Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Short Cuts

Eating: Shortbread, Short ribs .... Shortcake... 

ENJOY the SHORT CUTS today!!

So, exactly why are you here, mysterious stranger? 
Oh...please kind lady. I am here to find. I look I need to have help because my daughter she is in danger. I needs that painting of the blonde lady to make her free. You see, it's so dangerous. 
Ok, can we help you? 
I have two days to get that painting, smuggle it on a flying bird, sell it, then go give the people the money for my daughter.  But first, I must tell the kind lady of the painting my entire life story though a shoe box, a letter and a ring of my father. 
Oh, don't even tell me...Edward?? Really?? Again??  

Hello?'s Sonny Corinthos.  NO! I'm not gonna go on hold! It's my birthday!!  Ok, well, send me the usual.  Naw..wait..2 cases this time. I'm mad at Jax, Nelle and Julian and I gotta throw a lotta bar ware. Ava's comin' next week and I'm gonna tell her she's dead to me!  Yeah. Yup. Put it on the tab.  Now where did I put Avery...hmmmm...

This is a copier. I don't know what you want me to do, Tracy. 

Well..I want you to copy some DNA and tell me if my Father had an affair in Turkey!
Turkey? long was I passed out for, anyway? 

Look, Kiki...if I don't get a SNACK, I will possibly pass out and not be able to untangle this super-interesting really exciting scarecrow drawing Jake did.  So, hand over the bills and let me get to work! 

All I know is, one of you better get me a cup of coffee or I swear to GOD, I will fall asleep. Right now...right in the middle this scene. So...get goin...zzzzzzzzz :snort: zzzzzzz

Well, Alexis...I guess we just did that....huh?
Yep..yep we did... but my regret will be expressed by the size of this blanket I pull around my body. 
So....what now? 
I think you're going to get arrested. Because, you know--you're kind of a scumbag. 
Ok..!  Well, I guess my being "dead" didn't really count for much. 
Nope...although, you did get a mini-vacation out of it...
Yeah...there's that. 

Oh, honey... I had no idea that you had all this inside for over a year...
Well, I told Cam about it. 
Franco! You know Cam...he's the tallest one. 

Yeah, Mom...I told him and Grammy and... you a couple of times. 
Oh, honey, I've been busy. The house blew up and I found a sister and..well..Franco and I have spent a lot of
Yeah..Jake...we were...painting, that's it.... Listen to your mother. 

Wait a minute....what is this? 
What? I can't see you...
What? I can't hear you... 


Your Weekly Cheat Sheet: 
After Julexis had sex, Jules got arrested. 
Nelle got Jax released from jail but Carly still hates her. 
It was Sonny's birthday but he's hella mad at both Juilan and Jax. 
That chick from Turkey came to the Q's..wants the painting to get her daughter out of a kidnapping situation. 
Tracy thinks she (the Turkish girl)  may be Edward's daughter (eyeroll..really?) 
Looks like Jake thinks Old-Face Jason was the "Scarecrow" on Cassadine Island. 
Finn's trying to get clean. Has to pee in a cup but Brad might sabotage. (I call it: "Brad Plays with Pee"). 
Oh, one last thing.  Dante and Ava and blah blah...MORGAN'S they are still floating around. Still. Forever. Then Sonny can be all mad at Ava, Julian and Jax...and Nelle.

And.......that's all I got this week! Hope you had a great weekend.  It was a bad week for me sickness wise but I'm on the mend, just in time to go to work tomorrow! Yeah me! 
GH was so boring this week and such a mess of a let down, I half-watched.   Not to harp on the point, but Anna/Alexis wasn't even shown at all-- which is not the way to get a story going.  They are messing up the entire Tracy-exit with this Turkey foolishness.  I'm trying hard to engage my brain from 2-3pm most days but....eesh. 

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