Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Surgery: Exequias a Amicus

Ah... Latin so much more fitting for a funeral than English, yes?  This week was Robin's week--despite the slow start it ended up being a wonderful testament to her life and watching someone grow up before our eyes. 
In our ever changing world, it is nice to have a constant--doesn't happen much but for some reason the soap gods smiled and let us have our Robin, un-SORA'd and not recast.

SCENE OF THE WEEK: There were a huge amount to choose from but for me, Robin tying Patrick's tie was so perfect it was just amazing to watch. What more of an intimate gesture is there between a man and a woman than she tying his tie before going out or he putting on her necklace? Just a raw, emotional scene.

GIGGLE OF THE WEEK: Oh --- gotta love them Handgun LTD mags!! LOL 

 NOT THE SCENE OF THE WEEK: Ok, yes, I'm harping on this but I just CAN'T DEAL with the "Change" of Kate/Connie. It was awkward and I laughed OUT LOUD (and I was alone) when she "flipped back" . Brandon Barash needs a damn medal for not losing it during this whole thing. 

FUN SURPRISE OF THE WEEK:  Oh drop that towel!! Isn't this a glorious screen shot of the moment of truth!? LOL. That's Cartini-- shirtless near naked hunks exposing themselves randomly. (If you didn't watch OLTL you missed 3 brothers that were 1/2 neekid all the time and they were spectacular!) Sam's face...schwing!
PS. Hit the link for all week in HD Screen shots! 

I also really love the fact that McBain and Sonny have a history (even if it's off screen, it's totally believable)...and liked the whole Todd courtroom stuff. Starr and Michael are cute together and Michael isn't such a whiny ween around her. Carly and Blair, know they are charming together. Now that the OLTL people are "established" I'm sure it will integrate into GH way more smoothly. 

Heather Webber is coming. There is such a huge history behind this it's hard to get it down to a bite size piece. THIS is the Heather I remember and boy did she play crazy really, really well. My fave scene of her was when she was hiding in a closet, rocking a baby doll calling it "Steven Lars"... 
From TV Megasite: (interview with Mary O'Brien) 
Heather Grant, a troubled, desperate young woman who, after selling her out-of-wedlock baby, Steven Lars, on the black market, wound up marrying the baby's young father, Dr. Jeff Webber (Richard Dean Anderson). Telling her new husband the baby died at birth, Heather endured Jeff's discovering their son was alive and, after learning good friends Dr. Peter and Diana Taylor unwittingly adopted her young son, she set out to get the baby back at any and all cost.

Robin Mattson took the role over and the rest is history! There is a GREAT history on regarding all things Heather. One of my problems with Mattson is that I remember her more from AMC as Janet-- I think I was watching that show more then? Not sure. Having Heather back should open a lot of doors. I hope she sees Tracy and AUDREY...OMG they so should get RA back on for that one. I still hope Richard Dean Anderson says yes to playing Dr. Jeff because he and Monica? Hoo-Ah. 


Love4dogs said...

Mary O'Brien! That's the name I was trying to come up with after Georganne LaPiere. This picture does not quite capture her look as Heather, imo. Her hair was a little shorter and more honey colored. She was quite the crazy one.

sonya said...

Karen what does Exequias a Amicus mean? :) And yeah Jason reading a gun magazine hahahaha! Where did he get that? :)

kdmask said...

"Funeral For a Friend"

Thought it sounded more "medical" in latin lol

Frank Strovel III said...

I never saw the original Heather (Mary O'Brien). I started right when Robin Mattson took over.

Only complaint about Robin's funeral is a common one: the sparsely populated church. Even a few of the small number of people there were STRANGERS! Extras! I mean, come on. No Kelly and Lainey, her roommates & bar buddies? Otherwise, stellar work by the actors. That should go without saying.

I stand behind my admiration of Kelly Sullivan even if the D.I.D. part of the story borders on the silly. (Ewan's got to have something to do other than flash his junk.) I never cared about watching NuKate scenes until now. And I LOVE that it appears she's the one who tried to kill Dante and AZ which wound up killing Cole and Hope.

By the way, seems Finola Hughes has gone the way of NLG with her political opinions on Twitter. She lost a few followers yesterday for some views she expressed but she took it gracefully and said how much she enjoys the exchange of opinions and respects the opinions of others and their choice to unfollow her. Welcome to Twitter, FH!

Here is a link to the "Extra" segment last week where Jason T interviews his "daddy" Rick Springfield...

Cosmoetica said...

Catch up on the Susan Moore murder and Heather backstory here, GH fans.

My2Cents2 said...

sonya said...
Karen what does Exequias a Amicus mean? :) And yeah Jason reading a gun magazine hahahaha! Where did he get that? :)
It was laying on top of his black t-shirt in the closet. lol

Patrick & Anna held the show Thursday & Friday. There acting was so believable and heart wrenching. KUDOS to BOTH.
KUDOS to showing Robin's life growing up on GH. We all got to see alot of our favorites who alot of people don't know, yet they were the heart & sole of GH at a time.
That is all the good I saw last week.
Empty Church. Sad. Pitiful and unbelievable. Someone like Robin should have had a funeral that was standing room only. Instead we see noone, not even her FATHER!! SHAME GH writers! Now what?? a tacky rooftop party at GH where they can show people as 'fill in's? IS the budget that bad Ron & Frank?
SHAME on you.

Ron writes split personalities. As long as there will be a GH to watch there will be a DID story.
However, and I happen to think Kate is a fantastic actress, we saw way too much of that story.

The BAD. Monica. SHAME. How far up Sam's azz is her nose?? I thought Monica was a stronger women.
Sam is so out of line. I understood her motives in the beginning, but that dam bytch don't want to share Jason with anyone!! If she didn't want Jason to go to the funeral, why didnt she go in honor of what Robin did for Jason?

Emma adorable drawing photos. Typical for a child her age.

HERO of the week, finally once again I see her coming back to us would be Carly. The horndog slut in her is leaving and the women who stands up for right & wrong is on her way back.

Disapointed the ratings weren't better. Here in the midwest its been in the 80's outside, and don't forget, spring break is going on. Though I thought it was next week??

GH has gotten better. No doubt. But the errors they made with Robins death were just plain stupid.

Love4dogs said...

Frank..the original Heather was played by Cher's half sister, Geroganne LaPiere...they have the same mother.

TwilightEternity said...

The funeral stuff was so emotional! I need to go on youtube and find a quality video of Anna and Roberts funeral. I missed out of that years ago!

The whole thing with maxie in the church just made it ugly! I get she is upset and guilt ridden but my god,not at the funeral. screaming like a banshee! I really felt more embarrassed for her.

Patrick was phenomonal! Anna broke my heart!

I remember the outlash against Robin after she told A.J. the truth about Micheal and how venomous the fans were to KM. Even after she came back to GH. I never understood that! i for one will miss the hell out of Robin. She is a huge part of the GH legacy!

MatchboxGinny said...

My only complaints with Robin's funeral was having to wait almost three weeks for it to happen and the lack of family and friends there.

That being said, the acting has been brilliant. Jason Thompson's work has been superb. Finola needs to stay. She's amazing! Without Robin, Anna is necessary to anchor things with Patrick and Emma, imo.

Still looking forward to the hospital rooftop memorial for Robin as it seems very fitting.

I absolutely agree with Karen on the Kate/Connie DID storyline and how KS portrays "the change". I know there are lots of Kelly Sullivan fans, I am not one of them.

Not sure how I feel about Jason reading a gun magazine. Was it a hint from the writers that they will be keeping Jason as an emotionless killing robot or was it just done for kicks and giggles?

Really can't wait for Heather Webber to come back and shake things up!

Frank, I did happen to see the Twitter exchange people had with Finola. I always find it funny when "fans" think musicians, actors, etc., shouldn't express opinions of their own. The whole "shut up and sing (act)" mentality just makes me shake my head.

kdmask said...

was she liberal or conservative?

JPink said...

If she's "joining NLG" as someone else said, then she's liberal, which I love because I am too! :)

dar said...

I totally agree with you about celebrities expressing opinions. I suspect the people who were angry think the whole world should agree with them and can't stand to hear any differing opinions no matter who expresses them.

CeCe Mendez said...

Oh Karen! You couldn't have said it any better. One of the beauties I find in American soaps is history and GH really did a great job with the flashbacks... Those memories are etched in my heart and it was amazing to see them replayed on TV. You are again so right on when you mention the stand out scene when Robin tied Patrick's tie. I couldn't stop crying! Nonetheless, what a way to end the week GH! Bravo!

CareyN said...

I really enjoyed this week and even asked my roommate, "When did GH become must-see tv?" He's been with me through a few years of the ABC emotional soap-ercoaster.

Frank: "Ewan's got to have something to do other than flash his junk." He does? I don't think so. ;-)

The only thing I would have liked to see different was at the very end of Friday, when Maxie was hysterical at the church alter, claiming Robin's death was her fault, that "she killed Robin," etc. As soap fans, we all know Mac or Matt or Spin can just get up there and tell her it wasn't her fault and stop blaming herself, blah blah blah, and she won't really admit the truth. Now, if the last thing she said on Friday was, "I caused the gas leak" instead of "I killed Robin"...THAT would have been a great Friday cliffhanger, right? Because instead of starting Monday with everyone saying, "No, no, don't blame yourself," someone would surely ask, "What do you mean you caused the gas leak?" (Hopefully Liz! Or Patrick! Or Anna!) And then the drama would begin!! I don't want weeks and weeks of Maxie angst. I want the truth to come out and the drama of everyone dealing with her causing the accident to begin. JMO!

kdmask said...

SOAPER-COASTER!! love that!

sonya said...

kdmask said..."Funeral For a Friend" Thought it sounded more "medical" in latin lol
Oh okay ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...It was laying on top of his black t-shirt in the closet. lol
ROFL! Oh that makes sense. :) Cus a hospital wouldn't have that kind of magazine ROFL!

My2Cents2 said...

Funeral for a Friend? By Sir Elton? I didn't hear that. Not at all.

Great article I just read about Anna & Patrick these past 2 weeks.
They ROCKED the show down. (Michael Fairman)
My only disgust was waiting 3 weeks for a funeral.
Scorpio leaving.
An empty Church.

IMO a 'rooftop' gathering is tacky. People couldn't show up in a Church for an hour? What is a rooftop going to do? Drag out something that was so well done?
Leave it alone. Its over.

Rita Pita said...

Hats off to JT this week. He melts my heart and is the best crier!

hated Robert not being there.

Anything Kate, gosh she is just awful. I am not trying to be cruel but that actress needs to go. No one cares enough about the character for her to get this kind of a story.

Wish noah Drake would have come to the funeral.

Looking forward to seeing Jason & Liz talk about Jake. Read someone said they thought it was "queer". Hater, hater.

Did Love Carly this week, haven't been able to say that in forever. Ridiculous how Jason woke up and had his regular clothes on, boots, walking around, no bandage, nothing. Monica should have been at that funeral, it should have been standing room only in that church.

Matthew said...

The funeral is sad, but how the attendence had to chopped is silly. No Robert, no mention of Brenda(unless I missed it). Monica's excuse was kind of poorly written('She would rather have me in hospital'), No Maxie/Spinelli, but it was realistic at the same time, so that was good thing. Edward and Tracy should of gone to he funeral. Why are they bothering having a trial, when we know that 99.99999999999% that sonny DIDN"T shoot Anthony tires. Have a more interesting trial, like a trial for Anthony. I am also getting tired of "Sonny, you are a bad man etc." It would interesting Sonny decided HE needs to leave the mob, if he wants to be respected. Monica will be unhappy when Heather comes to town,m if she notices...
I do feel sorry for RavenBeauty for her cancer.

My2Cents2 said...

Spinelli was at the funeral. He left for a short time but he was there. There was a mention of Brenduh, not about calling her, but about her & Robins past.

Thought the videos were great, they should have put more emphasis on the video. One had to look close to see Dr Hardy, Lila, etc

LSV422 said...

Maxie ruined the whole mood of the service for me, especially since she isn't the real Maxie. Kate does look like a clown - she and Maxie get the same horrible make-up. Jason T. and Finola continued their brilliant performances, and I must say the little girl who plays Emma is unbelievably mature as she watches the service. Odd to see Lulu there without Dante, and Steve and Olivia should have been there. I have a good friend who is also friends with Katie Couric, who is actually from here. I told her to tell Katie GH fans will hate her and her show forever if we lose GH because of her. Every little bit helps. Disappointed in the ratings and if we had focused just on Robin and not the new OLTL they might have been better. I'm not too confident that fans of that show will follow their favorite actors. I never followed Finola or Genie F. when they went to other shows, but of course there were no cancellations at the time. I hope I am dead wrong.

Stephanie said...

Question.. I have been catching up on old clips... Did Skye live in the Lakehouse where Alexis lives? It looked like it in this clip...and Lulu is so little..with brown hair!!

My2Cents2 said...

Maxie didn't ruin the service.
Or the mood.
A handful of 'extras' at a church ceremony ruined it.

Jumping to a DID story to Carly taking the entire hour to tell Jason that Robin died was what ruined the show.

I am glad someone told Katie she will be a flop without GH. However, I think she already knows this. jmo PEOPLE please write to this man, and not tell him what to write, but let him know these little things add up.
And that is why ratings aren't climbing.

Brender said...

I am looking forward to Liz having the rooftop scenes. I will be a tad disappointed if more people are on the roof than were at the funeral. But I am glad she is doing something for her friend.
This last week was a bust for me. Loved JT and seeing little robin and flashback clips, but everything else was done crappy.
maxie walking in on the funeral was ridiculous and should have been done at a different time.

My2Cents2 said...

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