Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"If There's NO BODY..."

He's not dead. Except on a soap.
Oh wait.

Diane was on.

Sam and Carly. "You're lying to yourself" ...and CARLY you yourself were presumed dead at least 2x...and Jax about three. SO What you talkin' bout Willis??!! 

Will she turn off the machine? WILL SHE??? Hmm, let me think. Sincei XTina isn't married to  him,  Cawnie gets to  choose.

Ellie and Spinelli..Maxie couldn't tell  him about losing the baby so she'll have to lie about the whole thing when she IS PG again.

Spin tells Ellie he was with Maxie tomorrow.

from Burton: 

Thanks for your support and understanding that gave me the best opportunity to keep my family in TN and still work. Much luv


Avalonn said...

I can't comment on the show because I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. This is in regard to Steve Burton, where does Y&R tape as opposed to GH? Seems odd because since Ron and Frank have taken over you would think SB would have had more time with his family. Before he was on everyday, last off we could go a week before we saw Jason. Anna has been gone how long and don't get me started on Tony Geary! This just seems like an excuse. Why not say, I just wanted to try something new and since I'm friends with JFP...The whole retiring to TN seemed off to me all along because he seems to ambitious to retire this early. Thoughts?

mybelle18 said...

Honestly I thought Steve Burton seemed to treat his fans badly. To say he wanted time off to be with his family and then not even weeks later he's off to another network and show. I say recast the character. He had to have reconstruction surgery due to being in the water to long or something.

friscogh said...

When Connie was on the phone trying to find a doctor for Trey she said something like "I don't care if he is in jail, if he can do the surgery, get him out." I wonder if she was talking about Matt?!
I felt like he was bery poorly written but if they wrote him well having Maxie's ex and Patricks brother return could be good.

Lori said...

Y&R tapes in California just like GH. My best guess would be that CBS offered Burton the ability to come in 1 week a month to block tape and he can spend the other 3 weeks in TN.

End of today's show Sam says "Jason give me a sign" and I thought "he gave you a sign yesterday when he said 'i'm joining Y&R' wasn't that enough of a sign?" lmao these are the things that go through my head some days!

Diane had the best line of the day "What do we have here? Two clients, 1 cell... mama smells a shopping spree"

Sara@iSass said...

I like your thinking; how about reconstructive surgery to hide him from the mob because he wants to lead a good life for Danny?

sonya said...

Oh Karen! That is a very creepy picture!!!! :)

Maxie and Ellie's apartment: Oh gee! Maxie confessing about the miscarriage to the delivery food guy. ROFL! Spinny wakes up, and oh it's kismet and that Spinny and Maxie are ment to be!!!! Oh but then Spinny listens to his message that says Ellie is in the hospital because of a car accident. And away he goes to see her! Spinny you are a confused man!!!! You don't know who the hell you want to be with!!!

The hospital: Awkward scene between Patrick and Sabrina. Joe Jr Jr Jr is brain dead. :( Damn!!!! The only person who can pull the plug is his mother. Connie doesn't want to do it!! She calls someone and wants a doctor our of jail. HUH?! Matt? David Hayward from AMC? :)

Sam's home: Oh good! A you are right and I told you so scene. :) With Jason is dead sprinkled in the middle. :(

Jail: Todd tries to show how much he loves Johnny by smothering him with a pillow ROFL! Dante shows up and interrupts it. Todd and his headstands ROFL! I am Todd Manning, and I have a daughter named Starr and a son name Jack, and a friend named Carly ROFL!

sonya said...

Lori said...End of today's show Sam says "Jason give me a sign" and I thought "he gave you a sign yesterday when he said 'i'm joining Y&R' wasn't that enough of a sign?" lmao these are the things that go through my head some days!
ROFL! Good one. :) I guess she missed the memo. :)

Avalonn said...

I got a nice chuckle at of Lori's comment too :D but, in regard to recasting Jason. I don't see Jason as anyone but, Steve Burton. And honestly, he's not needed on the show right now. Sam and McBain have crazy hot chemistry. It's just too soon to go ahead with them but, once a Jason mourning period is done....hot damn!!! And Liz and AJ appear to be in the future a potential hot damn ;) the show is more rounded and moving further from the mob story lines.Carly has Todd or will again and Sonny has Shawn. Done and done!

divaofdfw said...

I feel almost bad for Burton, apparently he hasn't watched YR to find out how badly that stunt casting has gone. They fired a perfectly capable actress to bring in Eden Riegel who was terrible and hated by much of the fanbase. Maura West came in as a bad recast and quickly left [I feel bad about that one but you can't recast a character who was around in the 70s with a 30 something actress, it just doesn't work]. Genie Francis, Tristan Rogers and Debbi Morgan came in and well, you get the drift. I kinda gave up on the show during the GF/TR story since it was just that bad. And it doesn't sound much better now especially with JFP at the helm. I have the feeling that right now it's a Jacob Young short of All My Children's pitiful last years.

Back to the show, Carly and Sam's scenes were actually really good despite my creepy factor of them having girl talk.
Another thing that tickles me about GH now is the extras. Yeah, we get flashbacks to pay for them, but it looks like a real town now! There was even another prisoner in the jail cells! When does that ever happen on a soap[except if there's more than one cast member in jail]? Of course, that explains why Todd and Johnny got put in the same cell in the first place.
At least will see Anna today. Thank the soap gods.