Wednesday, April 19, 2017

That Turkish Woman

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Why? WHY? WHYYYYYYY? Human trafficking? New Edward dalliances? WHY? With all the stories in all the world to send Tracy out--WHY??   That Samira's eyes are fascinating in a freezer sort of way. 

Ok, so Julexis is what it is. I hope it's over now. They were great together but the writer's screwed them. I don't want to see someone with her tormentor. They had one last great sexcapade. Let it go.

Today's show. Brad's still mad. Tracy's going through Edward's stuff.. Carly's talking to Jax and Michael tells Sonny to get out of town because Carly's so angry.

Griffin is Finn's supervisor while he's on out-patient rehab.  He has to pee in a cup. Hayden's not talking to him until he's done with rehab. 

Curtis and Jordan are talking about a bowling ball in her apartment.  Isolation. oh! hell NO! TJ comes in!!  

Ok, so I have to leave early but sorry!  

I see they've gapped again with the "Anna" story-- making me care even less. 

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