Friday, March 16, 2012

"What They Need is Robin..."

So true Maxie... I really liked Jen's take on this. And Spin wasn't too annoying. Good scene between those two!!

Flashback with HIV Robin..ahhh!! Sonny's speech was interesting. I loved the flashbacks of the pasta dinner talk and her so young...

Carly was dressed like Julia Roberts in "Sleeping with the Enemy"! Geesh, Epiphany is getting  A TON of airtime! woot! Carly "What about ME ME ME"???? GOOD LORD. Shut up or tell him! Carly is blabbin' on and on about Robin-- and how she shouldn't have treated her so badly. I kind of wish Jason would have had a gran mal after Carly told him. Would serve her right!! LOL

Anna's talk about Robin was just heartbreaking!!! Those flashbacks.  Killed me. Anna and she in bed. Wow. That's why SORA  is so insane and makes me mad. I so love seeing kids grow up on screen. Then Luke....oy.
PATRICK! Jason Thompson is amazing. 

EWAN drops his towel for Sam!! ahaha. So funny...that's why I watch live, GH NOW  is just full of surprises.

SKate has NO place on the show today--ugh. Hated it. And she looks so clownish.


Watchintele said...


I'm still reeling from the outbursts and back & forth between Maxie, Spinelli, Matt, Lulu and Mac.
Seriously? Either let the poor girl talk or just escort her out.
This was neither the place nor the time. Personally, I would have done the latter and escorted her to a seat or even out.
Patrick, Emma, Anna & Mac are already devastated, no need to add to their pain with a declaration of guilt and/or culpability in Robin's death.

There was no need for all this drama. It just turned the service into a side show and distasteful.

Having Luke share Robert's words was just so stupid and lame.
Robert should have been there.
Have to say, TPTB got it wrong.

Absolutely loved the flashbacks.
So touching and fitting.

Like you Karen, I like it when characters actually grow up on screen without the SORAS'ing.

Why do writers always have to make everything about Sonny?
Again, he should not have shared his guilt about letting Robin down and putting her in danger. Neither the place nor the time.
If he had to share his thoughts, do that and sit down.
Also, found him leaving right after his eulogy wrong.
If you were going to leave, should have after Patrick told you that you shouldn't be there.
No respect for her family, or even Robin for that matter.

Carly, you go into see Jason to tell him about Robin and then as always make it about you!
Yes, Karen, Carly tell him or shut up.

There are no words for Sam and her one track man when it comes to Jason. Jason doesn't know what exceptable risks are? Well, you knew that when you met him. All of a sudden, he cannot make decisions for himself? So, now you must be his arbitrator of what he can and cannot do? Get over yourself!
Dr. Keenan hit the nail on the head. Maybe the boundaries set are your idea of exceptable boundaries and not your husband's?

That comment reminded me of when Jason told Robin that he was going to work for Sonny and found a room at Jake's and she was skeptical, worried, and thought it was a plain bad idea.
Jason told Robin that he wasn't a child and didn't need her to make decisions for him.
Believe, Sam is in wanting of that same speech. She needs a wake up call.

jaybeezer said...
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jaybeezer said...

I've been totally loving GH lately, but I wasn't completely down with today's episode.

The whole locker room thing was silly. First off, how did Sam even get IN there and second- why would anybody just drop their towel like that? Not complaining about seeing more (a lot more) of Dr. Ewan, but it felt like they were reaching. And why was Sam wasting her time standing around BS'ing when she was supposed to be off saving St. Jason from the evil Carly?

Kate looked like hell today. Somebody REALLY needs to do a better job on her hair and make up. She doesn't look like a fashion mogul. She looks like she got ready in the dark.

I was really hoping Maxie wouldn't bust up the funeral. They are totally writing her into a corner.

WHY did it take the ENTIRE EPISODE for Carly to tell Jason about Robin. Just spit it out already!

Other than that today was good. JT has been breaking my heart every day this week. He is absolutely amazing, and if he doesn't win an Emmy for this I will lose all faith in humanity.

Jamie Newman said...

I wish they would release the slideshow that Liz "made" for us at home to watch. I really want to just sit and watch those pics and relish the memories.

MatchboxGinny said...

Today wasn't as good as yesterday's episode. The first 20-30 minutes seemed to be right on track with the pacing they've been doing, then all of a sudden the last 30 minutes just dragged on...tick...tock...tick...tock.

Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson continue to perform brilliantly. Loved when Anna said "It takes a village...quite an eclectic village aren't you..." as she thanked friends and family for always being there for Robin when she wasn't. Patrick saying "...when this beautiful but bossy thing came into my life...she loved me so much...taught me, showed me how to dream...if you had love anything was possible." So beautifully acted. Matt having to help Patrick at the end...heartbreakingly true to life. Loved the look on Liz's face, she looked like she was really crying, so did Alexis.

I agree about Skate. They weren't needed at all today. Today's convo was identical to the convo they had in Chicago when Sonny drilled her with a 1000 questions about her whereabouts and her doctor and are you cheating..blah, blah, blah.

Dr. Ewan towel dropping was a nice surprise to behold today! I knew he'd give Sam a little locker room therapy 101 which she badly needs. That girl has some control issues with Jason. Dr. Ewan was spot on with his drive-thru psych analysis on Sam though. Fun scene!

Carly/Jason scene dragged on far too long and therefore lost it's impact for me.

You're so right Karen, Carly is all about ME ME ME 24/7.

Maxie's big confession at the end fell a bit short for me, lackluster ending. I guess it wasn't the Friday cliffhanger I anticipated w/that and Carly telling Jason about Robin.

Still looking forward to the rooftop goodbye for Robin at the hospital.

Overall I've been pleased with how Ron and Frank have handled Robin's memorial and not just making it a quick one-day thing. The flashbacks have been phenomenal.

Caren said...

Im still laughing that Jason was reading a gun magazine. *lol*

kdmask said...

Finola's face was just the right amount of anguish. So true to life.

sonya said...

Robin's funeral: More flashbacks!! Maxie finally shows up. Poor Maxie. :( Just tell them what happened Maxie! It was an accident!

Carly and Jason: Oh come on Carly! Talk talk talk and nothing about Robin! TELL HIM! Oh finally she does at the end! Geez took you long enough.

Sam and Ewen: Ewen dropped his towel! ROFL! Sam do you find him attractive? :) Sam bringing up that Carly would want to sleep with Jason, well she isn't wrong there. :)

Sonny and Kate: BORING!!! Zzzzzzzzz. Where is Connie?

My2Cents2 said...

Watchintele said 'Having Luke share Robert's words was just so stupid and lame.
Robert should have been there.
Have to say, TPTB got it wrong.
DITTO!! Cheap & Tacky!! And unheard of. A letter? To Luke to read? I expected better.

I ff thru all douche'bag scenes.
What did they think 'trying out chemistry with Ewan & Douche' was appropriate today?? Bad taste.
I also FF thru Skate. Tired of talking about the past. I also look at Kate (whom I like) and I await Connie to pop out at anytime.

Did it really take the entire hour for Carly to tell Jason about Robin?

Kudos for the flashbacks. I think we all enjoyed them.

I sympathize deeply for Maxie. What a burden she has been carrying around for days. IMO she did fine coming forward.

Silly question? What was with all the green flowers and green cloths on the coffin? St. Pattys day celebration??

How cute did Mac, Alexis & Molly look as a family!!

The BAD: The time it took for Carly to tell Jason.
The UGLY: Douche'bag scenes & Skate scenes. Not the place for them today.

sonya said...

2cents says Did it really take the entire hour for Carly to tell Jason about Robin?
Yes it did! ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

sonya said...
2cents says Did it really take the entire hour for Carly to tell Jason about Robin?
What could have been a perfect day was ruined by that silliness!!

Did ratings come out yet??

Gwen Hayes said...

I'm pretty sure Dr. Ewan is the most unprofessional doctor ever. Has he done one thing on this show that wouldn't cause him to lose his license? He's eyecandy...but whoa:
-resuscitating Liz then leaving her to die in the elements
-not disclosing to a patient that you're her assigned doctor before she talks to you
-writing diagnosis of another patient on the outside of her folder
-exposing yourself, full frontal style, for no apparent reason
-hiding an patient in spooky castle

CareyN said...

Does Ewan even know LIW is dead?

My2Cents2 said...

That is what I want to know and I asked last week. He doesnt know LIW is dead.
I hate that this stuff isn't getting cleaned up by new staff.

My2Cents2 said...

RATINGS are out. Guess what?

All soaps are down. GH lost viewers, didn't gain. I bet anything it was due to how they handled Robins death!

Either way, GH is still last and lowest.

LaTanya said...

Even though I hate how the funeral is/was put together (lack of people) I have to say that it is being well acted by the entire cast!

The writters sure did stretch out the Carly reveal didn't they....good lord.

I did get a kick out of Ewen dropping his towel. I also enjoyed him pointing out to Sam that even though she may have a problem with Carly it seems that Jason doesn't and it's up to him to set those boundries that is if he wants them. If I hear her say one more time that she is Jason's wife....we know! Also stop rubbing that fake baby bump it's starting to be crooked.

Just wanted to add that JT is killing his scenes and that look he gave Maxie at the end made me think he wasw about to turn into the Hulk! lol

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Today was so sad. :(
Maxie is annoying. I don't feel bad for her.
Carly needs to die.
Ewan is eye candy but boring. I prefer Matt. :)

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said...What could have been a perfect day was ruined by that silliness!!
Oh I know!!!! I liked that she snuck into his room but damn it took her forever to tell Jason about Robin!!! Come on Carly! Just spit it out!

Brender said...

Geez Louise Sam. SHUT UP already. I'm sorry that I keep harping about the woman, but geez. SHUT UP! Why in the world did they have a scene with her and Ewan? I found it odd.
Thanks Carly, for Finally telling Jason, though it took you an entire episode!
Loved the Maxie scenes, though it took away from ROBIN. Same with Sonny. didn't need to be done and took too much time away from Robin.
Who cares about Kate and Sonny right now? not me!
The end: just love all this concern that Jason has for Robin now, but where was he when Sonny shot her?

for a friday episode, I wasn't too impressed. Mac should have had more time to speak about her. less Sonny.

Terri said...

I think everyone is handling Robin's death beautifully. I've been in tears for two days now. Patrick and Anna are just heartbreaking. As far as Robert going into hiding, everyone deals with grief differently. I totally get where Robert's head is at. As he explained, he could save the whole world, but he couldn't save his daughter. It's not just grief, it's a huge amount of guilt. Just because someone deals with death in a different way doesn't make them wrong. It may be the only way they feel that they can survive it.

My2Cents2 said...

Sorry, the 'father'of the child doesn't go into hiding when its her family. Its just not for her, but he owes Robin's mother, husband, grandaughter & Mac respect by sticking around. GH didn't want to pay him? Is that why the Church was so empty?

I believe Sam was being 'tested' with Ewan. Why else something so stupid? Yes we shouldn't of seen Skate yesterday either.
Thought the flashbacks were brilliant, this whole Robin crap was handled terribly.From how she died up to and including the funeral. Now they are going to have a celebration on a roof top of a hospital where they can pay XTRAS to stand around.
SAD. GH is still in trouble. Make no mistake.

AntJoan said...

Gwen: ITA, Eeeeewwwwen should lose his license, where to start? You said it all! The whole LIW story was WRONG on so many levels, and made no sense, they ended it quickly, and they also need to say good-bye soon to Dr. Eeeewwwen. Newsflash, just because you're a "shrink" doesn't mean you go around giving advice and psychoanalyzing everyone in sight, it's unprofessional, and is done only in session with an actual patient.

Yes, he has a smokin' bod, but dropping his towel? I guess any excuse for eye candy to try to "up" the ratings! Why not just give the fans what they want? Bring back all the vets, "dead" or alive, and HAVE THEM STICK AROUND!!

love2chat402000 said...

I think money is short and so you won't see may characters present. Afterr reading what the CEO said , I don't feel encouraged. GH is bringing on new actors and that cost money. I would rather see more old GH vets come back and a good storyline.
Anyway, I do think their testing Sam with Ewan and with John Mcbain. Hope it happens because I can't stand her and Jason together. I have noticed they are allowing jason to smile a little ( laughed at Carly being banned )and under the old regime he would behave like a borg.

LSV422 said...

Ewen should have dropped his towel for Liz so she could finally realize who saved he life. Or is that forgotten now?