Monday, December 22, 2014


Says Sonny's the Daddy--but we know how many times it could be messed up. What if Morgan isn't even Carly's kid? LMAO...anyway, I'm Joking.
Hey, the test only says the baby isn't Morgan's it doesn't say.

Anyway, I was out to a Christmas Lunch with the GIRLS..had Sam Adam's Winter Ale. I love that beer. Only caught last half of GH.

Where's DIANE? for Pete's sake? Franco has a 15 year old repping him. Come on, Diane!! Anyway. Todd is off to Pentonville with JZ and Sonny. Here's their show coming to Pentonville soon: 

Nina freaks out in the courthouse, says she can't go without Franco.  

Maxie and Nathan..playing Connect Four.  Judge reversed his decision. Maxie isn't sure why. Spinelli will come soon! 

Johnny gave the "kill order"..because Shawn was scoping around. Sonny goes to kill Johnny with his toothbrush and FRANCO stops him. Good lord. He flew there 

Danny is out of his crate.

Carrrrrrrlos goes to kill Ric but Jordan and Shawn show up with their guns. 

RIP JOE COCKER. Had the pleasure of seeing him 3x in concert. Great songster. 


  1. The test said that baby wasn't Morgan's. Could it mean that there was someone else that Ava was messing around with besides Sonny? Even if Morgan had tested his DNA against the baby it would have showed that he was either the father or the brother by the percentage of segments that matched.

    I'm wondering why someone didn't use DNA to determine Jake/Jason's identity. He could have submitted a sample to 23andme or Ancestry or any of the many other DNA sites and they would have had some match even if it was a 3rd or 4th cousin. It would have been at least a starting point.

  2. right that's what I meant .It didn't say it was Sonny's, just not MORGANS!

  3. You could just see the wheels spinning in Carly's head... Morgan is going to be that baby's official daddy. And Silas will go along with it because Kiki asks him to.

  4. I watched this episode online Friday, and I watched it again today, but this time on TV! :)

    The hospital:

    Nathan's room: Hmmmmmm. Why is Maxie dressing like a 50 year old?! I like her hair. Hey! They are playing connect 4!! Hahahaha!

    DNA test results: Morgan is NOT the father! Friday online I kept looking at Carly to see if she was acting funny. I don't know what's going on, but I hope the tests were switched!!!! Carly did you change the results?!!?! If not, who did?!!? There has got to be a twist coming up!!!! Sonny CAN'T be the father! UGH!

    Morgan and Starki: They share a sister! ROFL! Oh and there it is. They kiss! It's about that time again. Her switching to the other brother. :) And then in about 6 months she will want to get back with Michael. :)

    Courthouse: Hmmm. Online on Friday, Alexis says the new lawyer is young. On TV she didn't say young. Strange. Anyway when she said the word young on Friday, I was thinking what is he? 12? And BobTodd says 12 also hahahahaha! BobTodd wins the lines of the day!

    BobTodd: Who's this? He's 12. Why don't you like me? Woah woah woah hold on a second. I am nuts right? I'm bananas. I'm completely out of my mind everybody knows that. Tell her about the voices in my head. Tell her. Their maddening!

    ROFL! Oh BobTodd! :) Hey this 12 year old lawyer is handsome. And he don't take any crap from BobTodd! :) The drama at the end when Nina was freaking out and BobTodd was trying to calm her down, was awesome!!!! Great scene!

    Jail outside: Sonny vs Johnny, and BobTodd saves the day! ROFL!

    Ava's art gallery: I love that Caaaaaaaaaaarlos overhears Shaun and Jordan talking. :) Geez doesn't anybody lock the door?!

    Johnny's garage: Caaaaaaaaaaarlos sits on the car while Ric is in the trunk!

    *seduces Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos until he is asleep and I steal the key to open the car trunk* Hey a gal has gotta do what a gal has gotta do. :) Caaaaaaaarlos and his gun with a silencer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaun and Jordan save the day! Wow Shaun actually did something right!!!

    Sam's home: Sam looks pregnant in that shirt. What is with her and her hypocrisy lately!?!?! Shut up Sam! If Jason hadn't of "died" you would still be married to him and you would still be in that mob life!!! You would still be a mobster's wife! So I don't want to hear your crap! Awww toddler Cheeto is getting so big and heavy!!!! :) Did he just say he can talk? ROFL!

    Connect 4 commercial.

    Pretty sneaky sis!


  5. I think the twist might be that Carly tells Morgan and Kiki to say it's Morgan's, not Sonny's since Sonny is in jail. Switched DNA has been so overdone on this show.

    Sonya said...Wow Shaun actually did something right!!!

    That's because he left Jordan in charge. lol

    I liked the young lawyer too. If Diane can't come back I hope they use him more. He can act and he brings a bit of sass to the part too.

  6. Di said...That's because he left Jordan in charge. lol

    ROFL! That's IT! :) Of course!!!! ROFL!

  7. LOVED the young lawyer. He put Franco in his place.
    Hmm, another DNA switch. There is nothing new under the sun, but this baby stuff is sooooo old and so ridiculous.
    Every time Neener neener is on, I fast forward. Every time Sonny is on, I fast forward. Every time Julian is on, I double time the fast forward. (I cannot stand him, and he and Alexis make me nauseous. Can't stand them, though I know everyone else thinks they are hot.)

  8. I thought they just tested for Carly's markers. Right?

    So the baby isn't related to Carly. That doesn't necessarily mean it's Sonny's does it?

    Was there a rouge baby switcher going around town when Morgan was born?

  9. It was my understanding that they tested for Sonny's and Morgan's markers but they were a close match since they're father and son.( The baby was related to both of them.)

    They needed a more in depth DNA test.This would take quite a while. They could as an alternative test the baby for Carly's markers which would tell if she was related to Carly. If she wasn't, then she was Sonny's. If she was, then she was Morgan's.

  10. I'm with you, ishouldreadmore. I don't like Alexis and Julian either. He is such a weasel, she can do better than him. To me he comes across so smarmy and smug, hiding behind children and always going on and on about his "family."

    I think Carly is going to ask to have the results show Morgan is the father, since Sonny is in prison.

  11. Di beat me to the Shaun comment. My first thought was that Jordan saved Ric, Shaun was just along for the ride.