Wednesday, January 30, 2013

'How Are Things in the Nut Hatch"??

 Monica's on..looking spiffy. Tracy has on her gorgeous mink-- (you know it's faux cause GH wouldn't pop for a real one). She told Sonny where to go.  Loved it. Lois MENTION!! And Mr. Ned had to fly out to see BrookLyn who had a "Stage Diving Accident".  Ned writes Tracy a note about Heather and the will.  BUT Tracy already had the story printed up in The Sun about the mob money. Whoops.

Olivia and Sonny. They should have been together over he and CAWNIE, imo. Sonny tries to seduce Connie. When AJ and Michael walk in, she says it was Sonny that planted the story in The  Sun.

KEVIN!!!!!! Walks into the PCPD He says he doesn't know Livvy-- and says Lucy was in therapy for years for the whole Vampire thing. Did you see the movie The Others?  This might be twisty-turvy!! 
Soon the whole Alison/Rafe thing is going to start. Hope you know your Port Charles. I watched it on and off so although I know who they are, don't know a lot. Not sure I'll care about them much. That's Alison, who married gorgeous RAFE..but was probably PG with Caleb's son. Now she's going to be murdered. 
NOTE: she said she was "on the run" but had time to spray tan? LOL
ALISON recognized Caleb...Kevin was lying!! EEK!

Todd's face bruises have changed day to day..LOL. Lucy finds him cozy on the floor talking on the cell. He busted on her about the vampire things! :) They want to break outta Ferncliff!!



  1. I kinda hate that they brought in Allison. It would have been fun for it to have all been in Lucy's head. A nice nod to PC then move on. But no now we have Allison with Rafe Jr. Who apparently is going to have a paranormal teen romance with Molly. ;)
    Is Kevin really lying? Or does he believe that it really was all in Lucy's head?
    So was that it for Ned? Kinda not worth paying the man. Hope we get more than one day of Kevin.
    Trying to figure out what Kevin meant by the children. Lucy did indeed have her adopted daughter Christina who she technically adopted with Scott Baldwin but Kevin was raising. And she considered Serena to be her daughter, but one would have thought Serena would be with her father if Lucy really was around the bend. Plus Serena would be in her 20s by now.

  2. Same with me regarding Rafe and Alison, as I didn't get to see much of their story arcs. However, fun side note on Alison...old time GHers should remember "Amanda Barrington" as a socialite who was often referenced by the Q's as being in a sort of "rival" high society family. I think she even was cast and seen on screen a few times, most likely at the country club. Anyhow, Alison is her granddaughter. So there's a loose old-GH tie-in.

  3. OH geez!!! Karen, is it the same actress? Here she actually is on GH as a teen, messing up the Emily/Juan relationship, with replacement versions of Lucky, Nik, and a very young Liz!! So many memories. I think the guy is Zander (not being played by Chad B at the time), and this is when Emily takes drugs and wakes up in the motel with the dead body.

  4. I loved Allison & Rafe! That whole thing happened during my high school years and I was obsessed! I really hope they bring Daddy Rafe back to help our Rafe Jr. 'cause he was super hot!

  5. Jpink, you weren't the only one. I LOVED them back then too, although I liked her with the other guy too. I think his name was Jamal, but I'm not sure.

    Does anyone else watch that show Haven on SyFy? The guy who played Chris Ramsey did a guest appearance a few weeks back and the girl that played Jessica Buchanan on OLTL was on there this past season as well.

    I thought today's episode was pretty good, but I was a little annoyed that the Rafe that showed up wasn't the gorgeous former angel.

  6. It's absolutely the same actress. She's just 10+ years older.

    Kiko Ellsworth, who played Jamal, later played Stan, Ephiphany's son.

  7. I watch Haven--it seems one of the episodes was pulled because it featured a high school massacre, so there was a bit of a break in the story.

    OMG, Kevin looks SUPER HOT!! I swear, he didn't age a day, he must be a vampire LOL!!

  8. I remember Amanda Barrington. When i first heard Alison's name i was thinking of Mrs. Barrington and was more than a little confused.

    I watch Haven. It's filmed not far from where I live.

    Kevin does look good. I should age as well. lol

    I've never watched Port Charles so I'm finding this really weird. They said no vampires and Lucy's supposedly delusional. How can more than one person have the same delusion? That woman came in and called John Caleb, and Sam Libby. Are we suppose to assume that there are two people out there who look exactly the same as them? That's too stupid for me.

    Are we also to assume that kevin really thinks Lucy's delusional or is he hiding something too? I can't see how they're going to redeem this storyline.

    And how egotistical is that Sonny. He figures Connie is just going to give in to him if he gives her a good snog and offers to bed her? Even crazy Connie isn't that stupid. He got what he deserved today.

  9. The whole vampire thing is starting to confuse me now. They really should have just kept it superficial and fun, I think.

    Speaking of Amanda Barrington and her granddaughter, remember that she also has a grandson, Mikey. He was the kid that Ric and Leslie Webber adopted and then they later found out he was actually a Barrington. He left town with his dad (Amada's soon) I think and has not been heard of since. I always thought they should have brought him back. Has this Alison chick ever mentioned him? They should be half siblings or cousins or something.

  10. Anyone else questioning if this is really Kevin....could it be Ryan? I'm getting the same vibe as I did when Duke came back and we all know how that turned out!

  11. WOW! The first 10 minutes of today's show were great: 1) Tracy's necklace-wowzers!
    2) Alice's purse-LOL!
    3) Alison-Yay, but where's Rafe, Sr.?
    4) Kevin-he DOES look great after all these years.

    But the rest of the show...meh.

  12. I've forgotten more than I remember of PC. I liked the show a lot--until they turned it into a vampire thing and that made me tune out. It was a last ditch attempt to save the show, but vampires in PC had nowhere to go and it was canceled.

    I recall some wonderful scenes before I tuned out, with Jed Allen and the wonderful actor who played Carl on AW. (Hate when names elude me!) Anyway Jed was God and Carl was the Devil abd they had these arguements over the fate of PC. I adored Jed Allen on SB and still miss seeing him.

    Amanda Barrington (movie actress Ann Jeffries) was on GH for a few years as a wealthy member of the hospital board whom Steve Hardy often had to win over to get her vote. She would swoop in dressed to the nines for a board meeting. I think Ann's role was not a contract one, but she was on many times. When PC started, she moved to that soap as Allison's grandmother, still very snooty and wealthy, but a more filled-out character. Ann was a singer and she and husband Robert Sterling starred together on the very successful TV series "Topper'.

    Rafe was blonde, blue-eyed, and after PC the actor was on another soap for a few years.

    It was so good to see Kevin again and I think he is hanging around. I'm hoping the hospital hires him--they need a shrink. Not just for Lucy, but for Connie and even Todd and Heather!

    Loving this show right now--and today was so good. I was thinking as I watched what a difference a year makes. Now we have multiple stories, overlapping or joined or building from one to another. Many characters interacting with interesting results. GH has done a complete turn-around and is finally one again the best soap on the air. Been a long time since we could say that, but this year had changed everything.

  13. I think this show has D.I.D. Is it OLTL or Port Charles or Buffy? I just wish they would all go away.

    I am liking the cast integration but am hating the choppy storylines.

    I wish if they were bringing back a Barrington it was not for a vampire story and to kill her off. The Barrington's have a long history with the Quartermaines and the Hospital. Why not have Monica invite the long lost family friend to move into the Q mansion? Perhaps she could remind her of her daughter Dawn. Why not have the Barrington girl be a corporate type instead of some vampire beleiving lunatic...have her go to work at ELQ. Perhaps start up a romance with AJ, or heck, have a relationship with Michael so we can say goodbye to Starr.

    I HATE what they have done to Lucy's character. Perhaps this character assination was started on Port Charles but they did not need to carry it over to GH. Not ALL GHers watched Port Charles (or OLTL, urgh). Lucy was always whacky but totally, this is character assination.

    Then again these writers seem to take writing for the disney channel seriously. There are more GH characters living in Ferncliff now then there are in the Q mansion. Speaks to the cartoon this show has become.

  14. The vampire thing needs to go away. I slight nod to it would have been fine. BUT this is too much. Lucy should have just had a reaction to McBain, call him Caleb, then realize that it was not him. End of story.

    I watch PC during the Vampire days that was more than enough.

    Kevin looked great, but they need to abandon this whole vampire story line ASAP.

  15. I agree with Andrea - this vampire stuff, and I love vampires, needs to go away. Just makes no sense and is wasting time that should be spent on other stuff. We don't need Allsion and yet another kid here. I do remember the original Ms. Barrington - quite an elegant lady. This cast is just growing too much. I can't believe that tiny, aging greaseball Sonny tried to sway Connie by offering himself to her. What an ego! Loved seeing Kevin but I don't like Lucy being crazy. And nice to see him reunite with Alexis.

  16. AntJoan, the episode that Nolan North, the guy from PC, was on aired the week before the show was preempted due to the Newtown shooting. He was the guy that woke up from the coma and put everyone else into one as a result. The two that were delayed aired on 1/17 as a 2 hour season finale.

    Friscogh, I understand where you're coming from, but that "cartoon" has officially been taken off of the cancelation bubble because of the changes the new team has made over the last year. I imagine a lot of people considered the 80s rather cartoonish and look how beloved those stories are now.