Thursday, March 29, 2012

JD Roth and Revolution: Fat Chance the Seattle pi piece on The Revolution and it's attempt to get someone, anyone to watch the show. We know that if ABC had any sense, they'd can this turkey, keep GH and have a WIN WIN on their hands. Heck, we might even believe Katie "wanted" to save GH and give her a try.

You know I commented. I encourage all wubbers to do the same. I got in thru Facebook. 


  Roth, best known for hosting TV shows like Fun House before becoming an exec, answered our showrunner survey in the hopes that, say, you want a Revolution.

I'm not at home during the day. Why should I DVR your show?
Everyone on the planet has at least one thing they want to improve. If I can tell you that you can improve that one thing by watching this show, why wouldn't you?

My Answer?  BECAUSE IT SUCKS and it replaced an awesome drama with great actors/crew!! I don't need to improve anything, thank you. Or if I did, I could watch the other 900 shows on about doing that.


A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I LOVED your reply!!!

dar said...

I was in the waiting room at the auto dealer last month and saw about 5 minutes of this show before a tall person got up and changed the channel. It was so bad I actually felt bad for Tim Gunn.

Di said...

lol Excellent come back.

My2Cents2 said...

What am I missing? Is this show already airing??

Batgary said...

Since I've been home sick and watching GH live, I've put the TV on the channel about 5 minutes before it begins. We catch the last few minutes of the Revolution. My husband says it is the worst thing ever on TV.

Snez Babic said...

BRAVO! There is nothing wrong with us - we don't need to change anything.

Snez Babic said...
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delcodave said...

how many MALE viewers lives have been changed by the Revolution?

Andrea said...

JD Roths answers say it all.

He doesn't have any ides what this disaster of a show show is about.( the entire Barnes and Noble self help section)

His answers are desperate; the show has no focus, and he even called it "Fat Chance" -by definition -having practically no chance to succeed.

Iv'e seen bits of it here and there and it is actually painful to watch.

The only reason this thing is still on the air is that ABC does not want to admit it made a HUGE mistake cancelling OLTL.

Only time will tell if ABC/Disney is stubborn enough to cancel GH for this trash.