Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"It Gets Confusing" says Sonny

McBain and Carly--she's going to SO WANT HIM soon! LMAO "We can do this the hard way"!! 

If my kid's ashes were being scattered, I'd want to know. Or want some of them to keep. I never thought of it, but seeing Paddy out there I was thinking about Anna.

I'm not digging the Robin thing---AT ALL. I need to win the lottery because I need to be able to write what I want. LOL

Connie was totally sounding like Katherine HEPBURN!! Mixing her accents SO BADLY. LOL

ANNA and LIZ...loved that scene. Really good grieving mothers dialog.  Wow...
Patrick dropping the ashes and urn. :Sobbing: 

Robin got up-- it might get interesting because I'm not sure who has her. It would seem to be Faison with a side of Helena but it could be any villian--Hayward, Lisa--- Mitch Lawrence LOL um..Alison Perkins.. 
THE DOOR OPENS AND.......... we see nothing!! not yet. It's only 3:32 sooooo, I'm dying--it's Random NURSE!

Dolores and Johnny... Lulu and Dante and Ronnie.. sigh don't care

Faison trended today on twitter!! 

OK, I totally recognized that nurse..did anyone else?!!!!! Maybe they just used  the same nurse?? I have to check on this. hmmmmmmmm.
Thought for sure she was on AMC-- but she wasn't..she was on Desperate Housewives and YR though. As a nurse.


sonya said...

Patrick: He spreads the ashes! NO PATRICK NO! IT'S NOT ROBIN'S ASHES! She is still alive! So throw that urn and ashes away!!!! He keeps saying she feels like she is still there and alive! Go with your gut!!!!

Scrub's home: Great scenes!! Anna and Liz talking about Robin and Jakey. :( Then they talk about Lucky and Liz moving on and about how she got two dates. Then Patrick shows up!! Patrick is alone watching the video of Robin and Emma that he made. So sad!!!! :(

Kate's office: McCarly!!! Oh just get on with it and rip each others clothes off! :) Sonny comes in. McSonny!! :) Sonny checked Mcbain out! ROFL! Now Sonny don't cheat on Jason! Carly told Sonny where Kate is. With Ewen!

Ewen's office: Or is it Ewen's office? CONNIE YAY! Connie wants Ewen! :) Ewen has question for Connie about Sonny and the gun that was found in Kate's office. Connie admits she wants to break Sonny and Kate up! And she pretends that Sonny is the one who shot those tires! :) Oh come on Connie! You did it didn't you? :) Oh Sonny shows up and Kate is back UGH!

Sonny and Kate: Zzzzzzzzz.

Robin: WOAH THEY SHOWED HER AGAIN! WOAH HER EYES OPENED UP!!! Woah she can't walk very well. Woah the door is locked!!! Is there gonna be cigar smoke now? :) Where is Faison? :) Oh a nurse shows up. They don't show her face. Wait she sounds like Alice. Alice is that you? Oh no the nurse has a bottle full of pills! Oh she also has a needle! Robin is being drugged!!!! Oh they show the nurse. That's not Alice. Who is she? The actress looks familiar. KAREN HELP! WHO IS SHE?!!? :) The person who did this to Robin shows up!! No face yet!!! Will there be cigar smoke? :) Oh this is exciting!!!

Mulva and Johnny: Hmm so she wants his help to find his sister's killer!!! Oh just kiss!

Johnny: Oh all hot and sweaty Johnny yum! He needs to have sex with Mulva and then Connie! :) Or Connie can go first. :) But not at once. :)

Carly and Johnny: YUM! Hot kissin!!

Police station: Ronnie, Lulu, and Dante talk about Mulva. That maybe her hubby beats her up and she wants to protect him so she gets rid of the pictures. And Ronnie talks about how her hubby might be the one beating up strippers!!! Maybe they are on to something? :)

P.S. Karen how long is the only 2 post rule going to be?

CareyN said...

Ahhh, this show is getting so good I'm gonna have to give up reading your blog in the afternoons. I live on the west coast, and I watch on ABC.com after 9:00 pm Pacific. I was always spoiler free on OLTL, and now that GH is getting scary-good I want to be spoiler free.

Bitter + sweet.

I'll miss all the comments and recaps but I'll read them in the morning I guess!

<3 you all!

Brender said...

CareyN. Thank you for your response on the last article. I was just hoping if Becky got a contract for 3 years, then that was a good sign. Sigh.

I have decided that I like having Robin alive and I am very intrigued on who is the one that has her. But, I feel a little guilty, because in the back of my head I keep thinking that if Robini is alive, why can't Jake be...
Can't wait for the show this evening. Thanks for the update Karen and Sonya!

Cosmoetica said...

Faison was always good, but a teamup of GH psychos wd be better: Grant Putnam, Faison, Ryan Chamberlain, Kevin O'Connor, etc.

LaTanya said...

That's the evil nurse every soap uses I swear because she has been on a few and always as a nurse who the bad guy hires! lol

Love Anna and Liz scenes. Patrick continues to break my heart JT is a wonderful actor!

Don't care about Sonny, Kate/Connie, Lulu, Ronnie, Dante or Mulva!

MatchboxGinny said...

Ohhhh my Patrick spreading "Robin's ashes"...opens the urn and is overcome with grief.

The Anna/Liz scenes were so, so good. Such a true to life conversation about the grieving process. Finola and Becky play off of each other so well. Phenomenal acting. The tears were flowing.

Anna saying how it would be a lot easier if Robin was locked in a room and she could break down the door and rescue her....

Flash to Robin in a hospital bed somewhere. She crawls to the door to find it locked. Yikes. Later a nurse who sounds just like Alice (and later looks like Alice w/a wig) comes in and gives her a sedative.

The Alice look-a-like has been on other shows playing a nurse, just seems odd to have her looking so similar to Alice! LOL!

Sonny waltzes in on Kate (Connie) and Dr. Ewan's session at the hospital. In a treatment room. Without knocking. Of course he does. Jerk. Loving Connie now because she hates Sonny ;) LOL!

Ronnie seemed less annoying today when he was going over the stripper killer stuff with Dante and Lulu. Can't believe we're still dealing with this s/l. Hope they're wrapping this up quick OR at least make it more interesting, maybe give Dante and Lulu an actual storyline together?? They're hardly ever on anymore. Coleman has had more airtime than them lately. lol!

Loved the scene when Patrick came home and Anna touched his face and gave him such a kind look. Very nicely done.

Still not sure who's got Robin...stay tuned :)

Love4dogs said...

Does anyone recognize the nurse they frequently use on GH...long, thick dark hair, of some maybe asian descent (casting no aspersions...just trying to describe her). She's also a background nurse on Y and R.

friscogh said...

When the door opened I wanted it to be Tony Jones. Perhaps Faison could have had him held captive all these years and now using him to nurse Robin back to health. I also kept thinking it would be funny if they were using the old secret room in Ric and Liz's house (which I think is the same set they are now using for the Scrubs house?). Or, perhaps it could be the old secret room in Sean Donnelly's old penthouse, now across the hall from Jason!

SONYA - I totally thought it was Alice as well based on the voice! Perhaps it could be Alice's sister or something, haha.

I do agree with posters who have said that perhaps the Robin being alive storyline is a little too soon, taking away from the grieving storylines but I am glad she is alive.

And shouldn't she look a little more injuried? Some bandages, synged hair or something? Then again, if Jason can have brain surgery and still emerge with a full head of hair I guess anything is possible.

I can only speak for myself but I am enjoying the two post maximum. I did not like having to scroll through what was essentially people's one to one conversations.

I had heard that Lucas Jones was coming back, I even saw a picture of the actor they claim will be playing him (can't remember where I saw this). Did anyone else see it or know when/if he is coming back?

My2Cents2 said...

Sonya-Robin is ORANGE!
Very surprised to see her again today.
IT could be anyone behind her being alive.

Liked every scene today except Patty spreading ash's. FF thru that. Boring.

Anna I am falling in love with. Can she act or what?

Why is Robin orange??


My2Cents2 said...

Michael Fairman site is reporting

'DWTS Jack Wagner, “I am actually under contract to ABC, so if GH wants to call, they can!”'

Nappy time.

LaTanya said...

@Friscogh Yes I saw the picture you are talking about it was on Soaptown USA. The young man name is Phillip Fusco and it's weird because he looks to be the same age as Chad (Micheal). I don't know what age their gonna have him play but he of course is suppose to be much older than Micheal but then again Micheal is suppose to be much younger so.....go figure! lol

love2chat402000 said...

Loved seeing Liz and Anna discuss their grief and I love Anna asking Liz how she functions. Under Guza , they didn't focus on Liz's loss but Jason and Lucky's ( such a bad treatment of Liz's character ). So glad to see this change. I enjoyed Liz telling Anna about Ewan. Only thing is that I would love to see Liz truly loved and happy with someone good and perhaps that isn't Ewan, if he is in with Helena. I would like to see her happy with someone new.

Patrick /Jason Thompson was fantastic. I wonder if faison has her or helena? I hope they do let Anna kick some butt!

Sonny, kate and dante , lulu scenes were boring to me as both storylines don't interest me.

One thing I must say is that the lighting of the show is wonderful. Carly looked luminous when the light hit her near the window the same way Liz did yesterday when eating ice cream with Emma.

love2chat402000 said...
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AntJoan said...

Why is Robin orange? How could anyone possibly have planned that explosion, and also have known that Robin would go back in to the room?

Some folks in town seem to be getting LOTS OF action: Carly has it goin' on with Shawn (or is he gone?), Johnny, McNostrils and, of course, Sonny. Johnny has Carly, Connie, and now Mulva. This is not the usual soapy triangle, just weirdness, I think.

kdmask said...

2 comment rule: Forever! LOL

I wrote a giant WuB about TOny Jones being Helena's slave lol

love2chat402000 said...

I wonder who the body was in GH's Lab? Who's ashes did Patrick release onto the lawn?
Ron Carlivati answered lots of questions on twitter about many GH characters.
Liz and Matt will just be friends. Liz will date Ewan.She will also have scenes with Sam. More liason scenes on the way.

Anon said...

My money is on Faison, but Helena is a possibility too.
My long shot (but the one that would be absolutely the funnest throwback) would be GRANT PUTNAM and his Doberman.
My prediction: KM will be on this week and they'll reveal the villain on Friday. After that, you won't see her until GH is ending and Robin escapes to return to PC. Would be cool if ROBERT was the one that finds her and brings her home - hope they do that!

love2chat402000 said...

Sean Blakemore is on a leave of absence to film Star trek 2 as tweeted by Ron Carlivati.

AbsoluteLunatic said...

Patrick basically emptied a dustbuster on the lawn. Reminds me of a scene in the Big Lebowski...

CareyN said...

Sean Blakemore in Star Trek 2?!?! ---These are a few of my favorite things--- Double swoon!

My fav storyline that never happened would have been to have the parents of the boy Helena killed in the "Lucky-dies" fire come back and seek revenge on Luke and Laura and then later Hells and other various Cassidines. Somebody's son was brutally murdered that night, just not L&Ls. I've always wondered, after Lucky returned, why no one questioned whose body that was. Seriously? That would have haunted me for life (and apparently has!).

Maybe if GH is on long enough, we could get that awesome sort of surreal closure on the Robin-replacement body. Robert SAW a body, so there WAS a body, so someone died in that fire.

As for the amazing Liz/Anna scene...that really hit home. After losing my husband before I even turned 30, I've had eerily similar conversations with recently widowed ladies over the years. That was some powerful writing and acting. Proves that you don't need a bus crash, or an explosion, or a hostage crisis every 6 months to tell amazing, riveting, heart-wrenching stories. You just need good dialogue and fantastic acting. Save the budget $ for an occasional location shoot.

sonya said...

kdmask said...2 comment rule: Forever! LOL
Smart ass! ROFL!

love2chat402000 said...Liz and Matt will just be friends.
Oh crap! :(

Liz will date Ewan.
Yeah I heard that. Zzzzzz.

CareyN said...Somebody's son was brutally murdered that night, just not L&Ls. I've always wondered, after Lucky returned, why no one questioned whose body that was. Seriously? That would have haunted me for life (and apparently has!).
Yeah that is haunting. You wanna know what else is haunting? You can clearly see someone in Lucky's bed on fire!!!!! It looks like a male! I saw the scene on youtube awhile ago. :(

LSV422 said...

Shawn has become so insignificant that I hope he doesn't come back. I thought yesterday's show was really good but I am so ready for Kate/Connie to be gone. The "accent" was horrendous and KS should know better - she moved to LA from NY. Liking Ewen more. Anna and Liz - brilliant, as well as Patrick scattering the ashes. I'm betting on Faison since he was the one who "killed" Robert and Anna on the boat. Robin might be orange from something they put on her skin to withstand the explosion. Johnny is sure getting lots of airtime - love it! Really liking McBain. Would love to see Carly gone, too. Real improvement in the show now finally.

JPink said...

I cracked up when "Connie" said to Ewan... you're not very exciting, but you're good to look at! I've been thinking that for weeks now. :)

imspncycl said...

As a long-time GH and OLTL fan, I gotta say McBain is sparkling these days

Johnny and his old man could have their own prime-time show - they are that good!

cooks7570 said...

I want see more of Dante and LuLu and Steve and Olivia and Luke and Tracey and less Jason and Sam. I would love that.