Tuesday, April 25, 2017

From Bad to Boring

WELL...let's see. 

Laura is arguing with Tracy about letting Simara take the painting. I would think the Qs could just buy it. Oh well.  Simara faints (see below) 

Anna/Alex is on again. Listening at her computer. zzzzzzz. Nina picks up the watch, wonders about it. Val comes in with riding boots and says he bought Nina a horse. They run out, leaving the watch behind.  They are back in 2 min--- and start to have sex. Alex/Anna is still listening until Griffin interrupts. He wants to know why she hasn't had her blood treatment. She looks cagey..scared..then says she's having it done "privately" ... 

Hamilton Finn's pee came back positive. That could be a new musical: LOOK AT ME!! My PEE is.......POSITIVE NOT NEGATIVE..... Hayden's all pissed (ha ha get it?!! ) . He's like I AM NOT on drugs. Yada yada. 
They bring Samira in and Tracy wants Finn to treat her but he can't because he's suspended due to the pee.  They are afraid she's going to be deported if the staff finds out her visa is expired. 

Michael, Dante, Lulu and Nelle are all at the Floating Rib-- OMG... Lante are celebrating (and I'm totally serious here) "How LONG my first visit with Charlotte was" ...:eyeroll: 

END of the show: Valentin goes to visit Anna/Alex...she's all dressed up sexy like.. he wants to return the watch but she's all cute--don't go...yada yada 

The show was 2 and 2 people talking for the most part, scenes all under 2 min or so. I was so boring.
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