Tuesday, August 15, 2017

General Hospital: Some Notes and a little News

CURTIS, you look FINE! 

So I watched yesterday's show and here is the BIG PICTURE take-away: 


1. Sam shoots Sonny--and the big thing that happens out of months of Sam's hallucinations is that she had a brain virus and now there's a "OMG I shot Sonny" secret.  Um, why is it a secret? If she was ill, why would she be charged? Why didn't Sonny just say she shot him accidentally at the pit? He saw she was delusional--right? This is basically NOT a story. They are going to keep this 'big secret' from people (Carly) and then they'll get all mad and....??? Break up again? Seriously? If the police DO find out will Sam GO TO JAIL? Hahahaa. AHAHAHAAAA. Nope, so again--NO Story. 
Oh, and I see they are going to blame Jules for 'telling Sam' to "get rid of Sonny".. Because of course they are. 

2. Dr. O and Finn revenge. Hello--knock knock--writers? Dr. O has been very sparsely since I don't even remember when. I guess she was switching pee samples all along but it was like she popped out of the closet towards the end and BOOM!  Now she's messing with Hayden and Finn like she's been on all year and is a giant villain. Welp. You knew Becky was being let go, so why make her pregnant? Why not just have it found out she really DID smuggle some money and was complicit all along in her Dad's schemes? The Feds come and haul her away. There. Done. 

Sliver of light? Monica was really used well in all this mess--the pee reveal, the wedding and the fraud. Now, please don't just not her on for months. Thx/ 

3.  Ok, the good? More stuff seems to be happening at the Q house. Please let us hope this keeps up.  We know WK is on another show so?? hmmmmm. I do like Olivia and Monica together. 

4.  MORE GUYS COMING (I think short term? )
Inspector DesRoches

AND...this guy is one of the Five Families. 

Ok, See you at 2 today. I'm home because my car's air con is broken. UGH..what a pain. So, I'm cleaning and doing paperwork today if I can get out of this chair lol. 


  1. Great comments! Only on GH would "get rid of " someone be synonymous with killing them. It could have meant get him out of your lives. They need all these writers to come up with such stupidity?

  2. Another note about Obrecht's vendetta against Finn...we still don't know WHY! I mean, so Finn was brought in to save Tracy and Obrecht didn't like how they stepped on her toes cause I think she was chief of staff... But is that the whole reason she doesn't like him? If it is, then shouldn't it be Monica she wants to get revenge on cause after all, Monica took her job back. But no, it's Finn, who after all saved all of their jobs when he gave the grant money for the "miracle cure" to save the hospital from being shut down. How about this, writers, reveal to the viewers exactly what it is that has gotten under Obrecht's bonnet that makes her hate Finn so much cause it's more than just the fact that he was brought in to save Tracy cause that shiz is lame. What did she want, for Tracy to die? If so, that brings up another point, why did she want her to die? This whole mess is so full of holes you could drive a truck through them.