Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Maple Syrup

20141212 0747(5)
Well, hello, Dudley! 
WELP. The baby is back...only it's mama and everyone around her is basically in jail now. This week was great in many ways-- so many good things going on at the docks. Soap-Tastic! There were also a LOT of weird questions that popped up. Mainly--Do Mounties wear those red suits for duty or only parades? (answer from our Friends in the North later) 

So...why don't we get some Canadian Bacon, Tim Horton's coffee and settle in. I've also been busy working on the 2014 WUB AWARDS (coming out soon) so this may be brief. My head is spinning.

Thank you for the good wishes for my friend Eliud. He is astounding the Strong Memorial Cardiac team by getting better in leaps and bounds. It's amazing. A long recovery is in store but wow. The things they can do now. 

Ok, on to the show... It was Docks Week. Why? Well, because of little ol' Spencer, and Gram Hells, that's why! Come on now...that scene at the docks was just. *sigh* Perfection! 

20141209 0711(33)

"My Father said I'd know you by the snakes in your hair".. Oh how I loved this! I can only hope that there are many more scenes between these two! 

20141209 0741(40)
Happy Family 
This happened, no? Faison in love with Lesil and Britta all ready to run off with Daddy. LMAO. Thanksgiving should be interesting!! Dr. O was all set to go and then Nathan got shot and she had to go operate. Yes, she can operate and on her own kid! So there! Neener Neener! 
20141212 0743

In later developments, the biggest thing (for me) of the week was Fluke coming in and talking to Helena. Same old docks but totally different acting Fluke. Good Gravy, but he's got some accent going on that sounds JUST like Stavros to me. He's talking to Helena (looking resplendent in her fur) like an old lover--or son. Not sure?? Certainly is a different Fluke than the one Julian met in the horse stables. 
20141210 0805(7)
Being shot never looked so sexy.

On to Jake the "Soldier Boy" Who took the PCPD single-handed and shot Nate in the process. Sam later recognized him because of something he said. Because, that's who you would naturally assume would do that, then come to the Metro and talk about it. The whole thing was caught on CELL PHONE by the way. Heh. Welp. Faison did get away but his getting away actually led Dante not to his recapture but his finding where Faison had gone with the Bay-Bay.  By the way, Jake got a job as a bartender at the Metro Court after listening to Carly whine about everything. Hey, guess who else listened to her all week? Poor Patrick, Sonny and Us. UGH. She has some mouth. 
**Correction, he's security detail after he smacked Carlos' face on the table. Must not have been paying attention. :) 

20141212 0743(39)

Pentonville. Going to be crowded soon! Johnny got the jump on Sonny. Sonny then tried to shank Johnny with a toothbrush on Friday but couldn't quite do it. Then, he was angsty and all bruised. Told Carly to go. Don't look back. Sniffles. 

20141212 0746(14)

THE BABY..the Baby. My fave part was Delia. She's awesome. I wish she was working as the Metro bartender instead of Jake. She looks so much like Elsa in that color. 
Anyway everyone ends up in Canada-- all coming out to the same place at the same time. Miracle.  Some blonde chick shows up at the cabin, spooking Nina and Franco into running. Well, Franco ran. He was off to kill the blonde girl while holding a sack of flour to entice her out. (don't ask). The Mounties show up, and NO they don't wear those outfits all the time. Hardly ever, according to the Canadians. Mostly for parades and such. SO..Silas goes up to get Nina and convinces her he's all her husband but of course, they get the baby. She goes crazy. Franco is handcuffed. Ava gets her adorable cutiepie back promptly arrested.
EVERYONE in handcuffs! Good gravy. PCPD isn't big enough for y'all. 

20141210 0731(12)

A little side humor was the Olivia Nedly scenes. Is she going to say she's PG? Are they going to carry over her real life pregnancy into the show? Sure sounded like it. Of course, could be a total fake-out. Alexis is oogling Juilan in  jail and kissing Ned. Hmmmmm.  I'd like for her to be pregnant on the show. Might keep Ned around longer.

20141210 0812(36)

And there's the Ric situation. Yes..Ric is alive...but whoops, HE'S MISSING!! Welp. Okay then. Nevermind.  Don't TJ and Molly look straight out of a Young Adult Novel? LOL 
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SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Britt saying goodbye to little Spence. All he wants is a Mama. One that will tell lies with him. Kelly and Nicholas were just fantastic.  She will be missed. I really wanted a nice Cassadine Empire between Hell's grandson and Faison's daughter. Oh the possibilities. Imagine if THEY had a daughter. Oooo.. yes, please! 

20141212 0747(1)
Sorry, no actual pic of the Flour Sack, just this

PROP OF THE WEEK: Sack of Flour that wasn't baby Jamie Sommers. 

20141211 0657(4)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Awwwwwww. Puddin' 

So, there you have it. Deeper in the Fluke "mystery"... the baby is back and everyone is in jail. Merry Christmas!  Like my friend Ryan says over at TV Source, I have to trust the storytelling process. My biggest fear is this Fluke stuff has gone on so long and thru so many changes, no matter what the writers write it won't make sense or be a giant letdown. He's sounding like a Cassadine. Maybe Meekos was reversed age in an oxygen chamber. Or it's Stavvy. Some people say Stefan, but I can't imagine Helena liking him enough to play those scenes that way. Maybe he is REALLY LUKE---with the Fight Club edge and he and Hells have been lovers for decades.  I can spin a lotta yards. Clones. Shape-shifting...Bob Guza back as a character. Or, the mask will come off and it will be James Franco. I could keep going. LOL... The Balkin? The Penquin? Batman?  I was sure it was Bill Eckert until this last voice change. Bill never sounded like that sheeze. 
Sigh..just hurry it up. Thanks. 

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  1. Good one Karen! I'm glad you mentioned how Brit and her Momma and Daddy SUDDENLY have this amazing love bond. That came out of nowhere. Lazy writing. As my opinion of course.

    FYI: Jake is not Carly's bartender. She offered him a position on her security team after he made a nasty martini and put Carlos in his place.

    I'm not happy with Jason's return. I was really hoping the writers would've been far more creative, silly me, what was I thinking? Jake is two seconds away from a leather jacket, black t-shirt, and mindless, emoting stares (blink-blink). I much prefer non-soldier Jake.

  2. There's no accent. Fluke just enunciates words better.

  3. I agree that Fluke has no accent-just a distinctive enunciation. If it is Bill Eckert, he could have spent his "dead" years out of the country which changed his diction. As I said before, he doesn't know who Jason is and doesn't seem to be a relative of Helena's. Good recap Karen!

  4. I commented on the Mounties' uniforms in the Docks Magic post. Those are ceremonial uniforms. They're used for ceremonies, official occassions, funerals etc. Wearing them to arrest someone on the docks would be like having your navy board a smuggler's boat in their dress whites, medals attached.

    "The Red Serge is not worn as working dress when an officer is on normal duty, but is reserved for occasions such as civic ceremonies, musical rides, ceremonial parades, as a visual representative of the security force for government dignitaries, and during public relations—related special events such as school career days or guard duty at Parliament in Ottawa. Members also march in funerals for police officers wearing the traditional Red Serge.

    The Red Serge is also worn by RCMP members during special personal events, such as the wedding ceremony of a fellow officer, where it is not uncommon for an entire detachment of a small community to wear the Red Serge as an honour guard for the bride and groom at their wedding ceremony. Usually, if the groom is a member, he will be married in his Red Serge, in lieu of civilian formal attire."

    1. Thanks for the information Di! I enjoyed reading your post!

  5. I notice that they've been slowly making Lesil more human, hoping to redeem the character, no doubt, but the sudden shift to a loving Faison was more than a little unbelievable. ( As was Lesil's taking over as Nathan's surgeon. Is she even licensed to practice medicine in the U.S.?

    Did anyone else notice that Delia and her daughter share a jawline? lol

    I'm glad the baby story is finally over. Now I guess we'll have to wait to find out who the daddy is. Will Kiki be the guardian in the meantime? lol Poor baby.I hate to think what they'll change her name to.

    I'm glad you mentioned the "Merry Christmas" sentiment. I was remembering when we had family gatherings at Christmas time, like on most soaps. And the annual reading of the Christmas story at GH. Now we have children hidden away in closets somewhere while their mother takes home amnesiac hitmen, and gangsters with fake faces, kidnapped babies, wounded policemen, attempted stabbings in prison, fighting, arguing, and the devil in disguise. Our largest gathering seems to be in a prison yard.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

  6. As for the "accent" I'm referring to how his speech pattern, articulation and diction is wildly different than it was when he started as Fluke.
    There seems to be the dropping of /r/ on the ends..the vowels (which sound upper class) and well..the cadence which to me, is totally RKK

  7. I don't know. We saw him prove to Luke that it wasn't a mask so unless he got a head transplant I find it hard to believe it could be Stavros, who really has no gripe with Sonny. This is getting like who shot JR, LOL.

  8. They can try, but nothing can ever get me to find Dr. O. sympathetic. Can't stand her!
    Karen, I noticed Luke's strange new speech patterns, too. And his voice is deeper. What the heck??
    MatchboxGinny, you got it so right about the writing; what a strange way to dispose of relationship conflict. BOOM! Britt loves both her parents, and then goes away with one of them.
    Karen, on last week's "Mysteries of Laura," the actress who played Tia on OLTL had a big part.

  9. You're welcome, Krystyn. Glad you enjoyed it.

    And kd here's something I know you'll appreciate. Spencer made Quote of the week at TVLine.!1/general-hospital-snakes-hair-quote/

  10. There is a definite accent. I agree with you Karen. If it's not meant to be there then that's completely on Tony Geary and Frank/Ron...because it is absolutely there. Just like how Kelly Monaco mumbles/whispers her lines sometimes. She clearly mumbles and it offers nothing to the scene other than aggravation for the viewers. Time will tell if Tony was really playing a character or just going rogue. Hahahaaa... :)

    Thanks "ishouldreadmore"...I'm still so baffled by the writing for that scene. Made no sense at all.

  11. I don't get why the writers at GH played off the Spencer and Helena scenes as if they were only just meeting. They've met before!

  12. NORMA!!!!!! WHAT???????? hello! GOOD FIND

  13. Cartini knows sht about GH history.