Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Bday, Sonny !!

Some immigration guy is looking for Nadime Nazarr (ahaha I'm being John Travolta). She's all @@...Monica tells him to get a warrant. He says if she's harboring an illegal, it's a federal offense. 

JAKE!! OH JAKE!! Hey, a YEAR after all the crap went down with the boy, they are doing something about it!! exciting!!  Jason and Liz have a civil moment at the elevator. Later, Jason goes to Sonny's with some booze as a present (??) and Michael and Sonny fill him in on the kidney situation. Jason literally stands there with THE most BLAND look on his face. AHAHAHA. NO one cares!! 
He brought Sonny scotch for his birthday. And he tells Sonny Juilan is still alive. 

Franco tells KIKI about Jake? UH...why?  So we can hear it over and over again? He's afraid of "His Father"!  He explains the whole thing to her--I guess so if you missed it, you can catch up.

Tracy wants Finn to do a DNA test on Turkey-Girl. He doesn't want to or he'll get in trouble. 

Carly and Nelle, Don't care. Carly and Nelle have no connection so..?? Unlike Carly and Bobbie I don't care if she ever forgives her.  Jax is released. 

I lasted 21 min. Boring as all hell 
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