Friday, April 14, 2017

In the Bushes

EGG hunt in the park. JaSam and Alexis are eating a picnic lunch.  OMG.. lol they have that "creeper" Shot from the "WHO could be watching them"??  Jason is looking at photos on his phone and sees some LURKING!! oh horror! 

Sonny and Michael. Talk about Carrrlyyyy again. On the docks this time, I guess I can hope one or both jump in??  Michael tells Sonny about Jax buying the kidney from Frank Benson. Sonny's mad because Jax brought Nelle into their lives.  Sonny storms off to go back to Carly's house to BITCH at Jax more. 

Jax and Carly...then Nelle shows up. Apologizes.. Carly says she'll make her "pay". I think she should donate Nelle's OTHER kidney. Heh.  Jax offers to pay her to leave PC. Nelle says no and Carly thinks it's because of Michael. 

Dilly and Kiki are doing a "photo shoot" ...he's taking her photo. UGH That is SO 90's. Speaking of...Dante was walking around looking like a grunger today. Flannel shirt and all.  He was questioning Lucy and Ava about the pills.
Later, Ava and Lucy discuss the pills AGAIN and Ava threatens Lucy with violence if she tells Dante a thing.  Lucy is trying to figure out why Ava was so interested in those pills. 

Lulu said goodbye to Charlotte. She had a good visit.  Zzzzzz
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