Thursday, January 3, 2013

Car Crash Crazy

I'm not in today, I'm taping the show-- let me know how those AIRBAGS FLY!!

Also, a few ?? for you to answer:


What does Sam do all day besides break into safes?

What did Mac do on NYE?

Where's Felicia?

If you could gift Sonny one thing, what would it be?

Do you think Morgan will turn serial killer for being ignored for so many years?

What song will play when Nurse Betty "turns pretty"??

Who has the highest car insurance in Port Charles?

If Steve Burton goes to Y&R will Bradford Anderson Follow?

How cold/warm is it where you are?

Will you see Franco in "OZ"??!


AntJoan said...

Karen, I think that your questions were mostly rhetorical, but I'm feeling compelled to answer a few of them.

Sam takes care of her kid, I guess. I don't care where Felicia is, I just want her to come back!! My gift to Sonny would be one night with me!! It is FREEZING here in Brooklyn (that does not relate to my prior sentence, it's just an answer to one of your questions).

I think that the car crash is a very sad way to start the New Year.

CareyN said...

What does Sam do all day besides break into safes?--She must be at the gym and/or juice fasting to stay that skinny.

What did Mac do on NYE?--Nursed Flea thru her Rubella

Where's Felicia?--In bed with rubella?

If you could gift Sonny one thing, what would it be?--Some liquor he doesn't like so I can have it back later! (I remember the epi where Spin gave Sonny that bottle of Schnapps and it made me love the writers even more because they weren't the writers then!!)

Do you think Morgan will turn serial killer for being ignored for so many years?--Who??? (j.k, no, if he comes back I bet it'll be the "Michael wants to join the business story" all over again.)

What song will play when Nurse Betty "turns pretty"??--Something tells me it'll be a kinda nothing-special song (like when Kristina tried on all those prom dresses) since Sabrina is kinda nothing and is kinda going nowhere. (Altho I did like her a lot yesterday, but I like anyone in a scene with Emma.) But if Lucy is doing the making over, I dunno, I'd love to hear Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?

Who has the highest car insurance in Port Charles?
Carly? Right?? She's always saying what a bad driver she is. Or maybe Luke, for the hit and run!

If Steve Burton goes to Y&R will Bradford Anderson Follow? --Oh NO!!!!! I hope not. I want to see some forbidden Milo/Spinelli lovin'!

How cold/warm is it where you are? --Honestly, I'm in SoCal and it's only currently 38 degrees...high of 65 today. I'm in a coat, gloves (fingerless so I can type), scarf, leggings under my slacks. I'm a huge wuss.

Will you see Franco in "OZ"??!--I thought I would because it looked like a cool story, but I saw the trailer when I went to see The Hobbit, and it didn't look as good as I expected it to.! Oh, and if you haven't seen Les Mis...GO! Go now. Bring tissues. Incredibly done and I didn't have very high expectations for it.

OK!! Obviously a slow day at the office so thanks to any of you who read this all the way through. Oh, and Happy New Year my Wubby friends!

divaofdfw said...

I want those monkey cupcakes. I don't care what Sam does as long as she's not on my screen. I'm guessing Mac probably worked on NYE at the Floating Rib. ;) I miss Felicia, I wonder what's really wrong with Kristina Wagner? It seems to me like she was supposed to be in story and they had to give her something to explain why she wasn't there. It's all very odd.
Also do you think Robert/Anna/Duke are hitchhiking home or something? You'd think they would have called their only grandchild for Christmas.

Elizabeth Gunther said...

What does Sam do all day besides break into safes?--She's probably sitting at home, crying over the fact that Jason's gone and plotting revenge.

What did Mac do on NYE? Sat at home wondering when he'll get a storyline again.

Where's Felicia?--Sitting at home wishing it was the 80s.

If you could gift Sonny one thing, what would it be?--A jail cell.

Do you think Morgan will turn serial killer for being ignored for so many years?--Nah, he never showed any signs.

What song will play when Nurse Betty "turns pretty"??--I Feel Pretty :)

Who has the highest car insurance in Port Charles?
No one. They're all equally bad drivers.

If Steve Burton goes to Y&R will Bradford Anderson Follow? --Hell, no.

How cold/warm is it where you are? --Freezing here in Queens.

Will you see Franco in "OZ"??!--Nope. I cannot stand The Wizard of Oz and I also HATE Franco.

sonya said...

Car crash: Poor Ellie!!! :( She is laying on the ground and she knows exactly what is happening to her body. Meanwhile Starr looks over the cliff and sees Connie hanging around. ROFL! Come on Starr you gotta save her! You can't let her die! Johnny pops up thanks to Michael who saved him from the trunk! Johnny admits to Starr, HE WAS THE ONE WHO SHOT OUT ANTHONY'S TIRES AND KILLED HER FAMILY! Johnny saves Connie, and Starr slaps Johnny hard OUCH! Meanwhile Kristina is unconcious and Trey does a pathetic mouth to mouth on her ROFL! Michael finds Ellie's phone AND Ellie!!! YAY! Trey later passed out! OH OH!

The hospital: Maxie had a miscarriage and thinks it's because she fell because of chasing the dog. Britch says no it's because it just wasn't viable. Meanwhile Spinny is on the roof drunk and hurt. He thinks Ellie doesn't want to be with him and it's over. Maxie shows up all upset blaming herself for the miscarriage. Spinny has no idea what happened to Maxie, but is trying to be supportive.

Maxie and Ellie's home: Lulu with her hooker dress is with Dante and they are looking for Maxie. The dog isn't even there! Where did the doggie go? Did the doggie leave? :( Maxie and drunk out of his mind Spinny show up. Maxie is telling Lante about everything that happened to her. Lulu asks about the baby. Drunk Spinny says the wee one is fine. Maxie keeps her mouth shut. Lante leave, and Maxie asks herself what the hell just happened!!! Drunk Spinny asks where is Ellie? Maxie is crying. They kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick's home: Patrick and Sabrina are about to kiss when Britch calls!!! Then after the phone call, Sabrina says she is leaving. Patrick says he is going to pay her for babysitting. First he says he is going to say goodnight to his daughter. Can you say Awkward?!!?! Sabrina waits and waits and waits, when Britch shows up in a long coat and NOTHING ELSE! She is naked! Stupid Britch opens up her long coat cus she thinks it's Patrick opening the door. Sabrina opened it! STUPID BRITCH! Emma could have opened the door you slut! Be careful. Your desperate is showing! She wants to know what Sabrina is doing there. Sabrina says Patrick is going to pay me. Britch gives her the money and kicks her out!!! Patrick shows up looking for Sabrina. Britch is all like three guesses what I am wearing under the coat! She is about to take off the coat, when Patrick stops her! :) YAY! He talks about how his daughter is a light sleeper, and even if she isn't, it's not good for her to see Britch in the morning. HA! Go away you desperate bitch!

Todd's place: Todd and Carly are gonna have sex!!!! :) Damn Todd is hot! Carly asks Todd what if Blair shows up and wants you back! Todd says he will be vindicated and that he will tell Blair it's over. HA LIAR! :)

Dr Linda said...

Todd & Carly - HOT. One of the sexiest kisses I've seen on soaps (against the door). Whoo...

Anonymous said...

What does Sam do all day besides break into safes?
Making Danny a quilt out of Jason's old black tshirts. Black leather trim of course.

What did Mac do on NYE?
Wrote up missing person descriptions for Robert and Anna.

Where's Felicia?
She decided to go back to her PI roots and investigate the cold case of "where the hell is Bobbie"? Flea tracked her to the secret closet. They are now both stuck inside it. Narnia?

If you could gift Sonny one thing, what would it be?
Trip to electric chair. Visit for ghosts of girlfriends he abused in the past.

Do you think Morgan will turn serial killer for being ignored for so many years?
After seeing his faher inflict hurt on everyone around him and his mother constantly self destruct, Morgan became a therapist. He returns to Port Charles to take a job at GH. He brings his boyfriend home with him.

What song will play when Nurse Betty "turns pretty"??
Do snore sounds qualify as a song? If not, then KD Lang's Constant Craving.

Who has the highest car insurance in Port Charles?
Christina. She is a minor so probably a second driver on either Sonny (click boom) or Alexis (hit and run) insurance

If Steve Burton goes to Y&R will Bradford Anderson Follow?
I'd rather see one of St. Jasus's other disciples - MB or SR - follow him. I'd like to see Spinelli get his own storyline seperate from Maxie. Perhap's explore whether or not Spinelli has Asperger's.

How cold/warm is it where you are?
Cold enough to freeze the nuts off a brass fronkey

Will you see Franco in "OZ"??!
HELL to the NO

Andrea said...

Carly asnd Todd!!!!!!!!!! Hot Hot Hot

Maxie and Spin Love it, but poor Ellie.

Loved when Connie slapped Johnny.

Patrick and Brit, Don't like her Waaaaay to pushy, but I can see why Patrick wants to get a hotel room with her. SLUT, and it has been a long time for him.

Dante is going to be so upset, How long are they going to drag this one out? Are they going the Maxie gets pregnant with Spin's kid, and doesn't tell Dante that she lost the baby and they think that "Baby Maxelli" is theirs????

CareyN said...

Andrea, good question about the Maxie/Lante kid. I think it was yesterday that someone commented on here that Britch was in such a hurry that maybe she misdiagnosed Maxie. It's also possible, as happens a lot with IVF, that more than one egg was fertilized and implanted. And since Maxie was heavily-hormone-dosed, she may still be ovulating also. I always suspected Olivia's vision of the dog meant Maxie was gonna have a litter! So maybe she'll have twins, and one will be the Lante baby and one will be a Spixie baby! I know the writers loved this sort of "twins with different parents" stories at OLTL... :)

kdmask said...

OMG THIS BABY STORY is going to be IT for me. HAVING SEX the night you miscarry.
UMMMM NOOOOOOOOOOOO. NO no no that's ICKY EWWNIE. I hate this story.

AND Anna's passport's gonna run out soon. lol

Thx for the answers!

AntJoan said...

Karen, I thought that if you miscarry, you have to get some procedure done, like a scraping or something? Or do they just send you home? Anyone know?

dar said...

I think that since she was only a few weeks pregnant they might not need to do a d & cNormally with early a miscarriage she probably wouldn't even have known she was pregnant.

Question for OLTL fans : was Todd a one woman kind of character or a bimbo-banger like Sonny?

CareyN said...

Hey Dar, Todd is a rapist. He raped 2 women when he was in college. It was presumed there were more. There were at least 2 more attempts on screen. After that, (and after a looooong redemption story and people loving Roger H's acting!!) Todd hooked up with an equally loser-esque character....Blair. Their first love scenes were crazy because RH acted them almost as if Todd had been a rape victim. (Turns out he had been horribly abused physically, sexually, verbally, and emotionally by his adopted father.) Blair was the only woman he was with for a long time. After their nasty break up, he paid Tea to marry him, and even when she threw herself naked at him, he didn't sleep with her. (In fact, he tossed her naked out into the hallway. If you can find a youtube clip of that, it's intense and heart breaking and basically really f*d up.) Of course, they did eventually have sex. Then he was kidnapped and presumed dead for 8 years. After his homecoming, he and Blair had sex once. McBain busted up their afterglow to arrest him...hence the animosity. So, technically, Todd's only had sex one time in about 9 years. And on OLTL, he'd only been with 2 women (consensually).

LSV422 said...

This car crash was reminiscent of the bus crash a few years ago where Krissies' friend seemed fine and then got to the hospital and died. I was really hoping it was Krissie this time. I thought KS has done a really lovely piece of work this week - she has really shown the vulnerability of Maxie beautifully, and I love those curls. Todd and Carly were hot but I find RH to be an excellent actor but rather creepy and unattractive. Like her much better with Jax. Brit is an idiot - what if Emma answered the door? Didn't like the almost kiss with Sabrina - she looks fourteen and acts even younger. Can't wait for the Scorpios to get back. And as for the car insurance, let's not forget Alexis!!!

sonya said...

CareyN says Todd is a rapist. He raped 2 women when he was in college.
No he only raped 1 woman in college! Marty Saybrooke!

Cosmoetica said...

Luke raped his future wife, and Sonny raped Karen Wexler and numbers of nameless strippers he drugged to have sex with. Rapists find haven in Port Charles.

CareyN said...

Hey Sonya, I'm pretty sure the prosecution at Marty's trial had another college girl on the stand who said she'd gone on a date with Todd and he had raped her. He was kinda "Big Man on Campus", playing football, etc., and it was implied there were other girls who just weren't willing to testify. Probably the defense (Nora) discredited the witness, but I'm almost positive there was another girl.

Cosmoetica said...

It definitely was implied that Todd had a series of prior rapes, which was why Nora threw his case.

Incidentally, Carey, Luke's backstory was that he was a contract killer for Frank Smith, so I always find it odd when people claim they want Luke to go back to the romantic Luke of the 80s, since that was the whitewashing of the character after he raped Laura, although the whitewash of Sonny's date rapist past continues.

CareyN said...

Yeah, Cosmo, I agree about the whitewashing. I didn't watch GH in the Luke and Laura heyday, but it seemed they tried to turn Luke from mob henchman to action adventure lead. I don't know if there was any sort of redemption story?

Todd got a series of pretty remarkable redemptions, and (on OLTL at least) was always tortured by what he'd done to Marty. From what I understand that was per RH's request. He didn't want women "swooning" over Todd because he thought Todd was terrible! RH played that so well on OLTL that you were always reminded he was a horrible person, but that he also felt horrible about himself. He tried again and again to make amends, and even after Marty forgave him, he never forgave himself. Nobody's really seeing that on GH tho....

As for Sonny...I have NO idea what the appeal is there!?!? OK, MB is frikkin hot, but Sonny is a smarmy self-centered git. He's a serial his job!!! (Again, didn't really watch GH back then much, only the L&L2 and Four Musketeers stuff, so I don't know if Sonny ever got a redemption story...maybe his manic depression? ) To me, the mob stuff is the worst storyline crutch and I'm really glad the new regime hasn't had to lean on it since they started.

(Sorry I'm so chatty everyone!! This is my slow season at work!)