Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Conflict Of Interest

You think? Yep...McBain and his super nose got it right.
Maxie..ummmmmmm. Weird.

JaSam...I'm sorry but this fight it stupid. Yes she lied but it wasn't  maliciously intended. Get over it. I know she kept it up but she was scared.  It's too contrived. And I'm not saying that because I LOVE Sam or anything, just being rational. I'm also so glad they had Liz/Jason talk about Robin. They were around Robin way longer than he and Sam. Nice touch.

McBain and Sam..Livvy and Caleb!! They are SO DAMN HOT TOGETHER, and I don't usually see that in a couple as much as these two. wow.. LOVED it. They are McBam!!!
It was like a "steak through the heart" get it??!!

Carly, I really hope she finds out that's Kate..she'll just die!! ahahahahaa. 

Noah!! You look like 1983 to me!!

"Well, she loved him Slim" says Luke about Robin to Anna.  *sigh* so good!


Avalonn said...

Loving GH lately! So happy to see Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco together again (doing a happy dance)! I can see those two together, their chemistry is undeniable. I'm thinking Jason and Elizabeth will be paired up again....

CareyN said...

Can't wait to see Caleb and Livvie together. Err. I mean John and Sam...or McBam (love it!). They have serious chemistry!

I'm hoping when Todd comes on and eventually meets Spinelli, that he calls him Spaghetti, like "Todd" did in the "What If" series on the plane.

Batgary said...

Another rocking day of GH.

Coleman!!!!!! Yes. Loved the look at he Jake's sign from Luke when he said that he was somehow drawn to the place. Also love Luke and Anna together.

Can I say that I officially love McNostrils, he was right in his talk to Dante. Did anyone catch the reference that he and Natalie are married now when he was talking to Sam? He and Kelly still have the magic.

The scene with Liz and Jason was great, they both loved Robin.

Waiting on the Carly/Connie scene tomorrow. It should be good.

sonya said...

Patrick and Noah: NOAH YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I love Rick Springfield!!! :) I just watched on youtube today the song and video of Jessie's girl. :) I love that song. :) Patrick and Noah look alike! It's strange! :) Great scene!!

Anna and Coleman: Coleman is so sweet to her. Anna is drinking. Hmm they should have some sex. :)

Anna and Luke: I like their scenes. I like that they are friends. I'm glad Luke didn't drink, and he said a good reason why! :) Luke was like a therapist today. :)

Maxie: Oh dear!!! She is grieving she doesn't know what she is talking about!!!

Jason and Sam:

Jason: I'm going to say goodbye to Robin. Don't follow me.

OUCH! Well she did deserve that. :) Great scene.

John Mcbain and Sam:

Sam: Do I know you?

ROFL! Yes you do!! :) In another life! You two were vampires! Your name was Livvie and his name was Caleb! :) YOU WERE SO HOT TOGETHER!!! :) Karen I love their couple name of McBam!!! :) Oh and 2cents, I love John's McNostrils!! :) I just love his nose! I love him!!! :)

Jason and Liz: Jason was alone wishing Robin wasn't dead. :( Liz shows up YAY! :)

Carly and Johnny: She sees the lipstick shirt hahaha! She says she isn't jealous. :) Oh look someone is at the door! It's CONNIE YAY!!! Carly wants to know what Kate wants ROFL! Let the party begin! :)

Watchintele said...

I couldn't help myself, but I was dying of laughter when it looked like Kate/Connie flipped the bird to Sonny while talking about having no Assistant right now.
I don't know if anyone else caught it but it was just so random and mostly like by accident?
Too funny though.

FH and JT were brilliant once again.

Karen, you may be right, but remember we are talking about Jason. Brain damage and all. He doesn't see things like the rest.
Finally, they are writing him true to character.
In his eyes, he was being handled. Being told what he could and couldn't handled. As we all know, that's why he pushed the Quartermaines away the first go around. So if we can equate Sam's behaviour to being scared, and rightfully so considering the circumstances, I believe the same allowance should be made for Jason in his reaction considering how he feels about being lied to especially when it comes to things about his life.
More importantly, it was the fact that it was Robin who died.

Fact is, Carly told him the truth knowing that he doesn't like being handled, and it was all the more hurtful that Sam didn't mention it considering Carly hated Robin but still told him knowing what she meant to him.

Also, agree with you on Elizabeth and Jason discussing Robin. Nice touch.
Kinda, how Jason and Robin used to meet on the bridge and share their feelings and he would ask her important things.

Sonny, really just shut up and go away for a while.

Brender said...

Why do Kate/Connie and Sonny have to be on my TV so much? Give them a rest and give me a break!

Kathy Baugh said...

I have always been a Liason fan, but I adored Jasam also. Elizabeth is a favorite, but I really am NOT enjoying his treatment of Sam and his Carly preference. I don't like the jerked feeling I am getting with Sam, Carly, Liz and Jason. This has been done and there is always a crappy outcome. Just don't go there.

Spider's Nightmare said...

Is Helena due back soon? She did the DNA test...was hoping for the big final fight they seem to be hinting at....also hope Robin isn't really dead and that Faison has her kidnapped...history does repeat itself in Port Charles...

dar said...

I think I remember you liked Thorsten Kaye. Do you know he's on Smash?

MatchboxGinny said...

Really enjoyed today's epi. Even the Skate/Connie/Kate/Carmen scene (oh my gosh, did I just say that?? lol). I credit it to watching with my parents; all they did was laugh at her "foolishness" as my Dad said.

Loved Anna/Luke in Jake's. Awww, Coleman. So we get him today, but we couldn't have had him at the funeral? Hmmm..anyways, Anna & Luke together are just brilliant. Someone said on twitter that Luke seems more likable in scenes w/her. I agree completely. Loved that Luke didn't have a drink (that time of the year/Jake).

Anna rehashing earlier events w/the Patrick/Lisa fiasco while downing shots at the bar....wow. Such raw emotion.

Jasam - I definitely see both sides but if he could forgive Sam for arranging a kidnapping of children robo Jason will forgive anything with Sam. But, I do like the drama it's creating. Even if for a little bit.

McBain and Sam - McBam!! Damn, they still got it with their chemistry! Although I'm a known Liason fan, I've never been a Jasam hater (I just find them too similar and boring). Loved the scene in the church w/McBain and Sam. Deja vu, stake thru the heart...fantastic! Very well done Ron, very well done!

Obviously I loved the 60 seconds on the bridge with Jason and Liz. A real heartfelt conversation, my how I've missed that with Liz and Jason. They have both known Robin a very long time and have shared so much. They are bonded. Like my Dad said today, "I like them together, they talk about real life not like the other girl he's with." Gotta love my Dad! LOL! Hoping to see more Liason on my screen in the future :)

Dante/McBain. Not happy with Dante being all protective about Sonny but I understand where the writers are going with it and I LIKE it! My Dante needs to snap back into reality about Sonny. I'm sure McBain will help with that!

Johnny/Carly - Can Carly please send Joss to live with Jax?? Her booty calls are just becoming ridiculous now and I love the hot chemistry between them! LOL! Absolutely love that she opened the door to Cuckoo Connie or Carmen or Coolita or whoever...lol!

MatchboxGinny said...

Oh my gosh, I wrote a book. My apologies :)

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

McBam!! Heehee.
Love it!
Was it just me, but this little simple scene of the two of them was exploding with sexual tension! LOL!
Yes, I loved Caleb and Livvie on PC.
The whole scene made me literally giggle.
And guess what, today I actually watch all the scenes with Sam!!
A first in a Long Time for me!

I am so excited to see where this SL will go.
Oh please PTB don't screw it up.

And of course, I squealed with excitement to see my Elizabeth and Jason on screen together.
I however don't think they are leading up to them reuniting.
Don't get me wrong, I would love it, but I dont see it happening anytime soon.

Oh, poor Patrick!
I understand Anna's grief but she was ticking me off today. Leave the poor man alone. Robin forgave him and he did make her happy.

Today was an amazing episode.
I only had to FF through the Sonny and Kate/Connie parts. Woohoo!

Oh and Sonny talking to Micheal about Todd.
GMAB, hes so stupid. The idiot was describing himself!
Im sorry, I use to Love Sonny but present day Sonny, I can't stand. I find myself wanting to hit him something 90% of the time. ;)


JPink said...

I normally can't stand Sam, but wow she was great with McBain today. I was a huge fan when they were on PC together and I was so excited when she was coming to GH, but I think I just don't like her with Jason. He makes her to whiny. She is smokin' hot with McBain aka Caleb. :)"Stake through the heart" ;)

I love that they're not dragging out the DID stuff and everyone seems to be finding out Kate is kookoo. I appreciate these fast moving story lines.

sonya said...

MatchboxGinny said...Oh my gosh, I wrote a book. My apologies :)
Hahaha apologies are not needed! :) I enjoyed reading it!!! Especially the Cuckoo Connie or Carmen or Coolita comment. ROFL!

sonya said...

Did anybody read Ron Carlivati Q&A? He wants Luke and Anna together. I'm not sure I want them together. I like Lanna (Luke and Anna) as friends.

My2Cents2 said...

I haven't watched yet, however, I just wanted to post this:

Oprah Winfrey Lays Off 30 Employees as part of OWN’s Restructuring!

LMFAO!!!!! Haha. You should have taken the soaps when they were alive and available to you!!

OK be back later.

My2Cents2 said...


SOAPnet Sticking Around...For Now

SOAPnet, which re-airs GH, Y&R and DAYS, as well as daytime and prime-time shows, isn't fading to black so soon. A network spokesperson says, "We've always viewed the launch of Disney Junior as a transition, not a flip of a switch, and as such SOAPnet will remain available for an undetermined period of time as additional carriage deals for Disney Junior are finalized with distributors."

Losers. Do they even know what they are doing? Why wouldn't they have taken the soaps as well??
So the 'switch'is on hold. Yea its on hold because they can't have failed ratings as soon as they switch. They NEED the remaining soaps.

gmjl said...

Yes, laughing at people being laid off is great fun...

Anon said...

Ok I am nitpicking from Carlivati Q & A. Luke and Anna are NOT old friends! They didn't even know each other before 2006! Don't get me wrong - both actors are great and have chemistry, but at least get their limited history right. Sheesh

Ric and Jason T look sharp on screen together. Wish Noah could have an extended run in town again.

Theresa said...

I hope they find a way to get Liz back with Jason their chemistry is so unbelievable, they just look at each other and Bam, the same way Easton and Monaco are together. Loved Carly today she just cracks me up when shes not screeching. I have to say that Jen is really playing maxie fantastic.

Stephanie said...

Ok.. I think that Jason has forgotten that not too long ago he withheld information from a pregnant Carly..

I cannot remember what it was something about Michael/Claudia but they didn't tell her because they didn't want to upset her and kill her or the baby....

Pot calling the kettle black much...

My2Cents2 said...

gmjl said...
Yes, laughing at people being laid off is great fun...
Seeing Oprah's network failing is a HOOT!.
Sorry if you aren't enjoying it. I am..
Michael has the same hairdo as Jason.

I agree, I am tired of Skate on my screen everyday. But OH is Carly going to have fun with this one!

What was Jawn McNostril's 'hands in his pockets' doing at a Church??' WTF?
Did anyone hear him say when he was referring to Gnat, that 'at the time he wasn't married' to her? Are they married now???

Luke didn't know Anna until 2005? No that can't be right! They go back, way back.

Nice to see Dante is losing that '70's hairstyle after all these years.

Y'know, I think Sam is a douche'bag. I didn't like how she went to Patrick after Robin died. But perhaps I would have kept it from my husband as well. I don't think she is 100% wrong. Speaking of Sam, I never watched her before with Mr Nostrils. But I do think there is some 'chemistry' testing going on with Sam and other men.

WTF was Liz doing out at night walking? Doesn't she have kids at home? Heck, Liz must be in her glory, Sam & Jason are fighting, and Patrick is FREE!!
I knew Liason fans would get all excited with that one scene. I see no chemistry between them. Never did.
Still, I hate to admit it, Liz has been behaving. Unfortunately, JaSam will have their share of problems, but they are staying together. I never remember Jason loving anyone like he does Sam.

My2Cents2 said...

Oh Yea...

The GOOD: Connie showing up at Johnny's with Carly there!
Sr Drake coming home to see Jr. Wait until he finds out Anna is staying there as well as his other son Matt.I LOVED the scenes today.

The BAD: Jawn McNostrils 'hands in his pockets' McBain walking into a Church? WTF was that about?
Wait until he goes to the Metro Court and Carly gets a hold of him.

The UGLY: Everything Skate scenes.

btw...I see Shawn isn't sniffing around. Whats up with that? He the next casualty of GH??

SONYA..didn't read that article yet, but I will in the morning.

Anon said...

Ok - the anal retentive GH fan in me is vindicated!

Anna and Luke meet for the first time at 2:30 on this clip.


Unless they had some adventures on one of Luke's vacations out of PC after 2006 (which may be possible), then this and the Anna/Luke scene on the Haunted Star when she found out she was going to be a grandmother is the extent of their history.
Take notes Ron!

Carrie Ann said...

McBam!! almost knocked me out with their chemistry...Put Liz and Jason together...I might like to see Anna and Luke together..
I am not liking the Kate/Connie story..I want the old Kate back..

Carrie Ann said...

McBam!! almost knocked me out with their chemistry...Put Liz and Jason together...I might like to see Anna and Luke together..
I am not liking the Kate/Connie story..I want the old Kate back..

love2chat402000 said...

Glad to see Liz again! Wrote to Carlivati and told him I liked the Liz scenes and I'm looking forward to her date with Ewan. Liz needs some lovin'. I am a liason fan but of the many years that they dated and loved when jason had proposed to her and she said yes.
The jason of today deserves to be married to Sam. He's an idiot to have married that con, jmo. All he could talk about was his own loss and how he's been lied to . I personally wanted to slap him because I was thinking of how much Patrick , Anna, Robert, and Emma have lost.
I look forward to Liz remembering jake. It would also be nice if Carly could muster up a thank you/or acknowledge the loss to Liz seeing as Joss received a kidney from jake 1 year ago. If it was jax, he would definitely have remembered.

love2chat402000 said...

Glad to see Liz again! Wrote to Carlivati and told him I liked the Liz scenes and I'm looking forward to her date with Ewan. Liz needs some lovin'. I am a liason fan but of the many years that they dated and loved when jason had proposed to her and she said yes.
The jason of today deserves to be married to Sam. He's an idiot to have married that con, jmo. All he could talk about was his own loss and how he's been lied to . I personally wanted to slap him because I was thinking of how much Patrick , Anna, Robert, and Emma have lost.
I look forward to Liz remembering jake. It would also be nice if Carly could muster up a thank you/or acknowledge the loss to Liz seeing as Joss received a kidney from jake 1 year ago. If it was jax, he would definitely have remembered.

soaplover said...

Hmmm. Luke was more friends with Holly than Anna--in fact, he and Laura left before Anna arrived in PC. I am a little hazy on some of this because I switched to Santa Barbara and gave up GH as soon as Luke and Laura left to live in Texas. Robert and Holly were still together then.

I seem to recall that Anna showed up and she had a faux scar which she wore to remind herself that she had betrayed Robert while acting as a double agent and Robert had dumped her after he found out.

I remember the Chinese nanny and little Robin arriving and it soon became clear 'Love' was really Robin's mom.

I don't know when Luke would have known Anna back then. He was not in PC. Anna has only been in and out in the 90s and since, and they had few scenes together--I can't recall any actually. I'm sure they met during that fever thing and Robert was back. They know each other, but slightly.

I rather like the idea of Luke and Anna. I know we can't have Laura back and it may be too late now for that. So Anna makes a good partner for his particular brand of cynical repartee.

Kimmers said...

Exalty anyone in the same suition would do the same and its great that Liz and Jason remembered Robin tougher

kdmask said...

Luke and Anna? Ummmmmmmm NO!

My2Cents2 said...

I thought Anna knew Luke from back in the "Robert' days. My memory is fading. I guess Ron isn't as smart as some of you viewers, because I was fooled! I thought they both debut together in the 80's?? Where was Anna when Luke & Robert had their adventures?

I can't see Luke & Anna as anything but good buddies. jmo.
Still lovin Luke w/Tracey.

When did Jason & Liz date for years?? Was I in a coma?? I remember they have been friends forever, and had sex 2-3 times when Jake was conceived but dating for years??
I remember Jasons girlfriends. Not so good with names. He dated an African American, he dated Robin, he had sex with Carly, there was Courtney, 2 nights of sex with Liz and then Sam. No boyfriend/girlfriend with Liz.
I do hope Liz finds someone who will excite her and love her for who she is. However, Dr Ewan gives me the creeps. I would rather of seen her with Matt.

Anon said...

Anna came to PC after Robert had returned from Mexico with the whole Aztec treasure storyline. Luke and Laura stayed in Texas after that story and did not return to PC until the early 90's after Anna had been taken by Faison.
When Anna was revealed to be alive in 1999, she was in Pine Valley and since Robin and Mac visited her there, she never got around to really going over to PC to ever meet Luke or catch up with anyone there for that matter.

Brender said...

2Cents: Nobody watches their kids on the show. Don't know why the writers even have the characters have children because nonoe of them stay home with their kids anymore. They pass them off to the nannies or Gram!!

I agree about having more Liz scenes on, no matter who she is with!!

I think it would be VERY far fetched for Carly to remember Jake on the day he died and gave his kidney to Joss. If she does, she will go to Jason and not Liz.

LSV422 said...

I hate to admit it but I love this new McBain!!!! Never watched PC but he did look good with Sam. I say no to Luke and Anna - Luke and Tracy are the best match. Good to see Coleman and the Luke/Anna scenes were great. So happy when daddy Noah showed up at the door. Sick of Kate, Connie and Sonny. Today should be interesting. Liz and Jason scene was very good. I still want Matt with her.

mosbp said...

I just got a chance to watch yesterday's GH, and I have to say, I LOVED it! Loved Luke and Anna- this is the first time I have liked Luke in forever. Loved the convo between Sam and John. Classic Carlivati with all the tongue in cheek references. I rarely disagree with Karen, but I believe that Jason's reaction is the true to his origan character as Jason Morgan. The true character would never have forgiven Sam for what she did to Jake. Guza et al just had him forgive Sam to jam the coupling down our throats. Loved that Liz and Jason scene.

My2cents, Liz and Jason dated after Jake was born. They broke up when Michael was shot. The relationship was written the way the start of Matt and Maxie was written- we barely ever saw them, but knew they were together. They definitely had more than 2 or 3 nights of sex. I understand that you don't like Liz, but we are going to have to agree to disagree on your take on her.

MatchboxGinny said...

My2Cents - I think you must have been in a coma if you don't remember Liz and Jason being a couple, many times since about 2001. You should refresh your memory by visiting youtube. Plenty of proof there.

imspncycl said...

I'm trying to remember why Jason wasn't with Sam (when they were on the honeymoon that Carly interrupted) when she was raped by Franco.... Was Jason off doing hitman-type stuff? Was he off doing something for Carly?

Just wondering why everyone is so forgiving of a HITMAN and so unforgiving about a pregnant wife?

My2Cents2 said...

Brender..ditto..your right, if Carly remembers she will go to the Metro Court and meet McNostrils or she will hang at Johnnys. She would never remember a year ago how sick Josie was!!

As far as seeing more Liz goes, the only way I want to see more of her is if she is written better.

Matchbox...I don't use Ytube.
I was in a coma, because I never saw Jason in a relationship with Liz. Or do you mean when he offered to marry her when she got pregnant from him?
Or the night she cooked for him and he never showed up?
Or better yet, when she went to the airport to go away to Italy with him, and he left her sitting there.
That is what sticks in my mind.

Brender said...

That is Jason described to a T, and why do all these women love him? Because the wrters make them pathetic.

MatchboxGinny said...

My2Cents - *smdh You "Liz haters" always crack me up. www.youtube.com is free and very easy to search. You should give it a whirl sometime, you might learn something ;)

love2chat402000 said...

Jason Proposes to Liz 4/7/08 Clip is on you tube, watch. One of my favorite liason moments. Then michael gets shot and Carly / michael came before everything as they still do.