Monday, January 7, 2013

Post Sex Sandwich

ALEXIS!  Got some! WOOT!!

SONNY'S fantasy!! ahahahhaa... OMG. I was wishing he'd wake up and be holding Milo. 

Ok, so Trey's in a coma....Todd's in Jail  with Johnny. Not a lot happened today.  THE REAL NEWS WAS: 

here you go Sheryl....

Steve was on The Talk  to  announce he's  going to  the Young and the Restless-- January 29th is his first airdate. He's  playing Dylan McAvoy who's a vet and an architect. He's doing something with James Franco and Jill as well (SONY). Which is basically what I wrote down there.
They gave him a good deal to be able to commute easily, probably a pile of Money and perks. PLUS the ability to block tape and commute.


Love4dogs said...

What is this Prospect Park revival going to do to Todd and Starr on GH? I really like Todd and hate to see him leave GH. Haven't seen McBain in so long I almost forgot about him; but I do like him, too.

david said...

hey, is there any way that GH can return OLTL
s favor of borrowing characters and ship some of ours over to them?

Take Kristina. (please)
Take Dr. Tightass (Britt) and Nurse Betty clone.

that's 3. That should make us even right?


I dont know the legal stuff with this. Maybe Karen will but... doesnt PP own the rights to the characters (not the actors) and if they wanted to, could they conceivably force thGH to give back the characters? Or maybe do the characters over there with different actors? I know it sounds confusing and it probably is. but we arent dealing with ABC working with ABC anymore. This is a whoile new entity dealing with ABC. I tried reading up on this and got a headache.


Carly had a very very bad day today. learned truth about johnny and todd. it was so sad. wouldnt it be GREAT if the she had a mother to talk to? you know, someone to lean on and cry to? alas.... no mother for Carly. :(

kdmask said...

Not sure about the OLTL people going there when it's online. I do know they own the characters. I don't know if they bought or rented "Todd" and the rest.

sonya said...

Alexis and Shawn: They had sex!!!! Alexis sure loves her chocolate! Oh baby! :) This is the 2nd time they had sex! Hmmm she loves his sandwich ROFL!

Gym: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The hospital: Awww! Carly and Todd are not going steady anymore. :( Don't worry Todd! Starr will forgive you. :)

Jail: Todd and Johnny are roomies!!! Awwww come on you two! Kiss! :) I'll call you Toddny! :)

Karen says SONNY'S fantasy!! ahahahhaa... OMG. I was wishing he'd wake up and be holding Milo.
ROFL! That would have been perfect! We could have called them Silo! :) Oh and thanks for the Steve Burton shirtless picture YUM! :)

Avalonn said...

Maybe ABC will buy the rights to the characters or maybe they already did....

David, is it really fair to trade three crappy characters for three great ones? That's like trading Baltic for Park Place!

soaplover said...

I thought today's show was very emotional and well done. Except for Connie and Krissy yelling in the hospital at a time when both should have been hushed, waiting for news.

Trey's death was sad, and I wasn't much invested in the character. Still, it chocked me up and Starr's pain, too.

I hope tomorrow we get that phone call from Luke!

LSV422 said...

I didn't mind Connie that much yesterday because for what it's worth, Trey is her son and maybe awoke some maternal feelings. Krissy was so bad that I cannot fathom why she is still there. Not that I think Lexie was perfect but LM just stands out like a sore thumb. Not really getting the chemistry with Alexis and Shawn but glad to see her get some action finally. Too much Michael and Starr = a boring day. Loved the Johnny/Todd reveal, though.

Tammy Wynette said...

LSV -- Lexi was not perfect as Kristina but she at least made some people feel like she actually belonged on the show. LM is just horrible. JMHO of course!