Friday, December 12, 2014

St. Jake Face Bartender

Yep, seems Carly needs a bartender and welp, there St. Face is!! SO ..he's going to tend bar at the Metro!!! That was easy.

The gang is in CANADA with the MOUNTIES. I so wanted a MOOSE to walk by LMAO. OMG..where's the maple syrup? 
Franco had FLOUR. We knew it wasn't real.  Silas goes in and confronts Nina. They get the baby back. BUT! Ava is arrested. 

Julian was doing shirtless handstand push ups in the jail. Alexis is like PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!! 

Carrrrrrrrrlos. And he has a pony tail!! WOOT! Jason takes him down.

Sonny tries to shank Johnny with a toothbrush. AHAHAHA. DYING.

ok, the ENTIRE TOWN is going to be in jail. I mean, like ALL OF THEM--what the hell?????


  1. Well they can save money on sets now just a gray slab wall and some bars and done!

  2. That's what I was thinking. The jail will replace the docks now. Everyone can meet there.

    You know what I think about the Mounties.

    Johnny should keep shooting his mouth off. Soon Sonny will know enough about his business to make a deal with the Feds. lol

    I'm glad they showed Jake making a lousy martini. There's no way Jason would have been proficient as a bartender; a mechanic maybe but not a bartender.

  3. Isn't MB taking a six month vaca? I need a break from Sonny.

    So Jake is back to the black t-shirst - I assume that's symbolic. ?

  4. Karen, you took the words out of my mouth regarding the maple syrup and moose! Good God seriously. I'm surprised they didn't have them on black horses waving a flag....stereotype ugh!!!

  5. Canada outside: Oh look it's a flour baby! :) Awww Franco kills the flour baby. :( NOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Dante: You are under arrest for stalking, assault, kidnapping of a child.

    Me: And killing the flour baby!!!!! :'(

    Canada inside: Oh oh! McSilas grabs Nina! Nina might bite you McSilas! Be careful! If she does, you have to get a rabies shot!

    Metrocourt: They changed the look of the metrocourt but Carly or anybody doesn't say anything about it.

    Carly: Me me me. I I I. Sonny Sonny Sonny. He wants me to move on to someone else! I don't want to do that! I won't!!! You hear me?!!?! Oh you hear me but Sonny doesn't!

    Oh Carly come on!!! Focus on Michael!!! Caaaaaaaaaarlos!!! :) I don't like his hair up. WOAH Jake Doe grabs Caaaaaaaaarlos! HOLY CRAP! Well, that is going to turn Carly on! :) Oh I guess Jake Doe won't be a bartender.

    Julian and Alexis:

    Alexis: Would you mind putting on a shirt?

    Me: NO ALEXIS! He can keep the shirt off!

    Jail: Johnny wins the line of the day.

    Johnny: You've been busy. What is that a toothbrush?

    ROFL! And then Johnny is all wimpy, until the two men that works for him shows up, and then he is all macho! :) Johnny kept bringing up Jeromes. I'm thinking does he have Ric? WOAH HE DOES! Come on writers show Ric! Johnny are you feeding Ric? Is he okay?!

    Liz and Sam: He didn't have all day?!!? That is your proof that Jake Doe is the killer? ROFL! Well Sam when you find out he is really Jason then you will forget what he did. And then he will be perfect in your eyes again.

  6. OK, why would Carly go on and on pouring her heart out to a virtual stranger? I know, we're all supposed to think, "Oh, how ironic, she thinks she is telling all to this stranger, but it is Jason!" Yes, but, SHE doesn't know this, she should be speaking to an actual friend, or to her mother.

  7. Couldn't stand to listen to Carly anymore. That baby is just beautiful! I thought Liz was too snarky with Sam. She has no idea who or what her houseguest could be. Franco and Nina both belong in a mental facility., not a jail.

  8. Paul, I thought the same thing with the t-shirt, first Jake's was white, then he had a gray one, now it is black. So does that mean we will be getting the hitman Jason?

    The mounties in their red uniforms are so that we dumb viewers *really* know that it's Canada. The writers don't think we are smart enough to just tell us it's Canada without a visual aid.

    I've wanted them to redo the Metro Court for years and I think they made it uglier if that's even possible.

    For me this week was a bit of a letdown, although I am really glad to see the baby kidnapping over, and I hope it's Morgan's baby because Sonny has enough children. I wonder how they will try to get Ava off this murder charge since there isn't any excuse like self-defense. Ava really killed Connie in cold blood.

    Anyone else notice Johnny's distinctly non-prison-issue red underwear?! Guess he has some perks being the big shot at Pentonville!

  9. "Panda says Anyone else notice Johnny's distinctly non-prison-issue red underwear?!"

    No I haven't seen that. Well, I hope they show it on Monday! :)