Monday, April 17, 2017


Celebration at the Q house-- I think there will be more than 3 people in a scene.  Olivia brought back bruschetta and Tracy said the cook will hate it. All of a sudden the smoke alarm goes off. I wonder if Ashton is going to steal the painting?
Stupid JASAM come in to talk to Dilly about the photos he took. They take up way too much time from the party.
When everyone comes back in, Larry was out walking the grounds (told ya). Monica and Tracy fight..Tracy drops that Monica and Ned slept together a long time ago LMAO. AHAHAHA. 

Monica says Tracy has to move into the laundry room! 
Yes, Larry stole the painting--he put a velvet clown in it's place!! 

Carly had great dialog today to yell at Sonny. It was great. He was trying to blame Jax and she basically said: NOPE it's on you, bub! 

Sonny: "My mantra my WHOLE LIFE" is you pay for what you do"  --AHAHHA Sonny said that!! See, Jax was going to tell Dante about the kidney himself and Sonny recorded it! So he turned over the recording to Dante. Dante has to arrest Jax. Josslyn comes in just as the handcuffs are going on. 

Sonny tells Michael. Michael's mad and thinks Jax will do time. Sonny thinks he's going to get off with a fine and community service. Hmmm. Not sure, it's a felony. Michael reads Sonny-and it was really GOOD. Chad did a great job there. 

Sam's trying to talk 'Alexis out of still wanting Julian.  Julian is on the docks, looking sad... has wedding fashbacks.
Later, Alexis is on the docks, having wedding flashbacks...

End of the show: Sam and Jason on the docks. Sam finds Alexis' scarf, and Julexis is no where--hmmmmmm but we see them making out on tomorrow's previews 
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