Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday Surgery: So Long To Tracy

This blog will be dedicated to the irreplaceable Jane Elliot who is departing her role of Tracy Quartermaine May 4th. Jane started the character in 1978 and although she's taken some breaks, Tracy's has been a staple in Port Charles for decades.
Jane has one Daytime Emmy, in 1980. 

David and I have found some choice clips for you to watch.  Tracy was a force of nature that was unstoppable. Jane's portrayal has been a joy to watch and she never phoned in a performance.  So as the Quartermaine house dwindles down to almost nothing, let's celebrate her legacy: 

A great place to start is with this interview by Kim McCollough (Robin) in 2008:

Lila and Tracy in a great moment after Dillon was born and still in the neonatal unit. (1992)

Tracy says Goodbye powerful and shows Jane's amazing range (1993)

Tracy tells Lulu she had an abortion (2006)

Perfect mix of Quartermaine fun and Tracy and Luke hijinks!Reading of Alan's will  (2007)

I couldn't find a stand-alone clip of her most famous scene,and I'm wondering if You Tube took it down. It was the one they showed Friday, with Edward on the floor begging Tracy for his pills. She refuses to give them to him and believes he dies. Now, why they didn't show the best part is beyond me! Edward pops up and isn't dead! It was glorious. Jane was stellar in that scene (as she is always).

Oh, you'll be missed great lady. Too bad you didn't have many stories these last few years. They wasted so much time by not showcasing you!  Enjoy retirement.
Jane's last airdate is May 4th .

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