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Brief Monica Memories!

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I'm still not feeling great-- so I thought I'd do a little retrospective of Monica Quartermaine. So many people on Twitter didn't know that Monica actually slept with Ned back in the day, I thought I'd enlighten everyone!  Monica met Ned (who called himself Ward) at a spa where he was a tennis pro. The role was played by Kurt McKinney at that time. (Pictured above). Monica later finds out he's really Tracy's son. See the You Tube clip: 

No one knows she and Ned had an affair UNTIL THE WEDDING of Ned and Dawn (Monica's son) lol...Dawn finds out and calls it off. Whoops. 

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Triangle of Lust-- Alan, Monica and Rick 

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(Patsy Rhan) 

Leslie Charleson came on in 1977 after the role was played by Patsy Rhan for a brief time in 1976. This is the time I started watching GH after school.
There's a bunch of stuff going on--Monica was an orphan and Gail Baldwin fostered her. She came to GH with Jeff Webber, Rick Webber's brother. They were married after Rick was presumed dead when he went to Africa. 

You know what happened: Rick was stuff alive and Monica really loved him and not Jeff. They had an affair and Jeff found out (he was cheating with Heather at this time) and then they divorced. 

Oh Soaps were SO 'AFFAIR' driven back in the day!! 

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I remember Monica as Laura's confidant back when Laura first came on the scene. She'd carry her notebook into the cafeteria of GH (we didn't have backpacks then!!) and they'd sit and talk at a table together while Leslie got all jelly. 
Of course, Leslie was with Rick, who Monica still loved. Rick and she couldn't resist each other and basically had sex all over town under Alan and Leslie's noses. 
Alan tried to kill Monica and Rick once-- and it was great, they collapsed a whole roof for it.!!
There was a HUGE uproar over who AJ's dad really was, btw-- Monica wanted him to be Rick's. His bloodtype didn't match though (NO DNA back then!!). 

Anyway..the Monica I remember was epitome of the 70's woman: strong, career driven yet also very sexually free. This was  big deal back in the day. Hey, we were still a all a twitter about a show like "Three's Company" where a guy lived with 2 girls! (the horror!!)  

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Of course the whole Susan Moore thing came up then --when ALAN had an affair with her! (EVERYONE was screwing everyone back in the day) and Monica ended up raising Jason, Alan and Susan's son. 

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During all of this, Bobbie and Monica were either BFFs or enemies-- Bobbie slept with Alan. That's a whole OTHER story!! 
I do wish that in later years, they had kept the Monica and Laura connection. Monica helped Laura through the time of the rape because she herself was raped when she was in foster care. They got to be very close.  Would have been nice to continue that! 

The affairs on soaps used to be deep and rich. It was usually two conflicted people who were in love with each other (or deep lust) but also had loyalty and love for their significant others. Not a lot of One Night Stands or drugs used back then. 

Anyway, there's a brief glimpse into Monica's history!! 
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