Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Or whatever Dr. O called him. LOL. Pretty Funny... All the kids, awwww. Except Aiden.

That girlie looked JUST like Bradford, wonder if it's his daughter? She was a cutie. Someone on twitter said Becky's kids were on the GH Set, so many people had their children in tow.

So, Dr. O was the one that got Judge W to change his mind about Maxie. In flashbacks we see Dr. threaten Monica with her job--and Monica convinces him to let her see her baby. They are all Kissy! 

Jake and Liz.......almost kiss and Ric walks up. Liz and Ric hug and cry. Ric wants her back. She says "I've dreamed of this" and kisses him back. Awwww. 

Paddy gave Sam a keychain from Amsterdam.... they kiss under the mistletoe in the hospital up on the Titanic deck. 

Alexis and Julian say goodbye again. (Paving the way for--well go see spoilers up there) 

Dr. O sings "Noel" to her son...aww. 


Merry Christmas Eve!!! Santa and his elves are very busy today! Hope everyone is enjoying this special time!


Dierna said...

I love that Dr. O told the story of Krampus! That's one of the stories I grew up hearing as well. Well that and Schwartze Peter (who is kinda like Krampus, only um..from Africa instead of the South Pole).

Only thing is in Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria St. Nicholas and Krampus arrive on Dec 5th not the 25th.

It's only been in recent years that Krampus has started to become known in the U.S. There was even an episode of Grimm last year that featured a Krampus.

Julie Langley said...

I floved this eppy! Krampus was hilarious! Jocelyn is so funny! I loved seeing Maxie and Spinelli and little Georgie is so cute and dressy!

I felt that Liz dreaming of Ric was a biiiiit of a stretch. Otherwise, perfect show!!

sonya said...

The hospital: Dr.O wins the line of the day!

Dr O: And what does Krampus do? Can you guess? With his very big Kramp teeth. And his wide gaping mouth! Krampus eats you!

ROFL! I so love Dr O! :) That's great Dr O scare the hell out of the children! Hahahhaa. All the kids are scared except Joss! She LOVES it! Where is Carly? Too bad Britch wasn't around while her mutter was doing this, cus she could be talking to her brother about how scared she was when she was a kid with Krampus stories! Oh that would have been a great scene!!! Wasted opportunity! OH so DR O talked to Monica to talk to the judge! Thank you Dr O and Monica! Ohhhh the judge had a daughter who didn't have any boundries and died from drinking and driving. :(

Nathan's room: His mutter isn't kicking him out, like she did with Jake Doe! Dr O serenades her son awwww! :) Love Dr O and Nathan scene! He wuvs his mutter!!!:)


Spinelli and Ellie's home: Come on Maxie!!! Stop stalling! Don't be nervous and go see your daughter! HI SPINELLI!!!! Yeah Karen I noticed that the little girl looked just like Bradford!!! Come on Maxie! Go pick up your daughter!!! Boy these scenes were frustrating! Oh she has Georgie on her lap! GREAT!:) That little girl was making noises that was very distracting. Was it hiccups? Does she have a cold and was sniffling? Then I noticed while Dr O was singing, the little girl had a wet face. Was she crying?! Did the little actress have a bad day? :(

Alexis's home: Awwww Rick and Molly scenes were making me cry! Sweet!!! :( And then Molly brings up Liz! Yeah you heard her Ric! Go see Liz! Molly isn't traumatised! She knows when you leave she will see you again! Go see Liz! :)

Ava's art gallery: Yeah Alexis. It's hard saying goodbye. :(

Liz's home: Boy they talk a lot about mistletoe and kissing. Gee is Ric supposed to show up and see Liz and Jake Doe kissing? Well I was half right. :) Liz and Ric scene was fantastic! :) She is so happy seeing him! A Liric kiss YAY! Awww poor Jake Doe. Sorry Jake Doe, but Liric should be together. You will find someone else don't worry.

Wow Krampus is REAL!!!!!! Someone on another board said it's real, so I googled it! WOW!

sonya said...

"Julie Langley said...I felt that Liz dreaming of Ric was a biiiiit of a stretch. Otherwise, perfect show!!"

Liz wasn't dreaming of Ric... He was actually there. He went to see her to let her know he is alive.

kdmask said...

No, I think she meant when Liz said

:I've been dreaming of this day:

Meaning she's been thinking about him all this time

sonya said...

"kdmask said...No, I think she meant when Liz said:I've been dreaming of this day:Meaning she's been thinking about him all this time"

Well, it's true she has! :) She told Jake Doe about him. So I don't think it's a bit of a stretch. Anyway Merry Christmas Karen and everyone!!!!:)

LSV422 said...

Ric and Molly and later with Liz were wonderful and long awaited. Rick H. looks great and is such a fantastic actor. Ryan P. should watch him & take notes. I hope he will be around for a good while. Spinelli, Maxie & the original baby Georgie were heartwarming and also long overdue. Becky's kids sure have grown! And once again KG proves how very talented she is. Good show!

Mr. Shmekel said...

I stopped watching a few months ago because I was getting very annoyed with the disjointed storylines and even though GH has a history of ridiculous stories, like the weather machine attempting to freeze Port Charles and the mask that Faison worse, etc., I decided to watch again. I REALLY hope that Ric ends up with Elizabeth. I am sick of watching her being bounced between different men. And they are so great together, unlike Elizabeth and New Jason. And there is no chemistry between Sam and Patrick. Ugh!

Sweetanmad said...
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Sweetanmad said...
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Sweetanmad said...

I think it's hilarious that Nik called Santa and the elves "you know, the story of Christmas." Huh. I thought it was about Jesus, Mary and peace on earth. Silly me! Of course it's about presents!