn near threw my knee out. :D"

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! :) You poor thing, or maybe not. :)

  11. Di said...

    Barbara, I don't like Griffin with Ava either. I see him soley as a consoler and a doctor who's trying to help her.

    ** That's a very good description of my take on them, too. Plus with the whole "Julian sending Carlos to kill Duke" factor, that for some reason has been kind of forgotten about, it feels like.