Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If Port Charles Were Storybrook


What IF...

Cartini was going to offer us an alternate universe--ala "Once Upon A Time"--everyone in PC is  really in amnesia of a character from somewhere else in time...
imagine if you will: 

McBain=Caleb (obviously) aka Edward
Sam-Livvy (obviously) aka Belle
Lucy=Slayer (obviously) aka Buffy 

Patrick: Prince  Charming
Robin: Jasmine
Max: The Genie 
Liz: Snow White
Starr  : Grumpy 
Steven Lars: Dopey
Carly:   Wicked Witch of the West
Johnny Z: Big Bad Wolf 
Michael: Teen Wolf
Helena: Maleficent 
Faison: Rumpelstiltskin 
Molly: Belle
TJ:  Young Prince (with a symbol) 
Tracy: Queen of Hearts

Kristina: Sleeping Beauty
AJ: Heathcliff
Olivia: The Long Island Medium
Todd: Just for the ear factor: Dumbo
Connie: Both Ugly Step Sisters
Sonny: Chef guy in Lady in the Tramp
Cameron: Pinocchio 
Alan: Jacob Marley
Coleman: Gaston
Alexis: Natasha of Bullwinkle
Nurse Betty: Ugly Duckling
Dante: The Huntsman
Diane: Ursula
Ellie: Timone
Laura: Bo Peep
Spinelli: Mr. Limpet 
Luke: Silver Surfer 
Lulu: Mulan 
Duke: King Arthur
Anna: Guinevere 
Milo: The Gingerbread Man 


  1. I think Kristina is more like one of the rock eaters from The Neverending Story than Sleeping Beauty.

    laughing my ass off at Steven Larzzz as Dopey.

  2. If Alan gets resurrected any time soon, he should become the King since technically he was Prince Charming at one time. ;)

  3. Before I even read it, I thought Liz as Snow White and Steven and Dopey!! Good one!!

  4. AH Larken!! You're so right!!

  5. So, Liz is Snow White and Patrick is Prince Charming. Poor Sabrina is never going to compete with that.

    Can Brit be the Wicked Witch of the East so someone can drop a house on her?

  6. Stuart Damon was a great Prince Charming, back in the day!

  7. How about if Port Charles were Downton Abbey? Who would be Lady Mary? The Dowager Countess? Mr. Bates? Lord Grantham? This could be fun.