Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Look At Us...Here We Are Again"....

Mac and Lucy..and Outback mention!! LOL... nice.. Love them. You know Lucy and Flea were BFFs. Tracy walks in!! Yeah!! Lucy tells her she wants to be CEO of ELQ in order to give  her  the votes.heh.

Trey on a tube. It's way louder than that in real life.
Connie whistling sounded so fake. 

They should have had her say some things to him when he was alive because this is hollow. I love how she's yelling at him. He's not DEAF..he's in a COMA.  LOL
Then she goes to the Rib to drink. She might get AJ a drink.

BTW, Xtina's non acting RUINED some of today's scenes. UGHHHHHHH. 

Alexis tears into AJ for taking Kristina so long ago.. at least he's taller than Alexis now. 

Liz sees AJ and fixes her HAIR! funny. They are going in with the AJ/Liz stuff. 


BOY do I hate NURSE BETTY'S CRAP!  Seeing them in the shower is like so grade-school. Patrick is 33. Come on now. It's pointless too because we aren't going to root for anyone knowing that Robin is alive. 

To all who asked about Mac & Robert, Mac was on the phone w/Holly at the top of today's show before Lucy walked in but it got cut for time.


Matthew said...

I think Sabrina's look is making her look younger. The actress, who plays her, Teresa Castillo looks older without the glasses and ponytail based on her IMB picture(or her post makeover picture)

Matthew said...
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Andrea said...

Kristina needs to be recast. It is painful to watch her scenes. Maybe if they cut her out of today's show we would have had time to see the Mac/Holly phone call.

I wish they did this thing with Patrick differently. They should have done away with Dr. Bitch. and had Sabrina help Patrick and baby sit for him and becaome real freinds with some sexual tension. THEN had Robin come back, there would have been a good story there. Even though Patrick would have dumped Sabrina on her butt in 2 seconds.

Instead we have these two women fighting over Patrick, and he is not really interested in either of them. And I have no idea why Brit is even trying to get Patrick. She HATES his child and has no sympathy for him losing his wife. She just wants to sleep with him for some reason. Clearly she does not want a relationship with him because that would have to include Emma. Her character is just shoved in there.

kdmask said...

yes, they could have left the phone call in and cut Kristina's scenes

sonya said...

Jail: What the heck is Connie whistling? :)

The floating rib: Mac and Lucy scene YAY!!!! :) Great scene. Lucy brought up the outback!! :) Mac tells her that he is back with Felicia. And I was waiting until Mac asks her if she is with Kevin!! But he didn't!!!! Awwww! :( Lucy wants to be CEO of ELQ!!! Hahahah love it!

The hospital: Yeah Liz! You make Sabrina wake up about Britch! Damn Sabrina! How old are you? 14!?!?!! Meanwhile WestBritch and shirtless Patrick is talking at the lockers. She says you need to take a shower. Patrick takes a shower, when WestBritch is all naked and they have sex in the shower! Oh Westbrich! Did you forget the rule at GH?! Fraterization is a NO NO! Right?!!? 14 year old Sabrina goes to find Patrick and walks in on them having sex in the shower! She goes running off crying and hiding all over the place! I feel like I'm watching a high school rather than a hospital with professionals!!! AJ and Liz have a nice chat. :) Alexis and AJ scene was very strange. Alexis says Sonny is a better man and father than AJ?!!?! HUH?!!?!?! Alexis are you high?!!?!?! Drunk?!!?!?!! The Connie and Joe Jr Jr Jr's scene was great!!! Connie says she can't let him die. Umm Connie? He is already dead!!!! I was ready for Joe Jr Jr Jr to scare the crap out of Connie and grab her arm ROFL!

The floating rib: OH OH! AJ is there! And double oh oh Connie is there too!!! She is drinking and wants to buy AJ a drink!!!! :) Woah reminds me of AJ and Carly years ago!!!!

sonya said...

Karen!!! A Mac and Holly phone call that was cut because of time? :( Damn!!! :(

franny said...

The only part of the show today that was great is the lucy and Mac part. I just dont like when the show give so much time to irritating kristina or sabrina story line.
When are they going to write a great story for elizabeth, is it me or Liz is becoming a supporting character then a lead?

RedSoxFaninVA said...

I agree about the Britt/Sabrina story. How old is Sabrina supposed to be and why does everybody (except Liz) take whatever Britt says to be the gospel truth? Patrick is really being dumbed down for this story. One would think he would be smart enough to see right through Dr. WestNile.

Also agree on the MIA Anna/Robert/Duke/Faison story. It came back yesterday only to disappear again today. I especially miss Robert. Time to wake him up and get him back on screen already!

AbsoluteLunatic said...

AJ & Liz made me smile. Like, huge grin. :-)

Avalonn said...

I'll second that! I'm rooting for a Liz/AJ pairing. Can't believe Patrick slept with Britch!! I was hoping he'd get a flashback of showering at the hospital with Robyn and push her away but, nooooooo!!!
Connie actually made me cry today, Kristina made me cringe, soaps are still using that crappy mascara and AJ is eyeing the vodka, again nooooo!

sonya said...

Avalonn said...soaps are still using that crappy mascara
You mean the kind where it runs down your face when you cry? That is just old school and I love it! :)

Love4dogs said...

If Maxie turns out to be pregnant, that will be really dumb. Vampires would be more realistic. I find it pretty unfathomable that one would miscarry and conceive in the same evening.