Monday, January 28, 2013

Kleenex and Afrin

Yep...still sick. And I'm SICK of it. Last week it was a sinus headache and stuffiness all week-- and NOW it's a full blown stupid head cold. Which, as a speech therapist makes my life miserable. I can't fake talking non-stop all day!! 

"Single Nurses' Night Out" go Felix, we need some stuff to wake us up. MILO and FELIX!! ahaha, fun talk and NAUGHTY at their table. All the convos at the Star were fun. REALLY FUN. Wait until Felix offers Milo some.... ;) 

Soleto mention.  Michael finds evidence that Tracy used mob money.  Come on now, Michael can't  find his SHOES let alone evidence.  They are totally blackmailing her.  She signs over to AJ.
THEN she goes to Connie to print the mob money story in the SUN so NO ONE  gets ELQ!!

Krissy with a bat. Fancy that!! noooooooooooooooooooooooo she WACKS THE ORBS OF DOOM in Todd's office.  That's one UP THERE!  she killed it!! 
She tackles Connie and Connie calls the cops. Xtina looked like some zombie stalker with a breathing problem.

Stupid Britt..and thank Goodness Anna walks by..hope she slugs her.  Emma's missing. 

ACCESS HOLLYWOOD photos!! Frisco's back!


bumchickabowbow said...

SQUEEEE! He looks good :)

JPink said...

Wow he looks fantastic. Still hot after all these years! And so much better than on DWTS!

Bookworm said...

The scenes with Felix et al were cute, but I couldn't help remembering when Liz would go out with Robin, Emily Lainey, etc. And now she's reduced to Sabrina and Felix? Give that girl a mature storyline, stat!

I love Tracy and I love AJ. I want them both to win. I love Jane Elliot's jacket.

Carly and Kristina scenes made me cringe. I'm not a bit MB fan, but in a scene with these two he looks like Olivier.

Bookworm said...

Oops, meant to say Connie and Kristina.

Andrea said...

So excited for Frisco!!!!!!!

At least Xtina killed the "blooming Onion Art Orbs" The only contribution she had to the scene. Yikes can we relace her already.

It was funny at the bar today, but I'm with Bookworm - Liz needs an adult story line. Pronto! They should have put HER with Patrick. Then I might give a crap about this storyline. Don't like either Sabrina (too stupid to realize she only has a crush) OR Brit (just a slut).

Lulu is annoying. Everything is about her her her.

So Maxie is going to lie for 9 months - THEN give her and Spinelli's baby to Lante? Really?

Jane Elliot is so awesome. I'm so happy they gave her a major storyline.

sonya said...

Awww poor Karen!! Take Zycam!!! It will make you feel so much better!!!! :)

Haunted Starr: What the hell are you wearing Lulu?!!! A hooker summer outfit?!!?! :) Aren't you cold?! The Felix, Liz, and Sabrina scene was GREAT!!! :) I see Milo's nipples through his sweater! YUM! :) Max is disappointed that him and Liz aren't on a date ROFL! And wants her to see a mole he has! ROFL! Liz you are a nurse! Stop acting grossed out!!! She tells him to go see a doctor! I wonder which doctor. Dr. Britch? :) Meanwhile Felix flirts with Milo, and Milo is so oblivious!!! Felix actually had to spell it out for him! S-E-X! ROFL! Milo spits out his drink hahahaha! Great Felix and Milo scenes! Spinny tells Sabrina that he slept with Maxie, while hooker Lulu overhears and freaks out!!!! Lulu scolds Maxie and Maxie feels really bad about it. Gee Lulu, no finger wagging?

Q office: AJ and Michael are blackmailing Tracy! GREAT STUFF!!! :) Tracy is trying to make Michael feel bad! Oh come on Tracy! You would do the same thing!!!

Kelly's: Emma is gone. Patrick is freaking out, while Dr Britch feels nothing at all. Anna wants to know what made her just leave. If Dr. Britch and Emma got along. Dr. Britch says oh we got along great! UGH!

Hospital: Ellie and Steve had a nice heart to heart about forgiveness and mistakes. Awww! :)Spinny shows up and Ellie isn't ready to forgive him, but she says she loves him and they will work it out. Awww so sweet!!! Altho the bus might hit you again Ellie!! Cus Spinny loves Maxie!

Pier: Sabrina is walking around looking brokenhearted! Geez she is acting like Patrick and her dated and they broke up! Oh there is Emma! :)

Manning Enterprises: Oh no Karen!!! The poor ORB!!! :'( Why did it have to die why?!!?!! :( WOW Krissy is out of control today!! I love it!!!! :) Sonny walks in and stops her! He finally is able to take the bat, and when he and Krissy were leaving, Connie calls her a psycho!! Krissy runs and attacks her!!!! :) GREAT STUFF! :)

Di said...

The overacting in the scene betwen Krissy and Connie was nauseating. IMHO I FF'd through the heavy breathing and wierd eyes from both of them.

I'm also getting sick of the overabundance of mental problems in this show lately. We've gone from Mobsville to Loonyville, and it's not an improvement. Too much of anything is too much.

Did anyone else feel like slugging Lulu today? What business is it of hers if Maxie had sex? Having sex doesn't harm a fetus, and screaming out someone's personal business in a crowded room is beyond rude. I'm getting tired of her stalker mentality too.

I thought the scenes with Felix and Milo were hilarious. Milo was so

And I agree about the Liz/Max pairing. They need to find that woman a mature fun person to date and give her a storyline.

Tracy was great today but talk about shoting yourself in the foot. She's going to ruin ELQ? Why not burn the papers and go fight to get it back. I just can't see her destroying something that meant so much to her father.

And I wouldn't tell Connie what time it is, let alone something that volatile. Who in their right mind would? That being said - Jane is awesome in vengeance mode.

love2chat402000 said...

Ridiculous that Liz is reduced to being paired with Max. Sad. Sorry for RH. As much as I love Rebecca Herbst, I hope she finds work elsewhere as she definitely is not valued. She did look fantastic in her dress, though!

enriquejimenez said...

All I could think of during the Kristina scenes, besides her awful acting, was 'Karen's not gonna like this' when she destroyed the orb.

btw Karen, I also have the same symptoms as you.I'm very sick. Maybe we've been drinking the same Port Charles Pathogen flavored water. Ha!

AntJoan said...

Yes, yes, Lulu's boobs/dress and Milo's nipples--totally noticed!!

sonya said...

AntJoan said...Milo's nipples--totally noticed!!
Take off that shirt Magic Milo!!! :) Altho, wait until Felix leaves ROFL!

Anon said...

FRISCO!!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Mr. Shmekel said...

Today's episode was terrible. Maxie is beyond stupid and this bouncing back and forth with Ellie and Spinelli is dizzying. 100% stinky.

cooks7570 said...

So Lulu should not be worried about her best friend who is carrying her baby. Don't forget Maxie is Carrying Spins baby and lieing to Lulu about the baby.I thought Lulu looked cute in the dress. I just hate that their making Lulu look bad.

CareyN said...

I love Lulu's dress! She looked beautiful, as did Becky. Sigh. I do agree that she deserves a good meaty story and I'd love to see her with Patrick. Oh, and does he ever make me cry!!! Poor Patrick with missing Emma....I loved how he pushed Britch away when she tried to comfort him. Truly hoping that this is the END of that unfortunate relationship/storyline.

I don't really like that Michael jumped on the AJ train so quickly, but Chad is such an outstanding young actor that I'll pretty much buy anything he sells. You can see Michael's conflicted about all this. He's young and he's always been surrounded by manipulators, so I can see how he gets sucked in, but then stops and thinks about things and sees that they aren't quite right.

And Krissy. Forget it. Although when she was swinging that bat I did scream, "NO! NOT THE PROPS!" She coulda knocked Connie's head off and I wouldn't have cared...but the cork ball?? Not the cork ball!! At least it wasn't Badger Bob, I guess...

LSV422 said...

Di, I agree about Xtina and Connie -the actresses were so bad it was laughable. The Haunted Star stuff was so funny. Lulu has absolutely no right to be involved in Maxie's personal life - is she supposed to sit at home and knit for 9 months? I don't even want to think about how and why Emma got to where Sabrina found her - she should have been trying to find the hospital. Jack W. looks great - can't wait to see him. And as anyone knows who has watched him on B&B, he has evolved into such a great actor.
Feel better Karen!!!

sonya said...

Frisco!!! YAY!!! Oh and Karen, when you put down Kleenex and Afrin, did you mean Asprin? :)

FriscoDances said...

Can't wait to see Frisco on GH again!!

FriscoDances said...

Can't wait to see Frisco on GH again!!

Di said...

Sonya, I think Karen is so congested that she can't say aspirin. lol