Friday, April 28, 2017

Farewell Tracy


It's not her last day but GH touts this as her 'exit finale' with flashbacks and clips and such. Tracy is shown leaving for  "Fun and Sun" and taking luggage and the painting. She stops by the crypt to put flowers on Lila's plaque. OMG HOW MANY QS ARE IN THERE?  looks like a dozen. SIGH.  AJ's plaque falls on her head. She passes out. 

Tracy goes to court "Tracy vs Life" -- Diane is there, Scotty's there and Nate is the bailiff. Scott's job is to present the good, Diane's is to present the bad.  If there's more bad, she has to go back and do better. Scott tells her he was good with Alkazar "Lorenzo Alkazar was supposed to be a poodle but I got him bumped up to Leo Falconeri" LOL 
SONNY is the damn judge. ugh 

Scotty says "Well, she's not Cassadine bad, or Heather Webber" :) 

They show a bunch of clips of Tracy being a bitch to people trough the years.

They show clips of Luke and Tracy ...the one where he says he loves her.  Then a clip of her being nasty to him. Really nasty. 

Tracy pregnant with Jenny Eckart during the storm! 

Ned and Tracy-- Tracy and Edward-- 

MY FAVE scene ever on a soap---with Edward's meds. BUT they don't show the ending!! WOW..really? Especially since many people haven't seen it. 

Tracy does a monologue and says she wants to go back the earth as herself so she can do better. "Don't send me back as Skye Chandler's baby or a flatworm". 

She wakes up and the plaque is back up on the wall. She walks into the main house to give the portrait to Samila. She wants to do good.  


This was a C show at best. Very hollow. But..ok clips. Just wish it was done differently. Or at least some of the cast sitting in the courtroom behind her or something. 
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