Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Most boring DAY EVAH

UGH. BOooooooooooooooring.

The only thing that remotely happened that was worth it was Mike telling Kiki and Morgan to get out of the Brownstone.

Other than that?
Sabrina and Patrick. He tells her about Victor Cassadine
Nate/Maxie...Maxie cries
Sam and JakeFace..Did you or didn't you? Jake: "nope" ..Sam: "yep"
Sonny and Shawn: blah, blah... yada yada Sonny says Johnny is taking over so he can save Ric
Ava and Silas: Blah blah...yada yada then Sabrina comes in to say she's sorry. And Ava accepts it.


Di said...

lol You summed it up perfectly.

I did laugh at the indignation put forward by Kiki and Morgan though. The job is finished but they think they should get free rent forever. What a couple of freeloaders. They need to get a job.

sonya said...

Sam and Jake Doe: Oh Sam shut up!!! You are so annoying! This is a pathetic scene! Once she finds out he is Jason, she will be all warm and fuzzy. And then tell Helena off. Poor Jake Doe all alone and struggling! :)

Nathan and Maxie: Oh I hate this! This sucks! Come on writers give Maxie her baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pissing me off!

Sabrina and Patrick: Wow Sabrina learned how to cry! Poor Sabrina. :(

Sam and Patrick: Awww Sam forgives Patrick. :)

Ava and McSilas: Why are Ava and Sonny talking about how Morgan doesn't know how to handle a baby?!!?! He could be the father! And if he is, he could learn! He isn't a child! For crying out loud!

Brownstone: See! Morgan is learning! He knows now when a baby can eat solid foods!!! :) Michael kicks everyone out BAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! That is the scene of the day right there! ROFL! Carly can't lie because she wuvs Sonny! Not because she doesn't want to lie to Michael! Michael even notices that too!

Shaun and Sonny: Ric is in Corinth!?!?!?!!? Oh great Sonny wants Shaun to go get Ric! You better not screw this up Shaun!!!! Come on writers show Ric!!!!!

kdmask said...

NO ONE has a job in PC! LOL

friscogh said...

The independently wealthy and not needing to work thing on soaps is almost asmbad as the everyone being related thing on soaps. I do think GH has gotten better at showing people working however. Anna, Dante, Nathan, Olivia, Carly, Michael, Jordan, Sean, Alexis, Sam, Mac, Felicia, Liz, Patrick are often shown working.

My biggest how do they afford to live questions are Lucy and Maxie. They should of had those two take over Crimson. The judge is Maxies case is over stepping his authority but isnt whether or not Maxie is able to financially support her daughter something the judge could "legitimately" consider? If not helping run Crimson than Id love to see Maxie become the next Tiffany Hill! Imagine her as media pressing Anna or Scotty or Dr. O for interviews on law or medical storys!

Someone could also make a lot of money as a real estate agent in Port Charles as well. Seems to be a lot of people living in hotels

Di said...

Sonya, I think Nathan should sic his Mama on that judge.

Shaun saying I won't let you down is hysterical. When has he ever completed an assignment?

sonya said...

"Di said...Sonya, I think Nathan should sic his Mama on that judge."

And she would even gladly do it! She even said she would talk to the judge!:)

"Shaun saying I won't let you down is hysterical. When has he ever completed an assignment?"

He NEVER completed an assignment!

Julie Langley said...

Let's hope that Sean is a better rescuer than killah! I howled when Sonny told Sean to go save Ric: shows how much he cares! BWAHAHAHA!

love2chat402000 said...

Victor Cassadine is probably Fluke.Since everyone comes back and he keeps being talked about, he must be alive.

RedSoxFaninVA said...

Di, I agree. I want to see Nathan sic Mutter Obrecht on Judge Walters. Zat would be quite ze scene ;)

AntJoan said...

Yes, please.

Pat..... Sun..... said...

I cried during the Ava and Sabrina scenes, where Ava mentioned that neither of them got to experience the dreams of motherhood.. Ava is an amazing actress. She is well on the road to a softer side, but how will they do it?

Since rumor has it that Sabrina is leaving, I guess we will see her in final scenes with everyone, but what about Felix? How about a goodbye scene with him?

Can't wait for Dr O to take on the judge.... that HAS to be what Nathan was thinking of when he promised to have Georgie and Maxie together by Christmas...