Thursday, December 11, 2014

Docks Magic

THROWBACK Thursday... Nurses dressed like Nurses!
Amy and Georgia 

HELLS and FLUKE! She looks like a million bucks in her beige.  Fluke and she talk. Fluke has some weird accent. GEESH. UGH. It sounds JUST LIKE Stavros. really, really does. Maybe he's Meekos? BUT Damn he sounds like RKK doing Stavvy@@@@ Doesn't he?  Or could it be Mekkos. It's some weird stiff euro-accent. 

Cabin in the Woods. The blonde chick won't let up. "That baby doesn't look like either one of you". Um, like anyone would say that?  Ok, so at the end, Dante finds Franco (and brings Canadian Mounties with him) but I bet Franco doesn't have the baby. That's a ham. LMAO

Maxie visits Nathan posing as a volunteer. They make out in bed. 

Betsy Franco is on...she dogs on Ava without knowing who Ava is. LOL  She's really short. So they go to find him. 

Sam figures out it's prolly Jake Face that took her for a hostage. Pretty fast too

Carly and Sonny. Even Sonny is tired of Carly's mouth.  BYE! 


  1. Any thoughts on Ric being Fluke?

  2. That had flitted through my mind briefly when they said Rick was missing but I think Fluke must be a Cassadine. No one else would dare to speak to Helena like that.

    I just shook my head at those Mounties. Seriously? In their ceremonial uniforms? That's like having the navy board a smuggler's boat in their dress whites.

    And I'm sure that Franco doesn't have the baby. That would be too easy. Although he may have gotten a little worried when Nina said he could take out the groupie.

  3. Oh, Karen, you hit the nail right on the head: that is no baby, that is a ham. Perfect shape for a ham. Too small to be big ole Jamie Summers. Hee hee hee.
    Anybody else notice the "button eyes" on Fluke? They are so weird. As to who he is, I haven't cared since before Halloween, day 786.

  4. Carly and Sonny: Carly wins the line of the day!

    Carly: Most women would jump at the chance to be in a relationship with a man they only had to see once a week.

    ROFL! What Carly?! Really?! ROFL!

    Sonny: Save your relationship with Michael.

    Carly: I love you! I'm not going anywhere! I don't want anybody else! I just want you!

    Awww! Isn't that sweet? She rather be with Sonny than fix her relationship with her son! The ex golden boy! *wipes away a tear*

    Sam and Jake Doe: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Canada: Boy this milkmaid chick is annoying! She is so nosy! Like BobTodd is REALLY carrying a baby outside! ROFL! Oh look! Dante and mounties! :)


    Nathan's room: I can't wait until Maxie and Nathan can be together without having to hide! Stupid judge! That redhead nurse almost caught them haha. I can't wait until Maxie is able to be with her daughter!!!

    Delia's bar: Betsy Frank! :) She looks a little like the actress Michaela Watkins.

    Pier: Fluke and Helena! :) Hmmm he doesn't have to be jealous?! Don't be threatened? Did they have a little fling?! :)

  5. Now that would be something--Ric being FLUKE!!! Talk about a twist in plots...

  6. No I don't want Ric to be Fluke! ACK!

  7. Rick Springfield is appearing at Niagara Falls casino January 29 - 31 st

  8. Luke never used elaborate patterns of speech or those fancier words. Seems like a Cassadine, only Helena says he is jealous? It isn't Mikkos--he'd be pretty ancient now. And we saw him die--or freeze. Anyway the actor John Calicos died a while ago.
    More puzzling.

    So nice to see Delia today. Not so with Sonny and Carly. Ridiculous scene and it went on forever.

  9. We saw Fluke and Ric in scenes together at Kelly's so it's not Ric, and there's no accent, Fluke is just enunciating.

  10. When I heard Fluke speaking, I immediately thought of Stavros also.

  11. There was certainly an accent. I am hoping it is not Ashton as I like the character. Id like for them to reveal he was being blackamiled wo they can redeem him, and reunite him with Tracy (I hate the Luke and Tracy pairing).

    It makes the most sense for is to be Bill Eckert. If not Bill Eckert than my money is on Harlon Barrett. What ever happened to the rumoured return of Julia Barrett?

    It was also rumoured that the Jax brothers were returning and Jerry would be working against Helena, Faison, etc. If GH wanted to throw everyone for a loop they could make Jerry and Jax's dad Fluke.

    - now 6 or 7 weeks later and we still do not know if Felicia is Mayor? Carly even mentioned the Mayor the other day. Anna in fear of her job has not mentioned anything about whether Felicia is Mayor or not. Maxie has been on a bit, of her mother was Mayor you think shed be scheming how to use it to help with the judge.

    - has Bobbie had any scenes with F/luke since he was freed?

    - has GH noticed their Cheif of Staff, Dr Britt, Dr Silas, and Art Therapist are all missing in action? Now that Nicholas and Britt are toast he as a board member needs to get Dr. O turfed as Chief of Staff

    - is Michael still doing the AJ clinic? Is the Emily clinic still open.

    - is Alexis still homeless since her house burned? Are Mac and Felicia still homeless since their house burned? Do Anna and Scotty still live in a hotel? Where does Duke live now that he and Anna split? Is the Spencer house still vacant? Connie's house still vacant (where does Olivia live?). The penthouse across from Sam still empty?

  12. "friscogh 6 or 7 weeks later and we still do not know if Felicia is Mayor?"

    Yeah I have been meaning to mention that!!!! Come on writers! We need to know if Felicia is Mayor or not!

    "Carly even mentioned the Mayor the other day."

    Yeah I meant to mention that too. Does Carly know who the Mayor is?

  13. Ric is way too short to be Fluke and his teeth are way too nice, LOL. I couldn't wait for Carly to shut up - she still blames Franco for everything. No guards around Sonny - surely they have some day players available. Not a flattering side of LW's face with all those moles. I didn't think Fluke had an accent - was just enunciating with distinction. And it seems he doesn't know who Jason is, which is odd.

  14. did anyone else notice that RH looked like he wanted to laugh when he saw the mounties? lol

  15. And COME ON the police in Canada DO NOT wear their Red Serge to nab suspects. OMG :)

  16. Wasn't Stravos still frozen for much of the Fluke stuff? How could he be Fluke?

  17. "mysticcmegg said...And COME ON the police in Canada DO NOT wear their Red Serge to nab suspects. OMG :)"

    ROFL! I guess they wanted some humor to make us laugh. :)