Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Took long enough... ugh. That story was done so badly in the end. OY!! Guess we won't see Holly..or Robert.

Carly and Todd...Laura Wright looked fabulous. They were so good!! LOVED their scenes!!

Now that I know there may be a chance of my Dark Gothic LUST with McBam, I'm so excited!! Plus, with Burton OUT OF THE PICTURE--no one can be mad now! Well, that's not true, I just saw on Twitter  Liason/JaSammers are still pissed off. 

ELLIE will have the Deborah Kerr paralysis!! Well, until she's "cured"and then fakes it to keep Spinelli. That always happens.

Brit tells Betty to stay away from Patick because he thinks she's ridiculous. Then she tells Paddy she can't watch Emma anymore.


Lara said...

YES!! McBam for the win :)

divaofdfw said...

If Skye isn't too busy chasing Ted King around on his commercial shoots, she should come and give Ellie tips on faking her paralysis. Way back in the day when she was married to Tom on All My Children, she faked it to hang on to him. And really, it's been a while since a soap has used that ole chestnut, but I bet everyone of them has had this story, probably going back to 30s radio!
I'm sorry I couldn't keep a straight face during Britt's whole "fraternization" spiel. If that's so, um how did Robin and Patrick marry? And how is Britt going to date Patrick? And if it only applies to student nurses, that's hogwash as well. Ah, if only Felix were around to "Whatever" her into next week. But Sabrina has no spine.
I have to admit as much as I dislike both Carly and Todd (oh and that goes back all the way to before he raped Marty), I have to admit those scenes were quite good.
I still want to know how Jerry fits into any of this storyline, I hope they get there eventually.

sonya said...

Switzerland: LUKE!!!!! YAY! :) Anna says she has been worried about him. She has?!!?!?! She hasn't said anything. WOAH! HOLLY IS THERE?!!?! :) Poor Robert is getting worse! :(
Duke tries to comfort Anna but she freaks out! She doesn't want him to touch her! Oh because of what Faison did? Yup I was right. Gee Anna. It's not Duke's fault! It's Faison's!

Maxie and Ellie's home: I love Maxie's sweater! :) Lulu gets a phone call! IT'S LUKE!!!! :)YAY! Lulu says she has been worried. She has?!!?!?! She hasn't said anything. What the hell is that noise in the background in Turkey?!!?!?! It sounds like Indians yelling! There are gunshots! The connection drops and Dante tries to help by calling someone. Did the Indians kidnap Luke?!!?! Lulu and Dante are going to Turkey. They leave and again Maxie says she lost the baby and had a miscarriage to thin air!

The hospital: Dr. Westbritch tells Sabrina that she made Patrick uncomfortable because of her almost kissing Patrick on new years eve. HUH?! She says all people know about your crush Sabrina. People are talking. There is a rule about no frateranizing at the hospital. And that Dr Quartermaine knows and doesn't like it. Sabrina fell for it!!! SABRINA DON'T BE STUPID! THINK!!!! If Monica had a problem with it, she would talk to YOU about it!! And if there is such of rule of no frateranizing, why would Dr WestBritch be able to frateranize with Patrick?!? WAKE UP! Dr. WestBritch leaves, and Patrick shows up and Sabrina scurries away! UGH! Spinny was going to tell Ellie about the drunk sex he had with Maxie, when Patrick shows up. Patrick tells Ellie that she is paralyzed, but only temporarily. Spinny tells her that he will be there for her through the whole thing. So he is going to stay with her out of obligation, and then what Spinny? Still stay with her when she is better? Or go back together with Maxie?

Sam's home: She wants a sign from Jason! And she got it!!!! McBain shows up! Now all of a sudden Sam realizes that Jason is dead!!!! She cries on McBain's shoulder. :)

Jail: What a hot scene between Todd and Carly! The way he was touching her face!!! TOUCH MY FACE TODD!!! :)

LSV422 said...

Sabrina is as dumb as a rock. The potetential pairing of her and Patrick is ridiculous. Ellie's screeching voice was a bit annoying. Carly and Todd scenes were good but I think we are overdosing on Carly once again. So glad to see Anna and Duke, but a month is a really long time to be MIA. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing and if so maybe the influx of returning actors should be curtailed so that we can see the ones that are already here. Anna is too important a character to be idling for so long.

Cosmoetica said...

ELLIE will have the Deborah Kerr paralysis!! Well, until she's "cured"and then fakes it to keep Spinelli. That always happens.


I thought the same thing, Karen.

Watch, we'll both be right, and yawn the whole time.

sonya said...

Wait I'm confused. Who is Deborah Kerr?

LSV422 said...

She was a wonderful actress from the 50's and 60's, Sonya. Played the lead in The King & I.

Brender said...

Yeah. Days of our Lives got renewed until September 2014!!