Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Swan Song?


I'm going to let that sit right there. 


And, as I said..that wasn't Luke at the Q's house. *sigh* 

This is what I think of GH right now: 


LSV422 said...

It looked like there was height shrinkage after the mask was pulled off. They could have at least shown Faison in a boot with a big heel to explain the obvious. Fluke sure has his Luke actions down pat now. I thought Tyler was really good today and of course Finola. Can't wait to see Ric.

Kg said...

Sounds like WTFery is favored over great storytelling. Like my pappy always said. "dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with bullsht".

Looks like we are getting baffled.

dar said...

I wish the writers would see that convulted is not the same as creative.

dar said...

I never learned to type. I meant convoluted is not the same as creative.

Di said...

I have just two words....shark....jumped

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Yeah, the Luke-a-like story is trying my patience, but I'm excited because HELENA AND OBRECHT SCENES TOMORROW!!!!

sonya said...
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sonya said...

Kelly's: How was your Thanksgiving?!!?!?! HUH?! Why is Alexis acting like yesterday was Thanksgiving? It's also strange that Molly didn't have Thanksgiving with her mother. Is Molly 18 yet? She has been 15 forever! Come on PTB quit desorassing Molly! It's tiring.

Molly: What are you doing? Don't touch me!

Hey Molly! Don't talk to your mother like that! And Alexis don't let your daughter talk to you like that!!!

Ava's home: Fake Fluke! Fake Fluke! :) Hmmmm Faison is throwing Anna under the bus.. All part of the plan????

Wyndemere: Awwwww! It's over between Britch and Nik. :'( And on Thanksgiving too! Oh wait. Thanksgiving was yesterday. I mean that is how Alexis is acting. Oh oh Britch needs a lawyer?!!?! :(

Police station: Madaline has a bandage on her head! ROFL! How long ago has it been since she got knocked out? She still hasn't healed? :) Oh oh Faison knows about Dr O and her son!!!! :) Oh will this be the excuse he uses to dump her ass? OH ANNA TELLS ALEXIS THAT RIC IS ALIVE! YAY! I can't wait until Ric is free so he could be with his daughter! I can't wait for that scene!

Canada: Baby Zyrtec is so tiny! :) It was so cute when she started crying, and then stopped when Nina gave her the binky. Awww! :) Hmmm the baby has got big dark eyes! She has Dante's eyes. Is that baby Dominic Zamprogna's? Anway baby name time!!! Allegra?!!?!? Oh from her horse and not from the other allergy drug. :) When she says James? I was thinking she meant Jamie. :)Jamie Frank? So her middle name can be Zyrtec! Jamie Zyrte Frank! PERFECT! :)

Q home: Hmmmm what is that noise!!?! A phone in the fireplace wall?!!?!?!?!?!!

Fluke: Not one of these idiots is any the wiser.

AH HA! You were right all along Karen!!!!! :)He is NOT Luke!!!!! Oh and cute flying unicorn picture! ROFL!

Jen said...
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JackieT said...

I'm torn. I'm glad the Luke at the Q's is Fluke b/c after the Helena entrance/exit looking like the cat that just ate the canary from Miscavige, no way was that the real Luke. But I really want Tracy to be the one who FINALLY catches on. Also, if it's not a mask & it's not Bill E, I'm wondering about some sort of a split personality Luke might have.

JackieT said...

I'd actually prefer the split personality over any more masks or plastic surgery. I could see TG being on board with that. My biggest question - remember the numbers at the bottom of Julian's Skype w/ Fluke? The ones Cartini said would be a clue as to his identity?

Cosmoetica said...

I had this nailed for mos.

Eckert has to be the guy, unless we get more surgery crap. Faison was sent to bring Anna down:

Cosmoetica said...

Karen: I agree. I think Faison was told to wear the mask to bring down Anna. I'll bet Helena or a still alive Victor will handpick a corrupt PC commish in her place.
December 3, 2014 at 12:40 AM

Tammy Wynette said...

Molly is still 15 and doesn't have Thanksgiving with her mother yet Kristina was 18 and had a curfew of 6:30pm. THIS SHOW IS A JOKE.

sonya said...

"Tammy Wynette said...Molly is still 15"

ACK NOOOO! *Pulls hair out*.

"doesn't have Thanksgiving with her mother yet Kristina was 18 and had a curfew of 6:30pm. THIS SHOW IS A JOKE."

Yeah it's crazy!