Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Alien Day

It really IS Alien Day-- so let's celebrate GH's own Alien--Casey! Did you know this story came out after the movie "Starman" was a hit?? So, it was totally riffted off that!! 

Val and Alex/Anna...she's talking about when he carried her to the hospital. She is glad he got his operations to make his "outside match his inside" ..tall, straight and strong. VERY Bizarrre.  THEN She goes "Stay for champagne..." He says why?
"Because I can't live without it...there's always a time for champagne said Churchill" 

What a crappy story. Sorry, Love JPS and FH but this is just--bad.  

Carly and Michael are eating take out in the Q living room. Wearing black. ALL Black. She tells him about Jax being deported and to stay away from Nelle. 

Nina wants Nelle to spy on Val and Nelle says Nope.  She wants to take Nelle out drinking since Charlotte's gone. 

Bobbie tries to convince Sonny to go back to Carly--and make it work. Because, you know, he's such a good son in law. He tells Bobbie he has a lot of questions about Morgan's death (STILL UGHHHHHHH) and pulls out the pill bottle. They are talking and Lucy sees it. Goes "OH"!  But she covers herself and says to Sonny "I wasn't sure if you'd want to come to the Ball this year because of Morgan"...
BUT THEN says: I have to tell you something.  She doesn't though and Sonny goes to show the pills to Dr. Maddox. 

Ok, I had to leave at 2:44.  So..:) 

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