Monday, March 5, 2012

General Hospital Spent a Whoppin $3.50 on it's new opening!!!

Or maybe $1.99 not sure. Wait until you hear it. UGH
Starr and Blair...sniff...such hard to watch scenes. I hope David Vickers comes in with David Vickers the dog to cheer up Starr!

Connie was just, well a joke. That is NO Bensonhurst accent. I just couldn't deal with that today, thank you. She makes me laugh and not in a good way.

Carly and Sonny... go have sex in the laundry chute. I did like their "talk". Carly was on the money. They even mentioned Limo sex lol.

Robert and Luke-- "I saw what was left of her, she's not coming back--- she was burned to death"...wahhhh. LOVED them...Luke told Robert about Jake! Nice touch. 

TODD!! TODD!! :)

Tyler Christopher just tweeted this:
To answer all the rumors I have not been asked to return to GH despite the mass influx of former characters coming backbefore


My2Cents2 said...

My life would be complete with David Vickors @ GH!

My2Cents2 said...

Michael Fairman interview with Michael Easton and he is not bringing Gnatalie with him. They will show him on the phone with her having to extend his visit in Pt Chuckles. They are DONE!
I think Carly will be next for Johnny boy. Especially since she has LOTS to talk to him about.
Johnny remembers Sonny from back in the day. FBI days. And Sonny did Johnny wrong!
Welcome Michael Eastona and then tptb for leaving Gnat at home in Landview.

Melodybluez said...

Blink and the viewer would have missed the new opening credits! Gave me whiplash! So did the rest of the show, actually. I felt like GH was the Cliff's Notes of and abbreviated. Well, many of us wanted the pace to speed up a bit! I guess we're getting it now! :-)

Todd has now arrived in PC; McBain's next, I guess! They are setting up some interesting showdowns! I can see the accident is all going to point to Sonny and no doubt we're headed for another Corinthos trial! I wonder if that judge who sounded like he came from the film, "Cool Hand Luke" will be back again? "What we have here is a failure to communicate..." Also wonder what Ms. Carly will have up her sleeve to help exhonerate the father of her know, those folks she rarely has anything to do with these days! Little Joss must think Mercedes is her mom!

Maxie's having an attack of conscience for sure...we could see she was flashing back to what she did in the lab. I'd like to have Kirsten back, but JL will do. I just wish the make up departement would go a bit easier on the eye make up for Maxie...and some of the other women as well! I also wonder if Prince is the wardrobe supervisor on the show these much purple! Mind you, I like purple and it's actually my favorite color!

Robert and Luke were great. Geeze...Ethan's parentage is another thing giving me whiplash. Everyone keeps changing Ethan's paternity to serve the situation. Let's hope Hells comes back with the real answer!

Johnny...he should be able to spot a walking Looney Tunes a mile away...he's had loads of them in his family tree! I would guess he figures something's up with Bensonhurst Betty!

I am excited to see possible news of yet another vet (Scott) returning! I am sure there may be more!

Today was ok, but just seemed to go very fast! I wouldn't suggest napping at all through the'll miss something!

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

Great Episode.

Too bad about Tyler. :(
I would Love it if he would come back!

Watchintele said...

I saw the new version of opening credits before getting back to work, and honestly didn't like it.

It may be nostalgia, but atleast the opening credits was a mainstay of the storied history of this show. And, having an influx of old characters, it would have been nice to add their faces back to the fold in the old format.

But I guess with a new team at the helm and new energy being infused back into the show, a new format is probably what was needed.
C'est la vie!!

sonya said...

Ruke: Awesome Robert and Luke scene!!!! Luke brings up Jake and how he hit him! Luke had to tell him that Ethan is really Robert's son and not his!!!!

Carly and Sonny: Yes Carly that is what you two do. His flavor of the month dumps him and you two have sex. :) Glad you reminded him. :) Oh arguing over Johnny. Oh here comes Michael wondering why they are arguing. Now Carly thinks Sonny shot out Papa Z's tires.

Starr and Blair: Great scene!!! So sad!!!! :( Blair had to tell Starr that the car with Hope and Cole exploded. Starr doesn't want to believe they are dead. She says her life is over! :(

Todd: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He shows up! :)

Connie and Johnny: OH MY!!!!!!!!! :) It's not Kate! It's Connie! Accent too! :) Connie is such a seductress. :)

Spinny and Maxie: Spinny wants to be there for Maxie. :( Awww! :( Love the scene.

Maxie: OH! Maxie remembers the gas line being broken by her!!!!! Matt shows up!

The credits: OH! New music and it's quick. I like it. :)

Hey Karen! Yes GH bring David Vickers and David Vickers the dog on!!!! :)

dar said...

I hate to say it but Tyler caused his own problems. Long before he was fired he stopped even trying. I know the material he was given sucked but the whole show did. Nancy Lee Grahn to name just one never stopped trying to do the best she could with the garbage she was given. Tyler certainly couldn't say the same. He looked bored and disinterested for years.

Wanda Woman said...

Agreed, dar. And I think Ingo burned bridges and is also unlikely to be asked back.

On a completely different note, did you see how Amber Tamblyn had some fun when rapper/actor Tyrese Gibson mistook her email addy for Kanye West's model girlfriend Amber Rose? She's got a wicked sense of humor!

Caution: a racy pic of Amber Rose appears in the link:

CareyN said...

Wanda Woman-- THANKS for that link. Amber has always been one of my favs and that made me LOL for realz, yo! I would buy her album!

MatchboxGinny said...

The change of intro music freaked me out. I'm so used to the music that has been my show, so to hear that piece of old-school ringtone was just plain weird. It was later tweeted by Ryan that it was the Port Charles theme song or something like that.

The Luke/Robert scenes were really good. Glad to hear Luke tell Robert about Jake's death. The volleyball game of Ethan's parentage is cracking me up. Hell, maybe they're both the Dads!! Shared custody! hahaha!!

Poor Maxie living in her land of denial. It happens when you lose those you love over and over...very well done on JL's part. Maxie recalling her part in the lab explosion...yikes. Downward spiral, here we come.

Nice to see Liz still at Patrick's until Anna came back. Anna asking Liz to help in the funeral planning took my breath away as "date wise" we are so close to the anniversary of Jake's death. *BIG sigh.

The Cuckoo Connie stuff is crap, in my opinion. I felt so uncomfortable, in an embarrassing way, to be watching Kelly Sullivan butcher the Bensonhurst accent and the part she was trying to play. So poorly done. Brandon Barash looked like he couldn't believe he had to play a part in this mess. LOL!

Good scenes with Blair and Starr. Loved seeing Todd at the end. My twitter timeline was so/so on this as some have no connection and said it meant nothing to them, which I can understand. I for one, am looking forward to a Todd/McBain vs Sonny throwdown!

My2Cents2 said...

Melodybluez said...
Blink and the viewer would have missed the new opening credits!
What was that about?? How many regulars were GONE??

Someone, anyone, why did Connie go to Johnny's??

Dar said...I hate to say it but Tyler caused his own problems. Long before he was fired he stopped even trying. He looked bored and disinterested for years.

Tood's here! And he ain't looking too happy!

Frank Strovel III said...

I like the "new" opening. I found that last version of the show's theme to be loud and obnoxious. I still miss the Dave Koz-on-the-sax version.

Good show today! Thought poor K. Alderson was going to hyperventilate. I wanted to give her oxygen.

Frank Strovel III said...

By the way, it's being mentioned that several characters are gone from the opening. I am sure we'll see them rotate them. Keep it short. I like it.

Rita Pita said...

I always like Tyler, but who could blame him for giving up after the material they wrote for him was such crap. Pairing him with Liz made people despise both and and Liz.

I agree about JL's eyemake up. It's awful. She's so pretty and doesn't even need it. Same with kemo but with her its worse since she only wears black so against the black eye make up it just shows her bags even more. I bet She's so bored with this current story. Poor thing

kdmask said...

yes, they are on ROTATION, it's not the same opening every day. I don't care about the shortness of it, the "music" er... no. I'd rather not have ANY

Watchintele said...


Wanda Woman, thank you for sharing. Hilarious on every level of the word.

Btw, I'm still laughing....

cooks7570 said...

Laura Wright said a short opening means more airtime.


I thought it was a fast passed show today...I really enjoyed it AGAIN! I like the shorter opening, I noticed that the ending of the show was much closer to 4 o'clock which did translate into more show air time!

I did not care for Connie at all but the best line of the day was when Johnny said, "Little late for Halloween don't ya think?" LOL!

My2Cents2 said...
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My2Cents2 said...

There was more airtime. The show went to 2:58 as opposed to 2:55

renegade_killerbee said...

Why are we talking about ABC Soaps in Depth?

That magazine needs to burn in hell with child rapists and people that Jaywalk. LOL

Batgary said...

I liked when Johnny pulled up the back of Connie's jacket, like he was looking for a gun.

sonya said...

Batgary said... I liked when Johnny pulled up the back of Connie's jacket, like he was looking for a gun.
OH! I thought he was looking for a wire! :)

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... My life would be complete with David Vickors @ GH!
Which one? The man or the dog? ROFL!

DJ Rogue said...

Really did enjoy today's ep. Last week, my son asked me why I keep recording GH when it has three thumbs down on TiVo. I told him it was because of the writing.

Well, it's gotten much better. So much so, that it's down (up?) to one thumb down.

As for the show, enjoying the HELL out of Robert/Luke, Anna/Mac and watching Blair/Starr just made me angry about OLTL all over again.

In fact, watching this episode, I find it totally incredulous that ABC allowed the idiots who used to run GH to run it for SO LONG (and so FAR into the ground). Just pisses me off.

As for Tyler...can you really blame him for being so bored?

Oh, and that Amber stuff was funny as hell!

DJ Rogue said...

And I think i'll have to add one more thumbs down for that stupid "theme song"...

Though, they DID have a promo for GH during the end credits instead of promos for the Spew and the Revospewtion...

It's a wash...for now.

Adora said...

Okay, I have a question for the OLTL fans. I have read Blair and Todd were leaning towards a reconcilliation when the show ended and was under the impression that his arrest may have screwed that up. Who do the OLTL fans think she was leaving a message for? Would she have gone to Todd right then, given the circumstances? Obviously any answer would be speculation, but for some reason not even having a guess drove me nuts. ^^;

My2Cents2 said...

As a OLTL viewer, I was under the impression she was calling Todd.
Perhaps he was out on bail so it was easier to reach him. Then when she hung up we all thought he would come. Being that he was already there was a surprise.

I like those tricky scenes to throw us off!

SONYA...DV the MAN!!!!!!!

Adora said...

Many thanks Cents~ He was the only one I could imagine, but mostly because I am not aware of any other people in Blair's orbit.

At any rate, I can't wait for the show today!

sonya said...

My2Cents2 said... SONYA...DV the MAN!!!!!!!
Oh okay ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

Adora said... Many thanks Cents

No need for thanks. Do you know that yesterday I watched the entire show? I didnt ff thru anything.
I couldn't watch LIW for the longest time. Before that Maggie. Then Spinnelli. And for an even longer time Liz!!

Sonya..I LOVE David. I don't see him coming to GH at this time. Maybe one day?

LSV422 said...

I agree that Tyler looked fed up for years and that was probably due to the crappy storylines he was given, going back to Emily and the pirates and his amnesia storyline. Pairing a good actor like him with the worst actress on the show, Natalia L., was excrutiating to watch. I would love for him to come back. JL's makeup, as well as Kelly S., is truly hideous. The actress who plays Starr's mom really needs some makeup. I like her though - she is a good actress. Loved Luke and Robert. No matter how the character of Luke has disintegrated, TG is always great. Kate is supposed to be around Sonny's age which makes her old enough to be Johnny's mother. Kind of ridiculous to watch her all over him. The new opening is fine with me but I liked seeing the actor's real name credits and I hope they remember the rest of the cast.

sonya said...

2Cents says Sonya..I LOVE David. I don't see him coming to GH at this time. Maybe one day?
I love David too!!! And Doggie David. :) Maybe David Vickers the man will be on GH someday.

LSV422 said...

I just wanted to add that I don't think it was a good idea to bring a new character (Starr)on with two deaths. I don't know or care about her baby/boyfriend and we are all more involved emotionally with our beloved Robin's death. Michael's attachment to the accident is weird. After all, his father just got shot with a bullet meant for his brother. He doesn't seem to even care all that much about Jason anymore.

Watchintele said...

LSV422, though it may not have been a good idea to introduce Starr in such a manner, but that was the only way to make her a future potential love interest for Michael.

Michael's attachment stems from his survivor's guilt after Abby's accident. It's been exacerbated with this tragedy. He feels just as helpness now as he did when Abby was killed. Like he failed to save someone's life again.

That being said, I still don't see how killing Hope was required?
If anything, they should have had Michael save Hope if they wanted him involved with this storyline.
Eventually have Michael struggle with his feelings of starting a relationship with Starr who is a mother and what that means.
If they want to mirror him in Jason's image, then this would be poetic.
Perhaps this could have helped steer him clear of the mob.

And, from Starr's end, the angst would have been getting over Cole without feeling like you're betraying him with the guy that wasn't able to save him.
That would have been sufficient.

Enough with killing children. The show has been morose enough!

LSV422 said...

Actually, I think Starr will be a good love interest for Michael. And yes, the child should have survived. I agree - enough child killing.

Batgary said...

Regarding the new promo. Sonny tells Todd that he will be dead before Sonny hits the ground. Like that will stop Todd. LOL

Cant' wait to see Carly interact with both Blair and Todd.

My2Cents2 said...

I am sorry, but losing your child has to be the worse possible loss.
I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
Putting Starr with angry, depressing Michael, how is this going to be fun to watch?

Michael did go see Jason yesterday. However, how often has Sonny been to see Jason?

Eww Sonny. Shower time with BLEACH.