Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Surgery: Wooden Splinters

Well, love it or hate it, GH was a carnival of fun delusion this week!! Chair-leg stabbing, crazy courtroom antics, Heather Webber, wiggling toes, Turkish prisons and miracle pregnancies abounded!! 

Grab your Clozapine and garlic, sit scrub up and sit down!! 

AJ certainly got lip-service this week! Both Connie and Carly were rightthere -- Connie of course, to make Sonny jealous and Carly? Well, Carly was being Carly. I was surprised she didn't have vodka poisoning after downing 88 shots but watching her tear into Todd's wardrobe was grand. Buffy and the scissors!! 

Did anyone NOT see "Maxie you're already pregnant" coming?? Oh geesh.. it's going to get weird. We'll go for 9 months of her lying about the baby's origin, the angst of not telling, the birth--the guilt..the longing..the Spinelli reveal..then probably the back switch-back. Kind of like then Marci adopted Hope--and then Starr wanted her back. (that was a double-blind switch, but still giving up an adoptive baby) Wake me up When September ends. heh.

Great writing all around this week. Yes, the courtroom stuff was unbelievable but hey-- whatever. I loved Todd on the stand, trying to convince us he's damaged, but he's not in control. So TODD. *sigh* Heather and Lucy were pricelesss-- discussing "Whipped Innocence" in Ferncliff. Lucy realizing just who Heather is. heh.. Arguing about their sins against the Qs. 

Yes, he still has on the shirt he's had on since December 20th!! Rejoice in it's stench!! Todd shouldn't have asked to be beat up, he should have just wiffed the shirt!! OY! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: This was my favorite-- I just cracked up. Todd was like "Just your every day stake through the heart"... the whole thing in the hospital was fun, and Sam jumping on Todd's back, well..worth every penny!! 

NOT THE SCENE  OF THE WEEK: Look at NLG's face..says it all.  Lisa LoCicero is also in this scene. They must have been thrilled to be in it. @@ 

STUPID OF THE WEEK: Come on-- first of all Turkey is 8 hours ahead of the  USofA. And Lulu gets service in the lobby of some grungy prison--even able to text? Then she and Dante have some lame conversation about Maxie in the lobby. LOL.. it was random and not needed, imo. Did give me some good snark material. I'm still wondering how the PCPD is running without Anna, Dante and now McBain with the stab wound! The beret on the Turkish guard was also stylish. 

PROP PALOOZA this week!! I was in HEAVEN!!!!!! 

THE CHAIR LEG/STAKE: That's Lucy swinging that chair to get the leg off..because it will be a WOODEN STAKE!! That's the way you do it!!

THE SCISSORS: Not only were they an homage to Buffy, they also cut Carly's hair!! All hail the scissors!! 

JOHN'S SILVER CANE: Couldn't get a photo of him with it--but it boots his vampire factor up by 10!! 

LINE OF THE WEEK: I'll show him how fun I AM!! 

Um, let's call this FEAT OF THE WEEK!! 

What do you think of AJ and Carly? Potential?
Would you miss Todd if he left to go to CyberOLTL?
Do you think Ellie will walk soon? 
Did you like the shade of her nail polish?
Would you like to visit Turkey now after seeing Lante taking in the sights? 

NO GH ON MONDAY due to the Inauguration. Look for me in the back with my lobster wavin' high!!! I may have to wear a lobster gown to the ball :) heh.


  1. I'm intrigued by Carly and AJ but I'm still adjusting to Deacon. I soooo hope we don't lose Todd, John and Tomas (I'm still holding out for skylo but if that happens online ill watch

  2. I think Carly and this AJ have major chemistry. I would be sad if we lost Todd he is a reason to watch.I have skip everything Ellie is in she just annoys me so if she walks whatever. I have no desire to go to Turkey but it seems Turkey has better cell service then my home so maybe.

  3. This week was a lot of fun. I have been a huge fan of OLTL but now that John, Starr and Todd are in Port Charles I would miss them if they were gone.

    As for Carly and AJ I did see some chemistry and they look pretty good together.

    I've been to Turkey and it's quite nice. Of course I went so long ago that cell phones didn't exist at the time!

  4. I thought this week was uneventful unless you like Vampire stories.

    Yes Sam jumping Todd was funny, everything Todd is funny..he will be missed by this fan.....

    Carly & AJ are HOTT together. Wouldn't that make for a storyline??

    Wasn't Tomas hired to GH?? What ever happened to that?? He must be going to cyberspace.

  5. I'm loving Carly and AJ. They could be great together.

    OLTL can keep Starr. Todd needs to come back, he adds such life to the show. MCBain on the fence.

    ONE day of the vampire stuff was enough. They need to put an end to it now. I watched PC in its vampire days and that was fine, but it is NOT a GH thing. They should have just made a few comments and let it go.

    Xtina was just painfull to watch. They really need to find a new actress to play her.

    I'm not looking forward to the Maxie lying for nine months to everyone especially LANTE. It is just a mean thing to do.

    Patrick and Brit. Patrick looks like someone is making him date her. I just do not like her at all.

    It is tme for Nurse Ugle Betty's makeover. Her hair looks like a rats nest.

  6. Carly and AJ, do have chemistry, I have to admit. Plus, I LOVE his scenes w/Michael, as they look so much alike.

    I would miss Todd, he is really majorly funny, the rest can go, if they want.

  7. I like all the OLTL crossovers in GH and would really miss them. They all seem better at GH somehow. McBain is MUCH better on GH, possibly because he is Gnat-free here. Natalie was impossible to believe as his great love--he didn't convince me for a moment he could prefer Nat to Kelly! Kelly was goofy and fun and alive. Gnat was a dim bulb and made some of the worst possible choices and seemed to bring him down. He is already a bit of a gloomy gus, so seeing him laugh and have fun with Kelly enhanced him. He seems lighter on GH, too.

    I like Star better here, too. She seems smarter and she and Michael have a good 50/50 relationship. I never liked her with Cole. But she has usually been a wise kid.

    Todd, of course, has livened up the show and I feel free to like him abit--which I never did on OLTL. That is, I felt it was wrong to like some one so twisted and somehow he seems less evil here.

    It was amazing how AJ and Carly struck sparks! Now that would curl Sonny's hair!

    I like Ellie for Spinelli, but doubt it ends that way.

    It looked as if AJ was about to make a major mistake, taking on Heather and confiding in her at all! No No AJ! Beware!

  8. I didn't really feel the sparks between AJ and Carly. They have done so many bad things to each other, that it just wouldn't "feel" right to see them together... if that makes any sense. Honestly, Carly has gone from man to man. This year alone, didn't she have 3 love interests? She was crushing on Shawn, then Johnny, and now Todd. I think that RC should take a different approach and make her an independent woman for awhile and not trying to work out her male issues. RC did such a good job establishing strong female characters on OLTL. Maybe that's just my opinion.

    However, if there is one woman that needs a love interest, it is Liz!

    We'll see what happens.

  9. ITA about Carly, Liz, etc.

    On another note, I had a dresam last night about Sonny and Brenda, that I helped them get back together, and they ran away together, and I was so happy.

    However, Sonny dropped something, and when I ran after him to give it to him, I was in some sort of hotel where they were having a Christmas party!! I realized then that they must have taped this about 3 weeks ago (and, in my dream, I did figure out that Christmas was 3 weeks ago!), so that maybe this was a show, and not real life. I was upset, as I wanted it to be real life. As I handed the object back to Sonny, I wondered whether or not to call it a "prop."

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