Wednesday, January 23, 2013



So I find out TODAY my progress reports are due TOMORROW!! I thought it was FEB!! Good lawd. 

Anyway, I had today's show on in the background but it seemed like not much going on. Luke/Duke/Anna,  Sonny and Cawnie (for the 99th time) wah wah... 
Spin/Ellie... Maxie not telling the truth yada yada.

PATRICK AND EMMA were the only thing I really wanted to watch lol

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sonya said...

Anna's office: Luke says he is in love with Anna!!!! Hahahahahha! Oh Luke you are adorable! You are not in love with Anna! Hey Luke, Laura is coming!!! So as soon as you see her, you will realize you are still in love with Laura! :) Anyway Duke is in love with Anna too. Anna is just a big ball of mess! She doesn't want the guys to push! So they won't.

The hospital: Olivia sees the doggie again! Maxie is having a Jackal Jr in her tummy! :) Oh man Ellie is PISSED OFF at Spinny for having sex with Maxie! And I think she just broke up with him AGAIN!

Kelly's: Poor Emma!!! That's right Emma! You tell daddy that you hate Dr Britch!!! Come on Sabrina! Grow up and be Emma's babysitter again, and be in the nurses ball act with them!

Connie and Johnny's place: Connie really really REALLY wants Sonny to see HER and NOT Kate!!! She has feelings for Sonny. :)