Friday, January 11, 2013


Coleman sees Kate--er--Connie. I MISS COLEMAN! He won't even do Connie  because she's too much trouble. He and AJ talk about how Coleman used to own The  Oasis where Courtney stripped way back when-- and..well. It's too much to get into.

Steven Larz--dead man walkin'!!

Todd and John. They've hated each other in forever. Todd taunts him with Nat and Liam. McBain takes his photo with his iPhone. LMAO Then Todd tries to bribe him.

OMG The scenes in the hallway outside of Trey's door? POINTLESSSSSSSSSSS. Then stupid Xtina goes  in to literally try to pull the plug on Trey. Good LORD!! 

Oh Connie made out with AJ so Sonny saw them. 

TODAYS' SHOW WAS A BORE. And for all the Disney stuff about not smoking on camera, people sure do knock em' back on this show. geesh!! LOL. BOozeHouNds.



WindLegends said...

I can do without Christina. The character has always been a drag but now watching her is like being drawn through heavy sludge. Should have been her instead of Trey. Whole storyline is starting to get very trite and predictable.

Amy said...

I do not like the new Christina. I have tried, but her acting has not improved. She needs to go.

sonya said...

The hospital: Steve in a towel!!! Must have just got done taking a shower. Yum! :)Woah Krissy tries to shut off Joe Jr Jr Jr's plug!!! Go Krissy go!!! :) Krissy would get in trouble for murder. Murder?!!?! Uh Alexis? Joe Jr Jr Jr is already dead!

Floating rib: COLEMAN!!!!!!!LOVE YOU COLEMAN!!! :) Too bad he won't have sex with Connie. :) Great AJ and Coleman scene!!!! Love how Coleman brings up the past!!! I love how Coleman called Courtney, AJ's girl at the time. Thank you Coleman for not saying her name!!! UGH it was only temporary. Coleman had to bring up her name! UGH! I'm glad AJ didn't drink whew!! :) Carly and her all men suck and that the only person she can rely on and get her out of trouble is herself! I think Carly just learned something. :) Carly just kept drinking and drinking. Are we going to have a drunk Carly? YAY! :)

Todd and McBain: What a great McTodd scene! So many one liners! So much love awwwww! :)

LSV422 said...

The only good thing about yesterday's show was Coleman! Carly should STFU - what a big mouth hypocrite.

LSV422 said...

The only good thing about yesterday's show was Coleman! Carly should STFU - what a big mouth hypocrite.

bumchickabowbow said...

I can't help but smile when Carly gets singed by lies and manipulations. Hey Pot. Meet Kettle.

sonya said...

Actually Karen, Todd and Mcbain didn't hate each other forever. :) That was Victor and McBain. :)

soaplover said...

I enjoyed the Todd-McBain stuff. John says he prefers comic books to I liked that line.

Best was seeing Coleman, but it isn't the same with the new Connie/Kate because this actress is nothing at all like the other one. It was funny before because crude Coleman and snooty Kate were such a mismatch! This Connie is even more crude than Coleman ever was.